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Last updated on May 18, 2010
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This i my build with Udyr. I will tell why i chose this things. First we take summoners spells. The reason i take Exhaust is because, it can help you alot, because Udyr is a pure melee champion, and it give a chance to get closer to your target. Use you exhaust after or before your stun from you Bearstance. The reason i chose ghost, is also to come closer to you target, but also to flee if it happeds to you that they are trying to gank you.

Now to the runes. The reason for Armor penetration is because it helps your dps alot in the start and through the game. The reason to dogde, is because Udyr can get amazing dodge. From the start when you have your passive on full stake u already have 18% dodge, and with Phatom Dancer you get 28%. The reason for mana, and you are probely thinking, what a noob he takes mana, then see. Udyr burns mana fast as hell in the start of the game, if he want to give good damage. The reason i take just a high amount from the start instead rune of knowlegde, is because in late game udyr dont burn mana any more, as in the start. The reason to increase damgege of crit, is just for extra damage.

My mastery you can see i go primery in Offense, where i go only in physical damage, because i go in tigerstance, and then i take the basic in defense, to help me to stay alive a longer time. As i said before with dogde, you get 4 more dogde, with means that you really have 22% dogde in the start, with your passive.

Now to my spell order. The reason i chose Tiger in the start is to get better damage from the start. The reason i only chose one in bear and then the rest later, is because you use only bear to ganking. Dont get me wrong that i dont like bear stance, is my favorite, but one point i enough in the start. Turte is a great help for you to stay in lane loger and survive. The reason i i dont chose Phoenix stance, is because that the only thing that you do really damage with it, is the attack you do every 4 attack.

To the items now. I take long sword in the start to help Tiger stance and its Dot damage, with i love. I take health potions to help myself to stay alive. The reason i take Sword of Occult is because, it give nice damage and when you have full stake it give you more movement speed, with i love, so you can move to you pray and rape it faster. Boots of Swiftnees is nice with bear stance and tiger stance. The reason for phage is because that chance you have to slow is increase by 3, because of your 3 attacks in Tiger. Iffinty egde , will help your dps alot.
Trinity force is just sweet, because all the things it give you. The best thing is its pasive when you cast a spell and you next attack gives more damage and the padge affeckt. Phatom Dancer is for the crit, attack speed, movement and then dogde. Last is Ghostblade, with with is a great little bunus to you. More Amor penetration is nice, more crit, and damage and it its attive is evil to hunt people down.

This is my guide to Udyr, hope you will like it.