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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sikkuro

Rammus AoE tank God

Sikkuro Last updated on July 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro: Now, Right off the start I would like to tell you that I am not level 30, so I personally have not seen this build at it's full potential, but if you love mass AoE damage, and a high survivability, then this is the perfect build for any new/old Rammus player. This build relies almost completely on how you buy your items...bought in correct order this build is deadly effective. On an added note, the reason I chose Ignite and Exhaust is for the simple fact of getting those early ganks...Rammus is much more than just a tank and a pretty face.

EARLY GAME/Early Items

Ok, so the map is loading...and you get your first glimpse at the enemy's champions...This is a very important time for you. It will decided whether Rammus needs high magic resist, or if he can slip by with what the build already supply's. In a flash(most likely not "in a flash, because people load incredibly slow)you find yourself at your teams spawn...everyone is picking their items and choosing their first skill. Now this is where you have to trust me. Don't buy any items at the start. This will make perfect sense later on. Go to your lane with your partner(preferably a good ranged champion). Play defensively, stay close to your tower if you feel threatened (remember at this point you have no items). At level 2 you should have your taunt, stay by your tower, and if the enemy gets to close...simply use whats available to you and taunt them straight into your towers unforgiving attacks. Keep lanning until you get enough cash forit cost a hefty 1110, but it can be the difference between life and death. Now go back into your lane, and keep farming on those minions. You have your giants belt so don't be afraid to push your enemy. Save up your cash until you can get

MID GAME/Mid Items

This is where your "pre-game" decision making comes in handy you can either getif you're up against high DPS champions like Yi, Xin, Jax, Etc. or you can go forif you're up against Nukers who use Magic like it's going out of style. Keep focusing in on your lane killing minions as much as you can(should be easy with your Sunfire cape). But if you teams needs help with a gank, don't hesitate to help out. You could also kill some forest monsters every now and then for some fast cash. Go get yourself anotherto increase your AoE damage output. Now you should have major AoE damage including your Ult. If you pulled off successful ganks you should have a good amount of kills and an even better amount of assists, and enough cash to geta very useful item that you will need in the future.

LATE GAME/Late Items

If the game last this long, you probably have enough cash to get yet anotherfollowed byWhy boots of mobility, and not swiftness, well you will soon find out that Rammus does not have the standard tanks hp, you will also find yourself recalling a few more times then wanted. Sounds bad? Not at all, with boots of mobility and your Q skill you can quickly get back into the fight.

Strategy and reasoning for the strict item sequence:

You are a Tank...Initiate team fights, try to get all attention on you, and then let your enemy have the shock of their lives. Lets put this all together now...Sunfire cape x3 will shove out 120 magic damage per second(with no magic resist), your Ult will put out 195 magic damage per second for 8 seconds(with no magic resist) thats 2520 in an 8 second window to all champions brave enough to attack you, Hit your E skills which increases your defensive stats while damaging your enemies, and if champions like Yi get close...they will get an added damage of 30% their attack on you from your Thornmail...all that spells trouble for DPS'ers. Now since your a tank, most likely your teammates won't be far, they will be able to demolish the remaining champions, still struggling to finish you off, if you die..remember a little thing called Guardian Angel?...and if they run? Well, you have a few items at your disposal my favorite combination is Q, R, E. Roll to the runner slow them to a snails pace...Taunt them into attacking you with their lowered defensive stats, then simply curl up into your ball...If they still manage to survive remember you have Exhaust, and Ignite to finish the job. The Items are in a perfect sequence, make sure not to drift far off from it. I've seen many builds which have tons of items...which obviously you won't be able to use them all, which will eventually lead to you selling items(Waste not, want not). You will be able to get everything on the item sequence without selling one thing. Also the build works best if the items are bought in correct sequence.

PS: This is my first build so I wouldn't mind some "constructive" criticism.