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Pushing to the Limit

Last updated on March 5, 2015
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This is my first time writing a guide and it may or may not give much but this is what I currently use whenever I play Sona. I tend to change my ways a lot depending on the situation so even if the build provide good defence and power it may not always be the best build for the time.

This build mainly focuses on your ability to push the lanes from mid game to end game. As the start is not too different from other builds people won't notice any changes until you gain Banner of Command and zzRot Portal.

The abilities order may differ but I often focus Damage and Heal while movement last.

I always play for fun so this build may not be the absolute best build of all time but a rather fun one.


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The Start Up

Depending on which enemy you are facing in bot you can poke more or less aggressive. Sona generally is very squishy which means that if the enemy makes a good cordinated attack on you they probably can get a kill very easily so make sure you have a safe distance to your ally and enemy (being close to an ally will make the enemy more hesitant to attack).

Whenever you have an extra 100 gold you should buy a Vision ward if there is no one in the map. An extra ward is always good.

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The Core

If you have been good and poked a lot you should be able to get at least 4 of the 5 core Items in the build. Depending on how well the game has been going as well as which champions you are facing the build order may differ a bit.

For example: if You meet a skill-shot based champion and you feel you have trouble avoiding it such as blits hook or soraka starfall you might want to build boots a bit early. If you feel you are too squishy, build ruby crystal early. Overall the build should provide enough defence for any opponent and if not it is fairly easy to change something.

When you play you should place yourself behind your allies in teamfights, remember Sona is great because she provides shields, heals and movement as well as damage but if focused she can very quickly be taken down. By positioning yourself behing the allies but close enough to easily give them buffs you can make sure your team won't be taken out easily.

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The End

When you have Banner of Command and/or zzRot Portal you can start pushing for real. There are many ways you can use this.
When you place a ZZRot Portal you need to know that the Void Minions only last for a short while and thus they can't really push for themselves, however if you place it pretty close the the enemy towers or base you can stop the enemy lane from moving further than that point.

Using Banner of Command makes a lane much more powerful and can be used on any minion making it a lot more powerful.
Using it on a Siege Minion will make it eat towers while using it on a Melee Minion will let it slaughter the enemy minions providing gold for you and the lane to stack up to a large army.
I prefer to use it on either a melee or siege minion.

Stopping a Lane or pushing it can help you a lot regardless of the situation.

If you are winning it may not feel like it does much but it provide a lot of pressure to the enemy having multiple lanes pushed at the same time.

If you are on a losing side you can provide valuable time by stopping a lane which works well even against super minions using the zzRot Portal.

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Situational Items

This is a more detailed description of the situational items and when you may want to use them. Remember I may not use each of these items myself but I can see the potential of them in some situations.

If you feel your heals is not enough and may need more mana Mikaels may be a good choice.

If the enemy has tons of heals and it is breaking your team fights the Grievous Wounds from Morellonomicon might give you what you need.

If your team have a lot of AD and you want to help them get even more powerful Zeke's Herald can give them extra AD and Lifesteal.

If the enemy has a lot of AD and you get focused a lot. The Extra Armor and damage from Iceborn Gauntlet and Zhonya's Hourglass may be what you need.

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