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Q! You ult our carry! Q! You're legendary!

Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mordekaiser is an amazing champion, despite what some people might say. Yes, he has no CC, no mobility, no innate sustain; but he ALSO is an amazing harasser in lane, is a faceroll easy anti-carry, and is one of the few champs who can make a fight a genuine 6v4. Along with his amazing ult and persistent harass, he also has a respectable shield that can save your *** and save your carries as well.

This build focuses largely on Mordekaiser dealing ridiculous damage and having near infinite sustain. Getting kills will be easy once you're level 6, but even if you don't manage to get any kills, worry not. Mordekaiser is one of the best farmers in the game, and even if every kill attempt you make is thwarted, you will STILL get fed, because Morde simply doesn't need kills as much as other champs.

Anyways, onto the build!


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Skill Sequence

Your E is clearly your main damage output. You will be spamming this ability like crazy. Maxing this as soon as possible, while making sure you have at least one level of everything else, is paramount. I can't tell you how many kills I've secured by Flashing and using E. In lane, this skill is pretty ridiculous, as if used well, allows you to harass your enemy FOR FREE. This is due to the nature of [Iron Man]. If you land your skill first, their returned harass is rendered meaningless. You can even harass them under their own tower with this skill, as once you are level 5 or so, you will do enough damage with it to tank a tower shot in return. Obviously don't tank tower shots if you don't have to, though!

Your W is tied in priority with your Q, but in my opinion, takes slight priority over it. Your W is your shield, which you can use on yourself or allies. Early on, this shield allows you to harass even further, as it raises your armor and MR for free. There are so many tricks you can pull off with this shield; if you are being pushed hard, W your SECOND melee minion in the next wave, and it will push and farm FOR YOU, while you can be hundreds of feet away in complete and total safety. Also keep in mind that any minion that dies from any skill you use, no matter where on the map you are, gives you experience. Beyond the laning phase, you will be giving this shield to your team mates and not yourself, but it will still prove useful in saving lives AND doing insane damage. It also will hilariously kill steal whoever is chasing a low health enemy champ, so if your team needs you to carry them, feel free to go for it, but if your team is semi-decent, please, don't kill steal on purpose, share the wealth, you will be getting plenty of kills and assists anyways.

Your Q is an amazing skill, despite it's position in the priority list. For a long, long time it will mainly only see action in farming, but post-laning phase, it will be equal to your E in terms of damage output. There are some cool tricks you can do with it, though, and it has many applications in team fights; remember, it hits nearby targets, so in a team fight, this is essentially a second E; with spell vamp, this returns a ridiculous amount of health, and you can optionally buy a Lich Bane to make this your absolute most powerful skill in your arsenal besides your ult. Don't underestimate the burst this thing is capable of. Many of your enemies WILL underestimate it, and die because of it.

Your R. Your glorious, glorious ult. This is what makes Mordekaiser so horrifying (besides his passive!) With this ability, you can get many, many kills that you otherwise probably couldn't. This skill alone makes it impossible to 1v1 Mordekaiser beyond mid game. The sheer hilarity of seeing someone "get away," only for the announcer to proclaim "An enemy has been slain!" and their ghost to pop up right next to you... it's priceless. This is why you dominate team fights. This skill has so, so many uses that I will give it a special section later on. Obviously take this skill whenever available. The short cooldown on this spell makes it even more horrifying for the enemy team. If you win a team fight past the 30 minute mark or so, you will have this skill back up by the time another team fight can break out almost 100% of the time. People will rage at you for this skill, and it feels amazing. Do NOT be afraid to "kill steal" with this skill on an AD carry.
If the enemy Brand is running away, at low health, and you have team mates closing in to assuredly get the kill, do not use this just to get the kill. However, if the enemy Vayne is low health, I don't care if you didn't do an ounce of damage to her before-hand, R that *****. Your team may whine at first, until they realize you are now a 6 man team with 2 ranged AD carries. This is one of the best ults in the game, but it does take some skill in deciding when is the best time to use it.

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Summoner Spells: Which ones to take, which ones not to take, and why.

[Ignite] is mandatory. Why? It synergizes with your R. It's as simple as that. It adds on an extra bit of damage that kills them faster, and also prevents them from using a health pot to survive it (unless they are VERY VERY lucky or you miscalculated your damage output.) This also shuts down people with high lifesteal and/or spellvamp from trying to out-sustain you in a 1v1. Akali isn't going to be getting fed off of you anytime soon!

[Flash] is the other best option for Mordekaiser. I have tried several others, but always come back to Flash. This is largely because Mordekaiser has absolutely horrendous mobility. Ghost is great for getting kills, but Flash is better for survival. Karthus throws up a wall? No problem, just Flash over it. Jarvan trapped you? Flash out. The uses are near endless. It also helps you secure some otherwise impossible kills. I can't tell you how many times I Flashed into an enemy tower on a low health champ, Ignited, Ulted, then ran away, and bam, killed, free ghost.


[Cleanse] is also an amazing option, although I wouldn't take it over Flash, if you don't like Flash for some reason, Cleanse is the second best option for that second slot. It WILL save your *** countless times if you use it correctly, and will make the enemy team feel stupid for focusing you.

Other Options

[Ghost] I find is better for getting kills than Flash. It doesn't have the element of surprise, but then again, Mordekaiser is far from subtle to begin with. It is certainly a viable replacement for Flash if you prefer to not take Flash, but again, I find surviving ganks to be much easier with Flash.

[Exhaust] is ok. Mordekaiser doesn't really need it, but I guess it can help you focus someone down and/or escape ganks. It doesn't synergize with him very well, but it's still a very good summoner spell in general.

[Teleport] is a great spell for obvious reasons, but since you only have two slots, and one of them is mandatory (Ignite,) it's hard to decide on replacing Flash with this spell.

[Heal] is ok if you need an early game crutch, as your only resource is health anyways, but late game you will be able to go from almost dead to full health in about 3 seconds with spellvamp anyways. I don't recommend it, but if you are nervous about your ability to sustain, take it.

What NOT to take:

[Clairvoyance] is a great spell, but your one open slot is too valuable to give to this spell.

[Surge] is garbage on all but a few niche champs (mostly backdooring champs. Don't take this.

[Promote] so far doesn't seem to be very great, due to it's usage restrictions. However, you ARE one of the best pushers in the game, but only time will tell if this spell is good or not.

[Smite] is only for junglers. You are not a jungler.

[Clarity] is obvious. You don't have mana.

[Revive] is just hilariously bad with a couple of exceptions.

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Regrowth Pendant is your ONLY OPTION for your first item. I mean this with 100% seriousness. Mordekaiser has literally no other options for his first item. Zero. You need the sustain it gives you to mitigate your ability costs, and it also happens to build into Force Of Nature, which you will be grabbing later. Obviously grab a health potion with this.