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Pyke Build Guide by Guest

Support Pyke Support(Agressive)

By Guest | Updated on January 18, 2020

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Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

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+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Pyke Support(Agressive)

By Guest
Early Game against hook supports.
Thresh, Blitzcrank, Nautilus.

Early game Thresh is really squishy. If you have a shot at him hook him, he can be killed very fast early. If you get hooked by him, don't E away immediately. Wait for him to use his E, because he can cancel your E with his E.

Now Blitzcrank is another story. The same rule applies for his hook. If he hooks you, wait for him to use his E and then E away. You never want to hook Blitzcrank.

You want to shut this guy down early game. Try to bait him to hook you close to your turret, than hook him and E backwards. Once he hits level 6 you shouldn't look for many battles.
Early Game against Mages/Healers Back to Top
Pyke is good against squishy champions. If you get a lead, you can just activate your W, get in their faces and hook them, especially if they don't have any heavy CC. If they poke you just get in a bush to heal up.
The Vision Game Back to Top
Lets talk vision.

Control Wards:
Try to use them in lane bushes so you can get some hooks from there. Tribush is another great location for them.

Oracles: You can buy that after your support item has been upgraded. Use it with your W and Youmuu's to clear out vision.

Regular Wards:
Put those in the enemy jungler's path to predict ganks and gain intel.
Roaming Back to Top
Pyke is really good at roaming. Roam only when you're sure that your adc can hold a 1v2. If they have a mid with low mobility, try to kill him or at least burn his flash. Put a control ward down in the sidebush or scan it with Oracles.
Mid/Late game Back to Top
Your ult is your bread and butter in the mid to late game. Even if you don't need to ult a target in order to kill it, you should ult it because you get a lot more gold. Always stay close to at least one member of your team, its hard to get kills alone. Clear out vision when you can and always look for picks. You're Pyke so don't hesitate to go deep, you have an easy escape. Be careful who you hook, don't hook the 10/1 Darius just because he is the only one that you can hit.
Combos Back to Top
If you miss your E or your enemy dodges it, you can change the direction of the phantom by using your flash. Try to do it at the very last moment so the enemy has little to no reaction time.
You can flash while charging your Q up in order to increase your range.
You can curve the phantom with your R just like you can with your flash. Pyke ends up exactly in the center of the X if he hits an enemy. So use your E, than ult in a way that you end up behind an enemy-you just stunned him. This can also be used as an engage against a full team, but keep in mind that once you do that you're likely dead and have no reset.
You can hook a low health enemy and ult where he would end up after the hook, providing him no reaction time and cancelling your Q animation.
Teamfighting Back to Top
Pyke's job in teamfights is to make sure people die. You can just activate your W and lurk around the teamfight until you see a low-health enemy. Don't try to stun their team with your E, because you're going to die really fast. Try to hook threats away from your adc/damage dealer.
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