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Sivir Build Guide by Guest

ADC Powerhouse Sivir

ADC Powerhouse Sivir

Updated on December 28, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 6,604 Views 2 Comments
6,604 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sivir Build Guide By Guest Updated on December 28, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Champion Build Guide

Powerhouse Sivir

By Guest
Introduction and Runes
Hello, i am a gold player who loves to play Sivir a lot since season 3. I am making this out to the public because of a few reasons, I found recent builds for Sivir (the new crit item) to be dissatisfying for Sivir. I always imagine her being a half spell half Auto attack teammate, who manages outside benefits and throws good range damage with moderate Melee damage. This build is Just and optional build and this build isn't classing out as "best build for Sivir" but it has it positive factors to it. Below I will show you the Pros and Cons and my Reasons behind my Rune path and Build

Pros and Cons

    Has Huge amount of AoE damage
    Great Kitting
    Great Mana management
    Wave Clear power
    Has Shredding damage

    Has a "ok" laning phase
    easy to avoid Q damage
    mana problems (early game only)

Runes and Keystones

So let talk about the Rune Path of my Choice and why i picked them.
First of all, early game, Arcane Comet provide decent poke damage that is almost 100% hits them, once they get some more movement speed into their build, they will be able to dodge this more easily, however it not there for mid game, in fact it there for early and late game power. the Damage Ratio from this is 35% bonus AD with the base damage range from 30 to 100 damage, add that to her Q damage (we will talk about that in a second) and it will hurt a lot, especially since the more times you hit with your Q the quicker your keystone comes off of cool down.

Manaflow Band is great when combo with Essence Reaver passive mana Regen per AA means she wont have a problem with mana-managements.

This Rune is scary and honestly I don't why this item isn't getting Nerf. Ok so let me go ahead and speak about Transcendence. With all your build combine with late game transcendence, you would have a total of 90% cooldown, which when converted 50% of it, it gives you 60 AD, with blue buff it will total out to 72 AD for free. that insane and a lot. imagine with that very build giving you 72 Ad that is almost worth 2 bf swords or close to 2600 gold worth of AD.

I think this one is pretty easy to explain, has scaling damage, at 30 mins it will gives 28 AD, but if last another 10 mins, that will be 48 AD for free, so transcendence and Gathering storm total out to 120 Bonus AD for free.

vsFor the Secondary path, you can either choose between having Domination or Resolve. Reason being is because it all depends on your support, if it a lux, then you will want some Resolve to take care of towers quicker and make her shield much more valuable to you. but if you have something less Synergy to your playstyle, then take domination for the powerful sustains you can get for early and late game. Resolve for Demolish and Revitalize, and Domination for Ravenous Hunter and Taste of blood. and if you dont know, then take Domination for the solo sustain heals

This build was very optional, this is not a perfect build, but it helps Sivir players a different play style that can be new and more helpful. if this build hasn't provent useful, then please go to this link below, it a platinum player who goes by the meta, so do go to him if you want a "easy way to win" showhttps://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/8-24-a-guide-to-a-lethal-sivir-532912
So Starting items is really simple, since the gold cost on Doran sets, it make it hard to want to keep such items when you lose about 320 in gold, which can help you get to your first build first. So getting Long Sword as your first item with refillable potion would suit Sivir much better since she has a rough time in the early phase anyways.

On your first back, you should have a range of 1400 gold to 1800 gold, so make sure you either get BF sword and Corrupting potion OR Hammer and Corrupting Potion, if you can early game control ward is a nice pitch can lead you to getting more gold from them warding somewhere and you taking it down.

Bloodthrister was an item that has the highest lifesteal, but Death dance allows to heal off physical damage top that with a damage reduction during battle, you will have quite the sturdiness. black Cleaver is effective in teamfights for removing 24% armor which is a lot. I don't believe i need to explain others, because all of those are explain in the notes.
Abilities Tips
Q - late game spam it until they get low, get an assassin or a tank to start the attack, by the time they set things up, your Q will be ready.

W - has a AA reset, so make sure you use that to deal 2 times the damage and run away, disengaging from the fight. use this combine with your Q late game for wave clear.

E - having this bad boy at 6 second CDR is insane her survivability would make her really strong against CC

R - use this to start the fight, you know the team needs it. this also give movement speed to minions too, so helps push in lane faster when it happens
Shard Stats
So you might ask "why CDR?" which is simple, early game with that 6 AD isnt alot, now at level 9 (if you manage to get 40% cdr from items) you will gain the same amount of AD as you would at if you went for 6 AD, but this will only increase getting stronger and hit 12 AD late game which is much difference, if it possible, double cooldown reduction would be nice to have.
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Guest Sivir Guide
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Powerhouse Sivir

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