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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Pro as heck guide to playing Master Yi (not the one you know

Last updated on February 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So you want to play Master Yi like a true Wuju Blades-men? Well then this is the guide for you, after you finish your build you will be able to take down the enemy as easy as Q-E-Basic-attack .

The build you have seen above was originally built by me for shaco, while you can build it for him, I have found it to be more effective on Master Yi.

Though both kill the enemy really fast...

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Laneing Phase

So as Master Yi, I'm assuming that you will be going top, mid, or jungle. While I won't be covering Jungle since while I can do it if need be, I'm frankly not the best jungler.

At top lane you will most likely face a bruiser, they are strong early game, and if you don't handle them, they will be strong and tough enough to obliterate your team in team-fights. The key to not letting this happen is not dieing, it's easy really, just don't die and poke with Alpha Strike. When they are at half health alpha strike in for the kill, just don't tower dive or chase to tower unless you know what you're doing.

At mid lane you will be against an apc or a bruiser. Since I already covered bruisers I will be talking about the apc. Some apcs, such as Heimerdinger, are strong early game, so you should dodge their skill shots whenever you can. Be wary of their range as well, if they're someone like Veigar and don't have excessively long range like Xerath, they usually have strong abilities, so just poke with Alpha Strike and come in for the kill when they have half health and low mana. Also remember to keep a watch on their mana, it can help the jungler so he knows when to gank and it can help you by letting you know when to come in for that kill or wait for him to use up his mana.

If you're up against an adc, you can usually obliterate them early game, killing them easy with your alpha strike, but don't get too cocky, you might end up getting surrounded by said adc and his jungler or worse.

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Mid Game

Mid Game isn't where Master Yi shines, but determines whether he shines or not.

In mid game if your lane is fine and pushed, you will usually aid another lane that isn't doing so great for a while, and this will often lead to small to large skirmishes between your team and the enemy. One key part of this phase is to not die too often, there is very little room comebacks in this phase.

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Late Game

If you've done good during Early and Mid, you will be ready for Late Game, the time of team fights, Barons, mega-pushes, and back-doors.

Team Fights: (I'm assuming you've completed the build) When a team fight starts you can run in right behind your tank since you're tough enough to be able to take more hits than your fellow Adc and Apc, once the enemy tank is occupied with your tank, you can ult up and run right past them to the weaker adcs, you should be able to kill a squishy champion in 3-5 seconds.

The enemy tank will most likely see this and cc you and attempt to take you down, if this happens use meditate if you've been hit by his cc or alpha strike to avoid his cc if it's a skill-shot.

If the tank is still attacking you after you meditate run back to your team and reposition, or if you have enough health and he/she is far enough away from the enemy tank, jump to the bruiser who will most likely be fighting the melees or adcs/apcs on your team. Taking him out will take a bit longer than the squishy adc and apc, but he will not take too long since you most likely still have your other teammates taking him down as well.

Taking down the tank is easier than the rest since you've taken out all of his allies and everyone will be focusing on him.

Back-dooring is simple, if there is a semi-large skirmish going on at other side of the map, go for that inhibitor, and if you can, take out that nexus. You are strong enough to take out everyone that is in the base considering there are only 2-3 people, and tank all the minion waves spawning in your face when you're attacking the nexus until the nexus blows up, usually if you take all those minions you will have 100-300 health left when it blows up, so it's a close call.