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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Khardgar

Pure Evel

Khardgar Last updated on December 2, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Eve, an Introduction:

First let me start with what eve is NOT:
-A Carry, A team-player, A slug it out DPSers.
I'm not saying she is incapable, merely these are not her purpose.
Eve is a scout, an instigator, a pink terror lurking behind every tree.
If you try and use her as a carry, a solo DPS, or a team fighter you WILL get stomped.

There are a couple ways to play with runes, I have gravitated back and forth on the subject, but ultimately settled here:

Red - Magic Pen - No Question. Never has been.

Yellow - Scaling Mp/5 - Why because inevitably you will run out of mana, and this one gives you the most sustainability. Other decent choices are Scaling AP/ Static AP

Blue - Scaling AP is what I used, Static AP is slightly better early game, but by the time you start ganking in force scaling has already surpassed it. CDR is not bad either, and this build doesn't even come close to the cap.

Quints : You can go a couple ways
-Speed allows for greater area of coverage, less escapees.
-AP - Again good early game, eclipsed late game
-Magic Pen - Also a great one, creeps u ever closer to zero cap.

Summoner Abilities:

Ignite- A solid choice, and a great follow-up to ravager opening, best used to counter regen chars or secure a fast moving kill. Remember to talent it!

Flash - AMAZING on eve. Allows for absolutely silly things. Ult in, Kill, Flash over and out. Circle Around for another...

Teleport - Great support, See tips and tricks!

Exhaust - The all important clincher, crushes...I Mean CRUSHES, twitch/yi/ any form of Glass cannon DPS carry.

Whats the best you ask? There isn't one. All summoners are circumstantial. So use them to augment your team. If you have to good mobile supports, Take Ignite/Exhaust. This will cripple and with any fore thought and setup kill any lonesome carry u come across.
If your team is in need of some mobile support ghost/teleport allows u to cross and recross the map at speeds the enemy team wouldn't have otherwise imagined.
Likewise Flash/Teleport, Flash/Exhaust, allows for Great survivability and dirty, dirty hit and runs and otherwise unsurvivable tower dives.

Personally I use Flash/Exhaust a lot or Exhaust/Ignite when solo Queuing.
Teleport/Exhaust in groups.


Rule #1:

If you don't have regen yellows, get crystal first, if you do, get book. But either way, your first port back is for sheen. This single item heralds you back into the arena as a terror. Suddenly you at level 4 can crush any carry, carelessly floating around at 3/4 or less life. Its not hard, and if u took exhaust/ignite you won't even need help.
These early game kills are important! YOU NEED THE MONEY!

- get boots 2nd. You have stealth, as long as you watch the map, assume the worst, and are wary of wards speed isn't an issue early game.

-Book ---> Soulstealer 3rd. Start building momentum. With careful planning and smart play this will do 1 of two things:
-Force them to group up early. Or get you fed.

From Here you need to look at the enemy team's makeup
3 or More squishy-delicious carries and low ELO's:
Eve Heaven. Runaround -> Kill -> Grow -> Win -> Profit?
Get Magic Pen Boots
Get Void Staff - Makes resistance FUTILE!!!! ASSIMILATION!!!
Get Abyssal Scepter - Your ravage now starts hitting for half due to Reductions
Sheen + Hit + Bloodspike will kill them generally before stun wears off, and well before they can react.
Get Ring - LOL/gg
Lichbane if the game keeps going.

High ELO's or well made teams:
Start remains the same:
-Soulstealer (though its usually less momentum sometimes u get lucky, try for Assists rather than ganks to start)
-Ryjals Scepter - AP/Slow/Life, makes most of your ganks a sure thing. Allows for u to get out of some sticky situations and survive the initial: "OMFG ITS EVE KILL IT!!!"
-Rod of the Ages - You WILL need the life. A good team is gonna try hard to nuke u down. The combination of Ryjals and Rod, will keep you alive for your one hit and run, although with good teams usually with only 200-400 hp. This allows u to keep stacking your book.

-Check their gear: Stacking MR:
-Get voidstaff to counter

-Not Stacking MR cause they are dumb or your getting crushed:

Situationals to consider:
Dodge Boots, MR Boots - Don't be shy about getting some defense. A good team is GOING to focus you first. Ryjal's + Rod of Ages + 120-150 MR makes this significantly harder. And with some of the new hybrid items and a little planning, you can still hit 500AP with 150MR.
Chalice - Great sustainability, Good MR - AP heavy teams
Abyssal Scepter - Same deal, grab if u need MR
Frozen Heart - AD counter, good CDR.

Tips and Tricks of the Trade:

Stealth Recall: Hit stealth and quickly before it sets in, hit recall. The effect is that you will stealth while recalling, similar but faster than teemo.

Stealth Port: Same Trick, but with Teleport. Hit stealth and have your port target ready and click it before stealth hits. You will arrive at location already stealthed. No it doesn't break it....

Stealth Port Invisible Entrance: Turns out if you Teleport to a invisible ward the enemy team can't see the Teleport animation unless they can see the ward. So if you stealth port into an invisible ward, you will show up somewhere instantly without any outward signs. This is especially devastating when you gank on bottom and instantly stealth port to a ward in top lane to gank them, since they saw u bottom and feel safe.

Stealthing while attacking: If you preemptively hit stealth and then ghost or flash in to start hitting an enemy, it will stealth you while your attacking. You will stop attacking once stealthed, but may resume attacking to proc your stun. This is especially useful if your jump in burst by itself isn't enough to take a target down. Wait for them to get close to a bush, stealth, ghost in, drop ravage, and start attacking, stealth will proc eventually even if they fight back (It has a stop cap). Once it does, reopen with ravage and finish them off.

There is a lot of whining about how she is easily countered by wards and potions, as annoying as these things are, THEY CAN BE GOOD FOR YOU!
Let me say that again: THEY CAN BE GOOD FOR YOU!
Because every time u kill a player with oracles without him killing you, You just stole 300g from him. Every ward that doesn't kill you is 190g from their team. I once had a Ashe literally buy 9 oracles in a 18 she was still w/o Infinity Edge...And the oracles weren't saving her...