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Poppy The best Champ ever <3

Last updated on June 14, 2015
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You start with a Crystal Flask or a Dorans Blade and instandly rush Tryforce and Blade Of ruined King . After this you start Build tanky, because you are still a melee Toplane Offtank or Bruiser. If you finished your Randuin, the Mr or Mobiboots and a Banshees, you can build a Hydra for much more Burst and Lifesteal. One thing what is also good at Hydra, is the have no Waveclear because every Ability of you is single Target...The reason why I dont build Armorpen,like Last wisper, is that Poppy deals so much mixed Damage...its would been not effective like a Hydra

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, Runes and Masterys

There are 3 Options of Summonerspells for Poppy Toplane, you can play Flash Tp, thats the best for normal Matchups, because you dont really get kited because of your W and Tp is literilaty must-have on top... the second Option is Tp and Ignite for Killpressure and a Backup if you get ganked. You only use this, when they have a really bad Escaping and kiting team. And the last Option (what works well) Tp and Ghost against hard kiting teams. In Runes you go AD Mr Armor and some Attackspeed. You can also go Hybridpen instead of Attackspeed. In Masterys you go normal 21/9 Ad Masterys

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Good Matchups: **** it Poppy is so Bad in Early, that you would lose against Ad Khartus Toplane....

Badest Matchups:
Teemo: Ugghh I HATE TEEMO....Teemo is a wellknown Lanebully(Satan; The true Horror etc.)
who harrass the **** out of you...please your jungler to camp top and get mr boots and some health first!
Cho Gath: Cho Gath has too much sustain to trade with him Pre 6 after he got his Ult be careful, Poppys Passive does not reduce true dmg
Darius: Same as Teemo but overall he have truedmg to counter your passive
Riven: LoL Counter say you counter her but NOPE she just outdamage you in early and you have to be careful that she not get fed
Aatrox: You deal so much dmg to him, but he sustains himself up... get Bilgewater first

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Teamfights & Strategy

In Lane you have to try to keep your W Stacks up and then stun the enemy with a E against a wall and AA q AA him before u go out! If you get ganked and someone of the enemys is low, Ult him so you get no dmg from the other one and kill them both. Once you start stomp the lane, there is no Comeback for enemys.
In Teamfights just Ult the Support or the Tank (chose wich one has lesser cc ) and go straight on the carrys. Nothing can stop you know :)
Have Fun while you get Gold :-)


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