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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RhastaPasta


RhastaPasta Last updated on July 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Morgana build description
League of Legends v1.0.0.94

This is my first build description on what is easily my favorite champ. This guide is for a burst dps Morgana, there are other builds that rely more on a support Morgana, but i find the high AP/Pen superior to CD reduction/mana regen. This is a build for summoners rift, it is not a TT build though it would still be viable. This build assumes you get mid lane, if not get dark binding before tormented soil. ALWAYS take mid if it is readily available. This is not a hero for noobs!

Great burst DPS
Black Shield is the best shield in game, hands down.
Multi target stun.
Good in team fights.

Useless when oom or your CDs are not up.
Skill-shot hero

Summoner Spells
Ghost: This spell is a must! with black shield up you are almost impossible to stop from running away from a gank, or impossible to run from when you pop your ult.
Ignite: i only really chose ignite for the added dps, if i had to choose a replacement it would be clarity, or teleport.

I chose AP/Pen because it is all morg really needs, the doran's rings give her all the mp5 and health she needs, and CD reduc runes are a waste due to her already low CDs and the fact that you can take golem buff with ease. All of morgs moves have high AP ratios and with the buff to her passive it is very easy to stay in a lane and farm.

Why i chose armor pen runes over straight AP
With how magic pen works in this game i find its dmg output to be superior to straight out AP per lvl, at least untill you get your void staff. Especially to enemy tanks. The formula for magic pen is as follows.

% Dmg Increase = (1 - (x-(magic pen))/(x+100-(magic pen)))/(1 - (x/(x+100))) where x is your opponents magic resist at the time of spell cast.

Since I am too lazy to do the math I will Link a post that explains more about magic pen.

Quote from Larias
"Let's say you have the 15% MrP(magic resist penetration) mastery & Void Staff (40% MRP), the 15 MrP from Sorc boots, and Abyssal scepter that has an aura that gives -20 magic resist.

Let's say the opponent has 100 MR.

Here's what would happen:

First, auras that reduce the stats of a person on screen go first. Therefor, Abyssal scepter gives -20 first, bring the target down to 80.

Then (this is assuming IRC was correct earlier), -% go first. So the 55%(40+15) MrP from masteries would go next. This makes 80*.45 or 36 magic resistance their total.

Then, flat amounts are added. This brings the target from 36 to 21. So the target went from 100 (50% magic resist) to 21 (17.3% magic resist). So a 100 damage nuke went from 50 damage to 82.7 damage, or an increase of 65.4% damage."

For the most effective dmg, use tormented soil right before dark binding, this is very difficult to master, but the added damage from the increased amount of time spent in soil and lowering of magic resist will pay of if you land it.

Item Build
Get items that will add the most to your ability power, almost all of Morgana's moves have a 1 to 1 ratio on ability power, she gets more benefit from AP than any other champ in my opinion. I start off with Dorans rings for early hp mana regen and AP, i generally get my second ring as soon as i can get the chance to recall to base for the extra MP5 for harassing, then get boots and a mejais to start stacking AP. Even if your not confident that you'll be racking in kills, Morgana is one of the easiest heros to rake in assists, so i would still recomend this item every game! Sorc boots gives her the most bang for your buck imo, with black shield you really don't need merc treads, and dark binding can keep most melee off of you, or keep heros near you making ninja tabi and other move speed boots obsolete. After Zhonya's ring you can really get whatever item you want, the game should be over by that point, youll have over 300-400 AP and will be able to go immune after using your ult, making you impossible to focus for its duration. If i had to choose an item after it i would go for spell vamp or spell Pen for additional dmg.

Lvls 1-7
Harass with tormented soil! Easily your best farming skill, keep hitting minions and enemy champs with this untill they are low enough to dark binding/kill play it safe by not overextending in the middle lane, people often make a bad decision to go near the enemy tower then get ganked from a side lane. Above all else, play it safe, bieng greedy for kills early game is how most people give up first blood to the opposing team. Play smart!

Lvls 8-11
I normally have killed the middle lane 1-2 times by this point and take the oppertunity to help gank the side lanes. If you feel you havnt farmed enough, just keep farming middle lane till 11.

Lvl 11+
By this time you should start ganking and staying with your team, most end game kills are from people wandering around w/o thier team and then getting ganked by the entire opposing team. This is a team game! play with them, and play smart, dont overextend.

Final Thoughts

This is my most played champ, I'm currently at 45 wins 26 loses, 723 kills 225 deaths 820 assists. This is the exact build i use in almost all the games I play and so far I have found it to be extremely effective for carrying my team. Most of my losses are from games with pugs, I highly suggest playing with people you know, her spells have great diversity and she highly contributes to the team no matter what your comp is.

If you want to reach me or have questions about this build, leave a comment or reach me in game. If i am in the middle of a game I WILL NOT reply to you untill after the game is over.