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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Raidyr - Raidmaster Udyr - short and spicy [season 5]

Last updated on December 11, 2014
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Udyr Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Playstyle - split pushing

The whole playstyle centers around the idea of hit and run type of split pushing.
Most of the time, you focus on farming, warding and pushing.

Your stats are
- relatively high damage to turrets
- 40% cdr
- high movement speed
- high cc resistance (tenacity + slow resist.)
- tankiness

With these stats you excel in one thing - pressuring the map and taking objectives.
You can single-handedly turn the whole game around just by efficiently & correctly applying this strat.

When to split push
- mid / late game
- your team is forcing an objective
- enemy team is stomping - you will be useless in teamfights
- enemy team is grouped as 5 and are pushing your turret - if your team cant def 4v5 with friendly turret, they wont be able to def 5v5
- you covered the area with three wards (sightstone)

When to NOT split push
- your team is stomping - join them and close the game asap.. if the throwfactor is high though, switch back to split pushing - which is a guarantee for victory
- you assess the situation and come to the conclusion that your team would 100% win teamfights, when you participate - e.g. if you have a fed Vayne and the overall score is about the same
- no pressure anywhere else on the map -> this is the most common mistake split-psuh newbies make - they go start their split push and die to 5 people without getting anything in return and cry to their teammates -> NO! use your brain

Extreme pushing
Udyr can 100-0 turrets without minions, but it is quite a high risk, high reward play. For this, you need to be full build, full hp, have the sorc. elixier, blue buff and and the "heavy hands" buff (from krug). You want to switch between w (turtle) and q (tiger) for the attack speed boost from q and your passive (or go with phonix for indirect waveclear if you dont have tiger yet).
This will take about 10-15 seconds, so you have to have knowledge about the location of the whole enemy team. If they come, you interrupt it, activate ghost and run.. if you know you will die, try to waste as much of their time as possible - run to their nexus instead of back and let them chase you, try to dodge stuff.. you get the idea - this is what Trick2G (a youtube personality, entertainer, another udyr main) does and is notorious for (mainly because people dont really understand why & how..)

Easy game after first inhib
Lets say you took a sidelane inhib, the game now becomes 2-3x easier. You command your team to go on the lane with super minions (no inhib turret), group and push there.
Once you see them confronting & dancing around the enemies, you take the other lane. This creates a check-mate situation since the enemy cant afford to defend against you because the superminion lane will push hard + there are 4 champs backing up the wave.
Btw, to communicate to your teammate, that you need pressure on that lane, you just have to send 2 pings:
- "help" ping on the lane you wish a push/pressure
- "going to" ping to the lane, you will push yourself
This should suffice and everyone should understand

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Jungle buffs

You will be on the run most of the times, creating havoc for the enemy team - this means you will need your bear stance and shield a lot - therefore you need your 40% cdr (build, runes&masteries only give 30%) and pretty much infinite mana.

So blue buff is essential for your survival since it gives you tankiness (every 3-4 seconds a 250 HP shield) and escape (bear stance spam).

Since you are the hit-and-run type of split pusher, you will not be combating a lot or mainly.. Therefore you wont be needing red as much as blue, ofc it wont hurt taking it. But it would be more suited for your main physical dmg dealer to make stuff easy for the rest of your team.

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General tips & tricks

- first thing: greet your mates with a "/mute all"
you are here to improve your play, not to chit-chat; strategy can be conveyed with pings alone. Furthermore, timers are easier to find when no one else is babbling.

- keep your passive at 3 in the jgl

- when chasing someone with bear stance, do not right click, get used to using attack-move - to prevent bush-jukes - care about lane minions, attack-move might move your champ to minions - smite them away or dont attack move

- while ganking, run in with bear stance, then switch your stance but keep in mind to time your stance-switching because you cannot directly activate another stance for about 0.5-1s which might be critical. So watch your enemy - if you predict his escape (some dont, some fight til death) you can time your e perfectly.

- while clearing buffs, rotate through f2-f5 keys quickly each taking half a second.. develop the ability to grasp the overall situation in which your teammates are in just by those 0.5s
do this every 5-10s if nothing major is happing to you - do not watch your camps

- write down summoner spell timers in chat

- do not spam your spells too quickly after obtaining trinity force - check out the icon for the passive reset - rule of thumb: as soon as your next spell is available, add another 0.7-1s and then press it - especially important if you need to maximize your damage (turrets)

- never think you are "just tanky enough".. better safe than sorry

- Do not shy away from using ghost. Spam it everytime you think there is the slightest chance of killing - especially on lanes with high cc and therefore kill potential.

- Lee cannot chase you - when he lands his Q while you are running away, switch from right-clicking to attack-move. Run away with attack move, as soon as he connects his q, you will auto-stun him without him even having the time to use his E to slow you down. And as soon as that happend, you have to switch back to right-clicking to run away so you dont stay on him accidentally.
Same with Zed, when Zed ults you, auto stun him, and run. He wont be able to deal any damage to you except the ult-pop.

- If someone has a channeling spell, do not stun them prematurely - attack them with other spells, chase without bear stance and only use your stun/bear stance when you see them channeling - this prevents your stun-disable not being able to stop their channel (fiddle, nunu, ..)

- do not use the chat for anything else other than timers and "gg & wp"