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Lux Build Guide by deathlinenetworks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author deathlinenetworks

Pure AP Lux

deathlinenetworks Last updated on January 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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As you all know Lux is a AP nuker who is great to lane at mid. This is my personal build which I find rather effective and works most of the time. This build focus solely on AP so she will be very very squishy and thus is not recommended for insanely aggressive players. If you play your cards right you can be aggressive with this build.

P/S: First build so might not be as cool or good.

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Pros / Cons

1. Can burst down any carry with all 3 spells. (sometimes just need 2 excluding the ulti)
2. Playing it right will get you close or over 800AP which results in doing over 1.5k
damage(for non-tanks) taking magic resistance into consideration
3. CDR will low all spells to its limits thus allowing you to cast your ulti every 24 sec with
maximum damage

1. Really squishy so tends to die fairly easily if played too aggressively and being ganked by
2. Hit or miss build due to low mana. Can burst all 3 spells once and highly dependant on blue
buff (or clarity)

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If you are laning at mid, try to use your E (lucent singularity) to hit the entire minions. wait till all minions are fighting before throwing one their way. If you just want to focus on farming this is the best way to do it. By the time you get your soulstealer, it would be possible to throw your E towards the minions and last hit all the ranged minions with just one shot. During mid game or when you get a few stacks you can easily clear a minion wave with just your E. Continue till game ends?

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Harassing Champions

Normally when I want to harass the enemy champion, I tend to wait for them to stop and hit minions because it would be easier and there tend to be a delay of action when they want to react to you unless they are super pro then tough luck eh?

Wait for the right moment and send your E towards them then blow up as soon as possible. Depending on the situation you might have to either throw it behind them or right in the middle. Sometimes you can figure it out by simply throwing a few towards them and see where they tend to move. When you rough understand their movement that's when you can predict them and harass wonderfully. Up until now I have never seen any champs running towards you when you use your E. Mostly they will either go to the sides or back. Fair good players tend to run back while the more skilled ones tend to move to the side.

After reaching level 6, try to harass the enemy champ as much as possible but be mindful of your mana. Be efficient and don't simply spam your spell. When you get the enemy champ slightly low on health and figure you could take him/her out with all your spells, predict their movements and land your spells according to the order Q (Bind) > E (Singularity) > R (Ulti). Most of the time they tend to die. But if you aren't sure if they will die then you can take another approach which is fairly risky (in terms of if you can kill them and your skill of predicting their movements)

Q > auto attack > E > auto attack > R. when they are running back look at how they are running and use your ulti on them. There are times when the champs would run all the back to their towers hidden by fog of war. Here is where it gets tricky. Times like this you will just have to try your luck and shoot. I find that most champs tend to stand near their towers to teleport so just shoot your ulti towards the tower. You will have to decide which side of the tower you should aim at but just look at which direction they are running from. If they run between the tower and the right side of the trees then just aim towards the small gap in between.

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Creeping / Jungling

No this is not about Lux jungling. If you have a jungler on your team try to ask him/her to get blue for you whenever possible. That way you can spam all your spells without any worries.

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Team Fight

During team fights don't stand too far or too near. If you stand too far then you won't be able to use your shield to help your team mates. Stand too near then you will get killed instantly. Besides, by having a soulstealer it will be a waste if you die.

When a team fight erupts, look at where the enemy carries. focus all your spells towards them and nuke them down. Later look for your team carry. Pop your shield towards your carry to keep him alive. Your shield should be able to adsorb a few hundred damage which is wonderful and it does it twice!!!

Now if during a team fight and the other team amazingly group together( maybe fighting at small areas) Spam all your skills to the middle of the fight and you should be able to take some down or bring their health down more than half. Your other team mates will do the rest.

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A great way to build a pure magic damage dealing Lux. Very squishy but hurts a lot.