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Poppy Tanky/AP

Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a Tanky/AP Poppy, perfect for off tanking, or adding additional support in team fights, especially if you are playing w/ someone else that is new to tanking, or is not very good at tanking. A beautiful tank off tank combo that can run great for off tank Poppy is Shen. His ult makes her amazing and you are just free to go wild and wreck havoc on your enemies!

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Not only are these great runes for an off tank Poppy, but they are great universal runes that can be applied to any magic user, or tank option, so if you're new to collecting runes, then this will really help if you choose to start with Poppy, and then expand from there to someone else later on down the road. Also you can use these runes, until you save up to buy more expensive ip runes, or even save up and have a solid AP page. If you notice, all the runes are scaling as well, if you are doing summoner's rift 5v5, then getting to 18 is not going to be a problem and the scaling are great for this, however if you are doing 3v3, or playing fast and loose in Dominion, you may want to reconsider and get flat runes, any game, where you don't think you will reach 18, or very likely won't, you should consider flat before scaling, because flat will give you an extra boost early game, where in those types of game, early game is very important.

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The masteries are very self explanatory, Poppy is slow, has Mana issues, and is not the stoutest fighter early game, so we are giving her the best start to a game we can, by increasing her Mana, her Health and Mana Regeneration, how quickly she will achieve her levels, her movement speed, decreased her cooldowns which will go really nicely w/ the Frozen Heart, increased her Ability Power, and increased her Magic Penetration. So this is a really nice set up. Put a point in ghost and exhaust, and the biggest reason for this, is if you are playing a fast match on the crystal scar, you have her movement speed, her ghost, give her a pair of swift shoes, and you will be able to get to and ninja any point that you like. Poppy is one of the fastest Champions on the crystal scar, so she can quickly go to any point and support it, also if you run into a problem, you can exhaust an enemy, click ghost, and live to fight another day! Remember Rule #1 is always refuse to feed your enemy!

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Skill Sequence

We want to max out her Heroic Charge as fast as we can, so put a point into it at the start, then put a point into Devastating Blow, then Paragon of Demacia. Then after you've put a couple of more points into Heroic Charge, you'll hit level six and it will be time to put a point into Diplomatic Immunity. After that you put another point into Devastating Blow, then finish off Heroic Charge, then you just trade putting points between Devastating Blow and Paragon of Demacia leveling them evenly. Put a point into Diplomatic Immunity whenever you can, and that is the just of leveling her skills.

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Lets talk about items, start the game w/ a Regrowth Pendent, this will help you survive early laning, especially if you are playing against more aggressive players, and in combination w/ your mastery points and your rune choices, it is something that you will quickly see benefit from.

You want to try to stay in lane till about Level 6 w/o going back, the early levels, you just never want to fall behind, unless you kill your opponents, just stay in lane till about level 7 and go back to shop at that point, if you die before then, well feel free to shop, but I try to stay in my lane till level 7 or death of the enemy. When you decide to recall, either give the person you're laning w/ a chance to go back, or let them know you are headed back and that they can go when you return, there is never a reason for both of you to leave lane, unless you both died. Then at that point, the both of you, have some explaining to do with your teammates!

Philosopher's Stone is an awesome choice because it not only supports your mastery and rune choices, but it grants you 5 gold every 10 seconds, and on the off chance, if you do die, you won't miss out on a lot of gold because of this baby. If you struggle w/ a lot of deaths, then you definitely want to consider a gold generating item for all of your champs you struggle with, it'll be the only way you can keep up with the enemy item purchasing wise.

Berserker's Greaves are a nice choice for Poppy because it will increase her attack speed, and this is an area that she struggles w/ especially in early game.

Next is the all important Thornmail, this is the bane of any Xin, Yi, Tryndamere, melee harasser that has physical and devastating auto attacks. You especially see any of those possible champions or a combination of all 3, a Thornmail is exactly what you need! There is nothing nicer then a trynd crying that Thornmail did 60 percent of the damage and caused his death, it's a beautiful thing really. Especially in combination with Poppy's passive, they literally will just be killing themselves. It is amazing to me, how many of the people playing these champions, don't even check to see if you have a Thornmail, so try not to let the jig up on it, let them figure it out for themselves, and if they never do, then just let them feed you.

Now if you are looking at an enemy team, and need Magic Resist, then don't get your Thornmail, get your Wit's End instead. They are the same price, so you won't miss out of anything in your game, and if you are laning w/ other toons, or looking to team fight early, see if someone will get an Abyssal Scepter to give your team extra Magic Resist globally. Remember, you took Magic Resistence Runes, so all of this just builds on what you already are supporting!

Frozen Heart, increases Armor, decreases cooldowns, gives extra Mana, and Poppy struggles hard with Mana Production, so once you get this nice little armor item, you're Mana woe's should be a thing of the past, except when in long, grueling, team fights, at that point, just hope someone in your team took a clarity, and put a mastery point into it.

Hextech Gunblade, gives your Poppy AD/AP/Lifesteal/Spell Vamp/and a slow on activation, you cannot go wrong with this little weapon at your side! Very versatile for a Poppy in any situation.

Lich Bane just increases everything that we've already built on up to this point, most games, once you get to Lich Bane, it should be nearing the end of the game, but if some how you find yourself able to save up 3,670 gold, then sell your Philosopher's stone and buy a Trinity Force to polish off everything you've been building towards, this nice little addition will get the job done and just push your Poppy over the edge, and be more then a handful for any enemy to deal with!

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5 Tips for Playing Poppy

Tip 1.) Learn how to position yourself and keep your enemy in between your champion, and terrain, or a wall. There is a feeling of satisfaction, that cannot be described other then beyond pure joy, when you hammer the enemy into a wall, stun them, and just know that it was all courtesy of Poppy. She evidently has a small chip on her shoulder from her father's death, and she makes your enemies feel it.

Tip 2.) It is very easy to feel over confident or be over aggressive when playing Poppy, because as the game goes, she just gets better and better, and you just feel invincible, remember, you are not invincible, you may feel this way, but you are not, always exercise a level of care when outnumbered. However, it isn't nothing for Poppy to score a double or triple kill. I myself have almost aced an entire team solo, Shen came in to help, and inadvertently killed target 3 of the five, so I barely missed out on the Pentakill.

Tip 3.) Sometimes it's okay to turret dive. If you are about to kill an enemy, they run back to what they think of as the safety of their turret, they are wickedly low on life, and your ult is available, well then, I have but two words for you, "Do It!" Pop that ult, Heroic Charge them into their own turret for the stun, and just reap in the wake of your havoc, whenever the enemy does not feel safe, even at their own turret, that is a good game all day long. The only thing you need to watch out for, is map awareness, before you turret dive, quick check the map, make sure someone isn't setting you up for a potential gank, what is the status of their laning partner, did you already kill them, are they too almost dead, are they full life, if you are going to turret dive someone that is almost dead with a full life partner, you may want to reconsider, however, what I like to do, is slam them into that turret, what most people do at that point is "try" to run away from you, and yes, try is all they are attempting at this point, typically they will be running towards their own nexus, which coincidently helps take you away from their turret, the potential thing that could possibly kill you when your ult wears off, so do it, run them down, use paragon to keep up, your Heroic Charge should be available or almost available, and once you can, 9 times out of 10 you can use that to finish them off. For example on bot lane, I like to finish them off on a run down in between the inner and outer turrets, then I just go up into the jungle near the golems. This is especially effective if being chased or mid lane is mia along the river, most everyone will expect you to turn right at the golems, head towards river and dragon, don't do this, everyone wants the safety of their base when they are low life, and after turret diving, my friend most likely you do have low life at this point, this is where it pays off to be unpredictable, especially if the enemy is not hot on your heels. Hook left go north and park in the bushes above the golems, it's not a far bush to run to, especially if you can activate Paragon, recall from this bush, because everyone will be searching for you, in the bushes in between golems and dragon and along the river, and you aren't even there, you are also close enough that you can see them moving along river's edge, and there have been a few times, where they are right smack in the middle, between myself, and terrain, and oh, how I like to stun them w/ Heroic Charge, if it is a fight I think I can win, I totally do it, if not, at this point I should be just about recalled to my nexus, and I just snicker instead.

Tip 4.) Always team fight! Anytime you can head to the middle and support your team, do so, Poppy is an excellent team fight component, because in most every game, the enemy sees Poppy, and says get her! With her passive, this was a mistake from the moment they decided to do it. You just gave your entire team extra survive-ability, this will help take some of the pressure off your tank, definitely increases your squishy teammates chances in order to deal damage, and for your team as a whole to win the fight.

Tip 5.) Gank! After you wipe bot, and they can't see what you are up to on the mini map, most people will assume you have either gone to shop, or the dead don't even care enough to call MIA because you broke their morale. Head on up the river to mid lane, hide inside of the bushes right there in the middle, Paragon, Devastating Blow, and then Heroic Charge them into the terrain as they try to run away. Poppy does the best burst damage in the game, and if your mid will help you support this decision, this should be an easy way for Poppy to get 3 kills all in one moment. After that, feel free to go back and shop, then head back to bot lane. By using Paragon of Demacia, no place on the map, is really too far away from Poppy's reach at all.

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Thank You!

Thank You very much for taking the time to read this guide, and I hope that it has helped your Poppy game greatly! I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield Summoner, I just hope for your sake, she is in your hands instead of mine! :)