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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tacosaucesz

Poppy, The Fiend

Tacosaucesz Last updated on May 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide, It may not be the prettiest guide or perhaps the best out there for everyone but it works for me and hopefully it can work for others. Recently i found a good build but it emphasized more on early crit and attack speed. Not what i liked. Poppy is truly an awesome champion although she is very under played by many. Not only can poppy do massive end game damage but if fed early she can destroy at even around level 6. By 18 with the right build you should be able to effectively solo towers without the aid of minions and 1v3 against almost anyone. With skill and simple logic you can master this little beast and dominate like no other.

With this guide you can learn how to play poppy with minimal experience and Win games like no other. REMEMBER!! Teamwork is always important no matter what champ you play 2v2 and 3v3 is always better fights then 1v3. Just because you are really strong end game doesent mean you don't need teammates!

If you have any problems feel free to comment below, and don't forget to vote! Constructive criticism is Appreciated kindly!

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For runes i like to go with armor pen runes. I use a couple of dodge runes and my blue runes are all mana Regen (Helps poppy cause no mana. Means no engaging. And no teamfights.

***(May be reconsidering the runes after i try some more out)

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Skill information and Tactics.

For the skill sequence i like to start off by getting Devastating. Helps if you decide to lane alone. Second i go with Heroic Charge. (You can get heroic charge first if you play on ganking before Minions spawn.) By level 3 i like to have my 3 Skills. Having all 3 rather than getting Q rank 2 at level 3 is better in my opinion because the paragon of demacia can help with either escaping or just adding dmg. Remember its pretty much a constant increase while fighting. 15 dmg and armor at rank 1 and a nice speed boost to give you the edge in battle. After i get paragon of demacia at level 3 i rank up Devastating blow. This is where alot of your dmg will be.

When engaging a champion 1v1 my usual tactic is to rush out with W and get a good angle to slam him in a good direction (Towards team towers or into walls)This starts off your burst and gives you a nice 1.5 second stun to see weather you want to keep devastating him or run away

Around level 16 (Or whenever you are having no problems 1v1) You should be able to 1v3 and kill all or a few of them before escaping or dieing. Depending on the situation i like to start off by using my ultimate on either 1.Very strong champion carrying their team to nuke him down fast. or 2. weakest person (Using it on the weakest person allows you to take a ton of dmg from the other champs and dominate them then finish off the one you ultd after.
Remember if the target you ult dies, The buff is gone. So use this wisely as it can determine winning or losing a team fight

In my opinion Poppy has one of the best passives there is. 50% dmg reduction for any dmg that exceeds 10% of your current health? Holy sh**. Peace burst ults. This passive does alot for poppy may not be noticable but it does alot for you. For example you have about 400 hp running back to base Karthus uses his ult. Bam hits evryone for 500. Sadly you only have 400 hp left what ever would you do. Oh wait that 500 dmg is cut in half and does only 250. There are so many times i have escaped with a smidgen of life merely due to this passive it can save you from many deadly blows and overall keeps you alive in fights.

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Pros / Cons

MASSIVE DAMAGE END GAME (Ive done 2k+ to many champs many times in just about one hit.)
Amazing passive
Mad turret diver
Best lategame Champ. Period (Massive damage and survivability 1v3'ing champ)
Amazing Damage Mitigation
Picked on often
Alot of deaths cause huge decrease in potential damage
Thorn mail Hurts alot
Hard early game

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Team Work

Poppy works good on her own or with many other champions. Poppy takes alot of team coordination if you really want to get the good kills you have to communicate and say who you ult and weather it was on the kill target or the lowest dmg target in a fight so they know who to kill first.
Remember Poppy is a good initiator if you see a champion near a wall slam him. It does nice dmg topped off with Q and you can even run after the little assault cause he was stunned. (This can make enemy champs go back alot reducing their xp gain overall. Also if you really want to make sure you can get that tower diving kill tell your team to run in after you as you will be tanking the turret with your ult. Half the time the enemy champions stays beside the turret thinking its killing poppy but is it? No because diplomatic immunity is a tricky move. And as poppy is very underplayed alot of people don't understand its true power.

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Item information

Other builds ive read emphasize on getting speed and crit over dmg earlier on. Such as getting phantom dancer before bloodthirster and infinity edge. I like to get Bloodthirster right after i get my trinity force.Lifesteal keeps you in lane much longer and when you get that BF sword the other team will be running when you smash then up.

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Creeping / Jungling

Around level 11 in 3v3 i like to go around Jungling the four groups of mobs at top and fending off minions in the top lane. This gives a really nice boost to xp gain and dmg (buffs) and lets you avoid other champions. Oh did i mention that engaging others in the jungle is generally a good idea as the jungle is narrow and you can either easily slam them into the wall to escape or just muck them. I like to grab dragon early as possible usually right after getting vampiric scepter. Gives your team a nice dmg boost and especially yourself. Remember when you do tons of dmg. 10-18% dmg buff can mean Killing or Dieing. I really like to jungle with poppy only passed level 10 because you can quickly burst down the mobs maximizing your experience gain)