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Pure blooded assassin

Last updated on November 1, 2012
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The facts.

Im not creating this guide to show people that they play her wrongly, I just wanna show you guys how I play her. Now, playing her without flash, IS, a dangerous thing to do, and the other team can severely punish you for your insolence, on the other hand, Akali's got so much damage with exhaust/ignite that incoming junglers hardly ever is a problem, dropping the shroud and having them foolishly follow you into it, is a mistake SO many melee champions commit when they try to gank an Akali, when they do this, tag their top champion,/whoever lowest on Hp or squishiest with the mark of the assassin, wait about 2 seconds for the mark to refresh and proc the first you got active on the target, followed by another mark, at this point he'll probably be running hard, so while the mark is still on, ulti him and finish him, turn around to their jungler, start by exhausting him to reduce his damage output, just before you hit him with ur autoswing, proccing ur mark's bonus damage, hit him with e and as many mobs as possible to spellvamp and get on ur feet, tag him with q and finish him. If done correctly, you have a double kill alone with almost no problem at all, ofcourse, if your already low on Hp, it might be a good idea, to wait for your own teammate to engage for you and have them take some of all the superficial aoe damage and maybe a single target nuke, once you see them pop the skill, engage the highest damaging champion and take him down, after which you probably will be low on HP and need to go back or you probably even died, but it doesnt matter, with this build you focus heavily on teamfights and once you get into the team vibe, playing with exhaust and ignite and recognizing the right moment for engaging will be second nature. Anyways, i hope you enjoy my short guide good luck and have fun. :)

<3 Asterroth