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League of Legends Build Guide Author Selixa

Poppy the Poppyzor 1

Selixa Last updated on November 13, 2010
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I like attack power poppy, i think you can make awful damage !
i rather start with heroic charge, than with devasting blow, because allways in FB you can go into their bushes, and if they go there too, you'll charge them and do unbelievable damage!


I like to start with sapphire crystal and 2 potions, one heal and other mana. The extra mana at the beginning helps a lot considering she runs out so quickly without it. If you begin this way the next item you'll buy will be sheen, because when you make a magic damage you get 80% more damage from your base.
Next i would buy boots of speed, to work on mercury's treads, because if you got a good beginning you will prob be one of the first focus in team fights, so it helps a lot!.
with sheen , i buy trinity force, because , in my opinion, is the best item for her, i don't really know why, but it helps alot !
well the next items are based in damage, so i use bloodthirster because it got life steal and more damage ! then is the frozen mallet because it gives health and slows enemie's movement speed, which is sweet to chase or even to run away.
finally, if you really are doing more than killing sprees ,i would buy guardien angel.
its awesome in team fights, because they are all focused on you, and your team mates will do massive damage, then you ressurect, make your ulti and pwn them all :)

.-*"Summoner Spells"*-.
I go with flash and exhaust, because it helps running and killing :) is good :)

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Good Luck & Have Fun,
Selixa ;) ( racismo in game )