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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on September 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is based upon the Pure AP Teemo with some attack speed. Teemo all around is a great right click and win champion but I find that AP teemo is just beast. This isn't because you lay a shroom and rape; I'm talking about the pure Dart (teemo's "Q") and poison teemo spits out! Shrooms are great tools and you depend on them a lot for AP teemo but i don't just sit around and do nothing like most AP teemo's do. In this guide I will show you my way of the AP teemo and how he should be played!

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Pros/ Cons

Tons of early and late game damage
Sneaky and can pick off squishy champs
Great map control

Usually a target
Gets raped by Burst Champions

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For my runes I take 9 Greater Marks of potency, 9 Greater Seals of Alacrity, 9 Greater Glyphs of Shielding, and finally 3 Greater Quintessences of Potency.

Marks: Gives around 5.4 AP

Seals: Gives around 6.84% attack speed

Glyphs: Gives around 24.3 MR at level 18 and 0.15 MR per level

Quintessences: Gives around 15 AP

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Summoner Spells

Flash: I always take this for Teemo since he already is fast and his "W" increases his speed so he can be hard to catch with ghost. I use this to both get kills and escape from dying or losing to much health.

Teleport: I usually take this with Teemo to gank, backdoor, farm, or to finish a kill that a shroom failed to kill.

Ghost: I don't really ever use this spell with teemo because of his "W" and i know flash has a long *** CD but its better just to keep flash than this. But if you feel more comfortable taking this instead then i suggest you do so.

Exhaust: I don't use this much since Teemo already has a lot of slow. The passive on Rylai's helps a lot when raping a enemy while he is trying to run away from little Teemo.

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Sorc Shoes <$1100> These of course increase the movement speed of Teemo and will add 20% magic Pen which means Teemo's abilities have increase damage (Dart ownage).

Ryali's <$3105> All round great item to have for an AP Teemo. Increases the Health and AP and add a slow to every spells you use.

Zhonya's <$3100> A decent item that I don't use often unless I'm getting targeted heavily. Zhonya's Hourglass give a good amount of AP and some Armor. Plus the Active on it can save your life!

Sword of Divine <$1970> I don't usually grab this item but it can be really helpful if you need more attack speed because every fourth attack it deals an extra 100magic damage.

Void Staff <$2295> Give you magic pen, useful for those tanky champ that won't go down.

Deathcap <$3600> Increases your AP by a Percentage and also gives you a large amount of AP

Nashor's Tooth <$2885> Has increased attack speed, mana regen, and AP.

Malady <$1825> This shreds MR and makes your targets prone to your awesomeness poison/darts/shrooms.

Mejai's Soulstealer <$1235> I have only used this about 2 times with AP Teemo. It's a good item but you rely on those stacks and if you die you lose them.

*Moonflair <$1200> A great item in my eyes. Moonflair is like Merc treads but it gives you AP instead of movement speed. So it reduces CC make it easier for you not to get owned by those pesky stuns/snares.

Hextech Gunblade <$3625> Great item for both hybrid Teemo's and AP. I find the gunblade better the the will of the ancients for teemo because one teemo only uses one spell a lot and that is his blind("Q"). So with the gunblade you heal through both auto attacks and Teemo's abilities.

Kage's Lucky Pick <$765> A great first item for that extra money for mid and late game. Gives some AP but not a lot.

LichBane <$3470> Has the sheen built in it with some MR and AP. Great item for Teemo!

Trinity Force <$4070> I wouldn't get this item but you can if you feel that you need it. Its expensive and not all that useful since it mainly gives you attack speed and little health. The reason why I said its not useful is because this is an AP Teemo guide but you can use it if you wish.

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Q: Blinding Dart > This skill is probably what Teemo uses the most besides his poison. It blinds your target making them miss their auto attacks.

W: Move Quick > Helps you get to places faster or get away from enemies that are chasing you down. Don't always rely on this for you to get away many champions can easily catch you although most won't be able to.

E: Toxic Shot > This adds poison to your auto attacks making you do DOT(damage over time). A decent amount of damage output comes form this and its great for harassing.

R: Noxious Trap > The bread and butter to Teemo! This ult is like a ward but when its ran into it explodes which slows and poisons who ever runs into it. AP Teemos are known for their shrooms and most AP Teemos that I have seen rely way to much on their shrooms. Rely less on this skill and use your auto attack poison and darts for more damage because theres usually a small chance that they could run into this ability unless you place them right.

Hint: Place shrooms in bunches not 1 in this area and 1 in another place 2 or 3 shrooms in a small area to increase the damage output and making you get or pick off kills easier. (don't worry about oracle much to btw, usually isn't a problem)

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Skill Sequence

Try to max out your "Q" and "E" because they will do the most damage when fighting.

Maxing your Dart "Q" is a deadly choice. The reason is because your "Q" which is your dart will end up dealing around 500-600 damage if you build right. it does tons of damage and will wreck squishy champions.

Your "E" when maxed will deal tons of DOT and can potentially DOT kill your target if you did enough damage to get them low enough that is.

Teemo's "W" is a great ability but its not really needed. So try not to put to many points in it, i usually only put one point in it at levels 4 or 5 depending on who I'm up against and how i feel about not getting the "W"

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Unique Skills/ Map Control

Teemo's Passive is a great passive and i think one of the best and most deadly. Teemo goes into stealth when not attacking and not moving and has increased attack speed for a short duration when he pops out of it.

His "Q" blinds targets and can save you from getting raped by a Yi, MF, Xin Zhao(sometimes), etc. This only really works for the right click win champions and if you don't know what a right click win is then play Kog'Maw and you will understand what I mean by right click win.

His "W" helps him get around you it to your pleasure if you need to get around.


Your shrooms are like wards, they can save your life! They give you the ability to know where everything is at and what your opposing team may be up to such as Baron, Dragon, Ganking, etc.
You may not know it but Map control is really important and that without it you usually don't win. Place shrooms all over in important areas that people walk through a lot and if you please you can even sit at a small bunch of shrooms to gank an unsuspecting squishy punk that is just asking for you to do it(don't do this all the time because after a while if they are smart they won't go alone and it takes to long unless you don't have anything else to do).

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Mid Lane/ Side Lanes

If you take mid lane make sure that you farm up(easiest if you just last hit minions). And you can try to get a kill off the opposing mid lane champion depending on who it is, also if you lane against an up close melee champion then make sure to harass them unless they destroy you(still try to though).

I don't usually go mid lane as Teemo because I usually gank mid or use my passive to get a kill or two. Plus I like side lanes because you don't have to pay 100% attention and you have a teammate that helps you get a kill or vise versa. Taking a side lane also allows you to shroom more early on for junglers or you can get a kill off someone that is creeping on their team (creeping means like jungling but that the "creeper"(enemy champion) is just there for a few golems/wraiths for the extra money).