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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Proper progressive build

Last updated on August 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The progressive build.

This is my first guide, and perhaps my only guild I plan to make. As I figured it would be a fun thing to do. Before you knock it, by all means, please give it a shot, and see for yourself. User error on spamming of skills in incorrect order may cause problems.

The mastery tree is pretty straight forward in regards to what Fiora is. She is meant to deal damage that the tree reflects that, with minor amount in armor in the defensive tree. She is a carry, with vamp'ing to help maintain lane presence.

The runes are pretty simple, with damage runes to give her the early boost she needs to make her a threat. The magic resist runes, to help again champs that do magic damage with their skills (Since you can reflect physical damage back) and lastly attack speed to help push you with burst of speed into the 2.5 Att spd range at level 18. The Vamp quints work well early and late game when facing tanking type champs with thornmail to help mitigate the reflected damage back.

Skill sequence might seem odd to some as its not very typical to go for burst of speed. A lot of people I see level up their riposte early for the reflect and damage increase. I feel anything after level 1 of the skill is of minor gain compared to front loading fast damage with the speed skill. As you can see, I choose lunge to close the gap quickly, allow a hit or two, then lunge again to close the distance.

(Champ Level 1) It is your poke, and should be used with caution. At level two I get riposte to get the 15 damage increase, as that will give you a big boost in damage, and also help mitigate a single attack from your target or their partner. Lastly, at level 3, burst. Its your bread and butter of what she is capable of. Even without attack speed boots, it gives you increased movement for every attack, and allows you to get in quite a few hits, causing some serious damage. Early game with a brutalizer, you can easily take a non tanky champ to only 1/4th health with all the skills at level 1 and a brutalizer.

Sequence of skills:

Q > E > W > > > Q

At level six, depending on what you face (A CC type champ) You must adjust your sequence. Another one of those situational awareness things =P

Q > E > > R > Q > W

A big mistake people make with their champs is that they try to buy the biggest items they can get their hands on, when in fact, that if you have a solid progressive build, you can still perform exceedingly well in your lane, while getting kills.

I am not a big person when it comes to buying items that can't be used late game. Those items are the Doran items. Though their bonuses are nice to look at early game, they have no use to the total value of your current game. Hence I do not bother with them. Your goal is to get your first second tier item as soon as possible. Understand, that it your responsibility to keep a situational awareness as to where the whole of the game is going. An example would be if you are faced again champs you honestly do not feel comfortable engaging (Jax, Nasus, Teemo) and find yourself pushed against your tower, then seek to get an avarice blade as soon as possible to ensure proper progression of your gold. Your purpose of the brutalizer is to actually help with cooldowns, the damage is a bonus as well as the armor penetration. You DO NOT want to complete the item to its final tier as that will limit your gold intake.

If you still haven't gotten boots, then focus on getting them acquired. After which, you will be focusing on your vamping. As that will help ween you off of purchasing costly health pots. The purpose of the executioner blade is that, it gives you just about the largest vamp possible in-game! It also comes with a crit bonus and a nice dot. Best part... Its a Tier two item only, but with it, I am pushing 29/30% vamp with it, and that's basically my second main item. With those items, you should have 27% crit and a high vamp. With those two items, and your burst of speed (Should be level 5 by now) you should be able to gank any non-tanking champ with ease.

You should now have roughly 130-150 damage (Can't remember exactly) and critting often enough to be a serious threat. Ganks will be something you will be able to pull off easily with your Ult off cooldown (Don't be shy about grabbing a blue for even further cooldown reduction) In which, you should push for your first B.F sword; then cloak of agility to increase your crits for better vamping. Complete your infinity blade. From their, its really up to you on how you wish to proceed. By this time, you should have acquired roughly half your gold from the avarice blade, so you make complete the item as well to further increase your crit.

By now, you will be pushing a 55% crit rate, with 29% vamping and somewhere in the 200+ damage range. At this point, its really up to you how to proceed. You should have two open slots to easily acquire a tier three item. I personally go for the blackcleaver. With it and infinity blade, you are easily capable to critting in the range of 700-900 on champs. From their its onto trinity blade. Phage is generally the first item I get for the slow on it, and the slight increase on health. If you wish, you can get the sheen item for the added damage. Both work well. On completion of the trinity blade, you will be pushing 70% crit. Which basically will be a crit nearly every attack. Hard to fight against that.

The Bloodthirst blade is their because of the option of replacing the executioner blade. You will drop back down to 55% crit, but will gain a large boost of damage, which can be useful. Its something I am personally trying to debate on whether if critting almost every hit (vamping purposes) or going for a more consistent damage route is better.

Like all champs, you have good games and bad games. It can always vary. What I am offering here is a very subtle progress with Fiora which constantly gives good progress in making her a ganking machine, but not breaking the bank. Understand that if you get set into a game that you are killing the enemy left and right early game; it won't really matter by then what items you get in the progress.