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Rammus Dominion (Season 3)

Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Introduction (skip it if you want to go to the point)

First of all i'm not a pro player and there are various gameplay styles this is just a guide to do a good tanking, while still being a threat so you don't get ignored. English is not my native language. (grammar nazis you have been warned).
That being said lets get tho the point.

Rammus is one of the best dominion champions available. The reason for that is he's one of the few champions that has AOE (using his ult), has a decent 3 second CC (taunt), can move real fast on the map (using his ball) and has a ridiculous survivability.

Before using this build i like to say this: THEESE BUILDS ARE FOR DOMINION ONLY THEY COMPLETELY FAIL AT THE OTHER GAME TYPES. You have been warned and a i ask you to take this into account before hudging this guide

Also i'll not place a lot of screenshot's on this guide, you are playing a 5x5 match i know this works i have like a 70% win rate on dominion using this, but there are days i lose 10 in a row, it's just about how well you and your team play, so SS mean nothing.

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About Dominion

People that are used to play 3vs3 or 5vs5 tend to get the idea that not that is important. although true on the other game modes it's not the game changing factor on dominion. Here kills and deaths don't mean much, since you get a very low income on doing so, and the respawn time is ridiculously fast.

The goal on dominion is to hold 3 points and turtle the game. if you suicide yourself aganist 3 oponents, but that gives time to the rest of the team to cap another point you did your job verry well. Capturing points gives a lot more gold than kills and it is what wins the game. Keep that in mind while playing rammus.

And last but also important. You need to keep in mind that a normal dominion game will give you between 9000 and 11000 gold, so there is no point on doing a build that is more expensive than that, and it's a good rule of thumb for your core build inlcuding boots to no go over 5000.

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Explaining my item choice step by step (it's very long but worth the readin

Ramus is quite a unique champion, he get bonus damage for armor stackm witch is quite nice, but armor has diminishing returns, in other words if you have 100 armor you will reduce the damage by "X", but if you have 200 armor, the damage will not be reduced by "2x", so a good rule of thumb is that over 150 armor it's best to invest in health. Keep this in mind.

Going to the point now:

I start with a Giant's Belt for two reasons, 1- 400 hp at lev3 = 1.5x your base health, you need to be beefy to soak up the inial burst at the top cap point. 2- Sunfire Cape is the most important iten for any tank in dominion. The previouslt mentioned Sunfire Cape has the best stats a dominion rammus can dream to have, 45 armor, 400HP and a magic damage aura. this item will help you to dish lots of AoE damage specialy comboed with your ult Tremors @lev 6 you are a force to be reckoned with. the only drawback with this is your slow chasing speed, but again this is a cap and hold map, there is no point in chasing enemies, you need to CAP AND HOLD not CHASE AND GANK, adn since you have your skill Powerball the boots get disposable early game. they need to fear towerdiving you and you need the ability to towerdive them, that's the tanks job on this gametype.
Now after you get the "premium" item you need to make a decision press TAB and look closely at the othe team item build and pay attention to witch champon is trying to assault and defend and the noobs that are just roaming the map ganking, the frist 2 are dagerous oponents, the last one is a dead weight for his team. Now you have to make a choice, by now you should be at lev 6-8 and you can go for the Boots of Speed + one type of armor ( Null-Magic Mantle or Ninja Tabi) or you can get your Giant's Belt. If the damage is mixed and you are not moving a lot get the belt, it's a better option at this stage of the game. Ok, next you should be around lev 10 and it's time to pick up one of the trees or you can surprize me and make one of your own =]. At this point you should have your Sunfire Cape your boots Ninja Tabi or Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads and the Giant's Belt this is your core build.

Now i'll try to explain why you should get the other itens i entioned on this build and why you shoulddan't get other itens that at first glance are awsome.

1- Wit's End i have one thing to say about this item: if they remove it from game i'll stop playing rammus on dominion. this item is amazing... it gives you atach speed witch is great for rammus since he have such a high auto atack base value due to his passive Spiked Shell , gives you a lot of magic resist (40 with the 4 stacks) wich synergy very well with your Defensive Ball Curl and to add a cherry to the top of the cake it does 42 extra magic damage, so people that uses magic pen marks and quints get an even better damage from this item. it's a sure must for all ramus dpses out there.

2- Negatron Cloak, Chain Vest and Giant's Belt you might noticed that i tend to buy theese itens and not scale them on anything else, the reason for that is the relatively low gold you have to spen on itens due to the game being so short, to tank efectively you need at least 120 armor on both theese atributes, that will give you 50+% famage reducion and you have to balance how much HP you have and how much armor you have, and you can't rely on your Defensive Ball Curl for armor, it will be up at most for 50% of the time and it's a good soak up burst damage ability. I know theese itens are not verry cost efective. but all the good itens that give extra status that are worth it you are already getting, there are more of a balanced champion compensators than core itens. keep that in mind, have 4000 hp and 20 armor is way worst than having 3000 hp and 120 armor and the cost roughly the same amount of gold.

3- Atma's Impaler another item made for rammus, gives you armor crit chance (wich is the chery) and gives you damage based on your health (synergy with Wit's End and Spiked Shell) this item has a catch though... since the damage it gives you is based on your max HP it's cost efectiveness is based on late game, the more hp you have the better this item is, that's the reason you get it at the end of your tree line, it won't help you at all at lev 6 but when you have 3000 hp its gives you 60 dmg for half the price of the Infinity Edge. a must have for DPS tanks.
i'll place Kitae's Bloodrazor here it makes sense for me. this item is awsome, it has a verry high status for it's price as all dominion itens have, the catch with this one is the same as atma's thats why i'm placing them both together. if you are hiting a beef tank with 3000 hp you will melt him for 75 damage aganist the 42 of the wit's end but on early game when people have let's say 1500 hp you will only do 37.5 damage. see my point? it is 600 gold more expensive than Wit's End and have poor status (i would pick magic resist over damage anyday) that's why it's not a OMFG I MUST HAVE THIS ITEM it's a choice, do you have lots of hp and the other team don't? get Atma's Impaler you have low hp and the other team is full of tanksy champios, get Kitae's Bloodrazor

4- Odyn's Veil first of all i fail using this item, i always forget about the active. if you are like me stop being a noob and start activeting it god dammit!!! this item is awsome!!! specialy after katarina uses her ult on you... you show her how it's done =P 400 free damage on everyone near you. Cool isan't it? you get kat's ult on a item, ok but that's not the best atribute on this item. (yes i'm not crazy). This iten gives you health, mana (useless on a ell played rammus), lots of magic resist and 10% reduced damage from all magic sources... god if you have 200 magic armor this is like 100 extra magic resist!!! it's so awsome... a must have for any AP soak up tank.

5- Thornmail well this iten is around since season 1 (god i miss it so much on the 3vs3) well this item is basicaly an anti auto atack chapion, it synergies with Defensive Ball Curl returning a lot of damage back at the atacking champion, basicaly it neutralizes master yi, tristana, vayne and all those auto atack fast hiting tank melters out there after you get this item with rammus all AD carry's will avoid you. there not much to say other than that. another made for ramus iten.

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Itens you SHOULD NOT GET and why

before i start naming the itens i'll say, the main reason why theese itens are here is simple, they are not worth they're cost on a game that you have to do a build under the 10k mark. You know what i like about dominion is that it's a fair game, the carry and the support get the same amount of gold. everyone has prety much the same gold so it's all about builds and skills. ok, lets keep on topic. the list.

1- Aegis of the Legion gives you ****py health, mana (waste on rammus), low armor and a nice aura. ok, the aura is very good you should get it as a tank don't you? NO this is a support item!!! and suport on dominion is a waste... for the 2000 gold it costs you can get 800 hp with 2 giants belt gives you a lot more survivability and you are no use as a tank on the front lines if you have to back up because you are almost dead, and you will probably be the first one the get killed, it's your job. on top of that dominion has an zone aura that nerfs health regen on yourself. don't get me wrong this iten is awsome for singed for example, but it sux for rammus.

2- Banshee's Veil not cost efective for ramus, mana is a wasted atribute. get a Giant's Belt and a Negatron Cloak far more cost efective.

3- Frozen Mallet great stas even for ramus!!! why should i not get it? i'll give you 2 reasons Sunfire Cape + Giant's Belt that's the same cost. questions?

4- Prospector's Blade too expensive you need the Sunfire Cape as fast as you can and at higher levels this iten loses it's strengh

5- Rylai's Crystal Scepter the aoe slow is quite nice... if it wasan't so expensive or gives the same amount of healh as the Frozen Mallet. this iten is great, it just don't have a good synergy with rammus.

6- Spirit Visage gives you a good magic resist, but since self heals are nerfed because of the aura, the respawn time is so short and dieing is not that bad and you don't have any self heals it's just not worth it (i feel sorry for Dr. mundo and vlad on dominion).

7- The Black Cleaver oh the infamous auto win item of season 3... for a AD based skill champion perhaps, not for rammus, get over it, this item has been nerfed and it's way too expensive and for god sake it's not a tanks item... get over it.

now for the DPS part...

1- Entropy low health, high price
2- Infinity Edge the price is a joke...
3- Hexdrinker its a nice iten very cheap for what it does. the reason you should not get it is that it ocupies a slot that is best ocupied for a Giant's Belt wich is a can't go wrong iten, where the Hexdrinker is a situational item made for dps squish champions earlygame.
4- Guinsoo's Rageblade i'm not even sure this item is available on dominion... it gives you crazy stats for a hybrid tank such as rammus it is an awsome item.. very cost efective... then why you shouldan't get it on dominion? 1 reason: the ****ing map aura that nerfs all the self heals of the game... it destroys this iten strengh. too bad riot too bad.

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Alternative itens

All other itens that i have not mentioned are itens that are ok, specialy Stinger if you feel confortable by having low HP it is a great replacement for the giant's belt of the core build. Ap itens fail on rammus, his damage scales pretty bad and all those itens are very expensive. Avoid all spell vamp and life steal itens, they fail at dominion, that's why you will never see a vlad, dr. mundo or a sion shine on a match, even mordekaiser strugles a bit because of this.

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2 special itens that you should never get as rammus on dominion and why.


1- Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart and they're subtrees like Warden's Mail: randuin's is an awsome item, the reason you should not get it for ramus are 2: Defensive Ball Curl and Thornmail this iten will reduce your damage output but at least 10% witch makes it a fail iten for ramus and all other champions using Thornmail. Frozen Heart is a good iten for AP tanks that use Archangel's Staff or Manamune it is the worst item tou can possibily think to buy on rammus, please don't buy this one... the cd reduction is ok, but rammus don't need it and this iten is way too expensive to be of any use, get a thornmail and you will be far more happy

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Conclusion and thanks

Well if you folow my guide you will be a good rammus it's a verry strong champion on the dominion game type, it have a huge efective HP, it's fast, has awsome AOE and can nuke any champion on a 1x1 match. It gets sometime to ged used to this item build you will rely on your auto atack a lot for damage. I also want to tank everyone that read the entire guide, i hope it helped those who didan't somehow and i would like to read all the feedback you guys might have about it. This is my frist guide and probably will be my last, i'll try to update it as much as i can and although i am a causal player a have played this game for more than 3 years now, i should have over 500 batles with ramus, most of them on the 3:3. It is possible to build an AP tankish ramus that dissolves champion using his ult, but you will rely on the ult and i don't like to rely on long CD's that's why i chose to build him this way. Hope you guys found this useful and now go get those aries scared of you =].

[]'s Van.