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League of Legends Build Guide Author djpabbyp

POPPY "I'll Pop YOU"

djpabbyp Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Heya guys. I'm new here but i think this build i have for Poppy is pretty good. Let me know what you guys think XD. No trollin plz XD

Now i've been playing Poppy a while and i noticed...SHE 2-HITS LIKE A BOSS. I stumbled upon many ideas for builds: AP and AD. Both imo seem viable however I thought that a mix of both would be very good.

AP - MAJOR PWNAGE through Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge
AD - MAJOR PWNAGE through Sheen and chasing ability of Heroic Charge and Diplomatic Immunity

So the first thing you gotta know about Poppy is that she is a beast anti-carry. Her skills have some nice base damage and even nicer late game scaling. Her passive is great for all stages of the game. Her Devastating Blow is a half of the 2-hit wonder combo. Her Heroic Charge helps you catch up and rewards good placement with a stun and extra damage. Her ult allows you to turret dive, survive close calls, or just pop into a team of 5 and at least take one out all by your lonesome. Get fed, get finished quickly. That's the name of the game.

If you have a good lane partner you can probably harass if not get a first blood or early kill through a Heroic Charge, Devastating Blow combo. What you do is ya gotta walk around like a boss, dodge snares don't get poked and zone the minions like a facestomper. Once you get to level 6, you end their lives. Always be in the team fights and definitely target the carries when you can.

By the end of the game people will be saying "gg no re" and will fear walls for the rest of their lives. DON'T MESS!

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[*] Blue crystal - A standard item. If you know what's up then you will probably be using a little mana every once in a while to romp the opposing team.
*I prefer blue crystal over Doran's because I'm just a fan of building into late game items. I mean honestly, the regen and health are nice but if you're good you can survive a bit of laning without it. Also, it allows you to get a jumpstart on that sheen which is every so lovely.

[*] Potions - The ush (pronounced you-ooge) aka "the usual". You in a tight spot? Wanna live? Enough said. Don't wanna leave the lane? Enough said.

[*] Boots - Everyone else is getting boots. Join the club. You gotta keep up with everyone. Can't kill people if ya can't catch up and blam them.

[*] Sheen - A solid item. It gives you a little mana, a little ability power, and a very nice passive. For Poppy's game play, she jumps in with the Heroic Charge so you might as well charge up a super powerful attack after wards.
The gist of things:
Heroic Charge the enemy
Slam with Sheen
Devastating blow
Romp with Sheen
Alive still?
Diplomatic Immunity if we must
Destroy with Sheen

[*] Mercury Treads - Life saver. You probably just busted into a team of peops. You pop your ult and then you romp your target then....what do? Once your target's down you're in a crowd of not very friendly gamer's characters. To survive i suggest you get these amazing boots. It will save you from CC and give you a speed boost and needed magic resist.

[*] Mejai's Soulstealer - The basis of any carrying AP character. Roll faces, get stacks, roll more faces faster. Tis the way of Poppy.

[*] Trinity Force - It's just amazing for what it does for this build. It gives you attack speed and damage, 15 critical strike chance, and 25% chance slow for the AD bit. It gives you a healthy amount of AP, gives a little health and mana, and gives movement speed. All of these things help keep Poppy alive, help her dish damage, and help her chase or run away.


If you get this far, here are other items that I would suggest. Play smart and buy the items that would best help you against your opponent's champs

[*] Frozen Mallet - The slow on this item is very nice. The health allows for survivability and the damage helps the AD portion of the build.

[*] Black Cleaver - Just a fun item for a part AD champ. I personally like shredding away armor. Though the black cleaver has been nerfed a little, it still is pretty good.

[*] Hextech Gunblade - Great item. You pound them you get spell vamp off it. You pound them, you life steal off it. Good stuff.

[*] Banshee's Veil - Always a solid item. Nice magic resist and some protection from CC.

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[*] Valiant Fighter - This ability is undeniably amazing. Early game you well definitely notice it when nearly every champ's abilities do over 10% of your health.

Many a time have I evaded death by a mere 50 or so health. One time went a little like this:

Karthus: "Oh look! Poppy has 500 health! *Smashes the R key*.....*waits for dramatic 'You have slain an enemy'*....teh hell?"
Me: "Wahaha! Fail! *Runs away with 50 health*"


[*] Devastating Blow (Q) Activate - This skill is one of the things that makes Poppy so powerful. The name is self-explanatory: a DEVASTATING BLOW. In short, this skill is key for 2 HIT ROMPIN. I like to put this skill behind in priority compared to the Heroic Charge and Diplomatic Immunity for the reasons that upping this skill only raises the bonus damage cap and that leveling this only raises the bonus damage by 20 (not incredibly worth it early game).


[*] Paragon of Demacia (W) Activate - A very good skill indeed. I like to put one on it early. I do this so i can get a mini-ghost early game and the stack portion of the skill is nifty as well. A 17% movement speed increase for 5 seconds is pretty darn nice.


[*] Heroic Charge (E) Point and click - It is the first ability you wanna put on. Why you may ask? How to put deal 50 initial damage plus 75 damage and a 1.5 second stun if you knock the target into a wall. In short, good placement of this skill is very rewarding and thus a huge portion of my strategy as Poppy. This is the highest priority skill other than her ult because it raises the base damage by 25 and the wall hit damage by 50 per level which is more significant and helpful early game than Devastating Blow.


[*] Diplomatic Immunity (R) Point and click - This is one of the best things about Poppy right here. You get immunity from any damage from characters other than the target you selected.
Offensive Use:
The idea is that you select your target, the opposing team can't help their teammate besides CC, target dies. It deals 20% bonus damage to the target which is HUGE. The plan is to ult the target, heroic charge in, hit them, devastating blow, and hit them. If they're not dead then either you weren't fed enough or they are just a really good tank.
Defensive Use: You in trouble? Try popping your ult on the lowest health person/lowest damage output person on their team. Then pop your paragon and ghost and you should be homefree =)

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Summoner Spells

I personally like Exhaust and Ghost. I would also recommend teleport, flash and ignite.

I'm just an aggressive player and LOVE chasing down an opponent. Ghost and exhaust help do just that. Additionally, being aggressive sometimes leads to bad situations so I like popping my ghost and Paragon of Demacia and everything's A-Ok again.

Why Exhaust?
[*] Dps are shut down for a bit giving you time to run or romp them. NIFTY
[*] Gives you extra chasing power. SHWEET.
[*] Slow down one target while running away. JUST DANDY.

Why Ghost?
[*] Gives you extra chasing power. VERY NICE.
[*] Gets your short little butt outta anywhere. SOLID

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Pros / Cons

[*] Sheen gives AP while capitalizing on AD as well
[*] Heroic Charge is boosted while taking advantage of the stun by ADing the other team
[*] You can 2-Hit fairly easily like a boss

[*] Not as much AP as liked
[*] Not as tanky as some builds I've seen

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Thank you for taking a peek at my guide. I hope you found it useful and allows you to faceroll many peops. Tell me what you think about this guide or offer some useful insight on how else to play Poppy.