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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Rammus - I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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After finding success picking up champs otherwise unfamiliar to me after reading guides on this site, I thought I'd share my successes playing Rammus with this unique build.

This Rammus guide is meant to be a very aggressive, surprisingly high dps, highly tanky, super ganky solo/team champ that you can drop into virtually any team in any game mode that is missing a tank or good stuns. The benefit of having Rammus on an otherwise tankless team is uncanny. I have played every other tank in the game and no champ can out-tank or out-gank the mighty Rammus!

So let's begin.

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Strategy (AKA Intentionally Feeding)

Ok ok... not intentionally feeding... In fact, if you follow this build and choose your ganks well, you will find that even rushing into seemingly unbalanced fights can go remarkably well. Melee or attack speed champs like Master Yi, Teemo and Tryndamere start to look like $ $ $ $ running around the map. Chase 'em down!!

Seriously, there are just some champs that will never be able to kill you. They will be lucky just to get away from you.

In 3v3 or 5v5 Traditional games, you will want to harass a lot. Your main goal early to mid game is to prevent your enemies from getting killing blows on your minions. Your secondary goal is to keep your eye peeled for ganks. You will want to use only powerball even while skilling up your defensive curl (see How to Harass). This is the best way to harass and conserve mana. Come late game, you can focus entirely on ganks. Weeee!

In Dominion, you will be the fastest and best suited tower capper around! You will effortlessly tank tower and champ DPS and come away with mind-blowing kills. I think my last Dominion Rammus game I came away with like 7-8 caps and 16/2 kdr!

Note: This is not meant for solo laning or jungling. This is a tank n' gank build.

Jungling requires a good deal of life steal/ spell vamp or health regen. There are so many Rammus builds that try to accomplish jungling (I don't know why!). Rammus is the best champ for tanking highly bursty DPS and dealing it back. It is a shame to try to pigeon-hole him into a jungle build. It just doesn't make sense to sacrifice his true power. As such, you will need a lane partner in traditional games and should be very successful at harassing your enemies while snagging last blows on enemy minions.

Essentially, Rammus is serving his purpose best when he is right in the enemy's face, taunting, attacking and ulting. Powerball and ghost are both great escapes if things get too close. Rammus is very difficult to catch.

And after Rammus recalls, the super low cooldown on powerball gets him right back in the action!

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How To Harass In Traditional Games

Pretty simple. Hide in the bushes... When your enemies are feeling comfortable enough to try to hit your minions, ram 'em! Let your powerball "rev-up" for a second before you jolt out of the bushes at top speed. If they run away after you ram, get some final blows on their minions. If they try to attack you, activate your ball curl and run back into the bushes. Keep your enemies guessing... Is Rammus revving up? or is he just kickin' back in the bushes? As long as you (or even just your partner) can get those killing blows on the minions, you are winning. Keep an eye on your lane partner and play it safe early game. If you have a really timid lane partner, this early game can be painful. Around mid game Rammus becomes extremely powerful and can solo most champs without a partner. Of course at this point, team ganks become highly effective.

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Skill Sequence

Early game: Powerball (it can stun an entire team)
Mid: Powerball, Ball Curl
Late: Powerball, Ball Curl, taunt, ult, poweball away. Bing. Win.

Some guides tell you to skill up the taunt so that you can drag enemies into your towers. Unfortunately, that is a highly ineffective strategy since you will only get to employ it maybe once or twice per game and probably die in the process. Most players are smart enough to stay away from the turrets if you are right there unless they are sure they can get some kills. I would only try it against a team of complete noobs. Otherwise, it's best to just go for the ball curl and the ult. This will grant you the best DPS and tankability.

Powerball - Get it. Right away. This is an amazing skill you will use from the first gank to the last escape. This makes you versatile and allows you to quickly respond to what your teammates are doing. It gets you back in the game after you recall. Just get it... but don't keep skilling it unless there's nothing else you can skill first.

In Dominion with Powerball and Ghost you can cap top before the enemy team can stop you!!!

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Rammus is highly dependent on items. There are a couple of MUST haves.


Boots of Mobility (Dominion)


Boots of Swiftness

Thornmail (I cannot stress the importance of this item. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not need this.)

Guardian Angel

Sunfire Cape

Compromise items:

Atma's Impaler

Banshee's Veil


Thornmail makes Rammus OP. You become immune to harassment. Anyone trying to harass you takes damage. That simple. You push and kill minions without trying. Combine that with ball curl and enemies try to avoid you. After you get this item, your ganks become insane. Powerball plus curl plus taunt... you will watch champs melt in seconds as they are helpless taunted into killing themselves. This leaves you free to kill a tower, cap a tower, push some minions and/or recall.

Guardian angel provides additional armor and magic resist.. making you that much more fearsome and tough to kill. The passive special is also very nice. If any enemy manages to get your health down to 0, chances are his is extremely low... you come back to life and finish the job.

The cape gives you nice radius DPS... with all the skills on, nubs melt.

Note: you are not getting tons and tons of health pots early game. One or two is fine for an emergency... This allows you get get important things like Boots and Thornmail early on. As a result, you have to play it safe until around lvl 6 or 7. Harass as necessary but only go for sure-thing ganks until you are really tanky.

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You might think that from Rammus' passive that armor runes would be effective. The fact is, you will get plenty of armor from items. It is better to go for health and magic resist. Magic penetration just makes the most sense for reds. Without knowing what champs you will be going up against before-hand, this will give you the highest survivability and the best DPS.

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Masteries (AKA: WTF this guy won't die!)

Just grab everything you can in the tank tree. I also like Summoners Wraith because it applies to both Ghost and Exhaust, both of which you should be getting... (AKA: WTF I can't get away from this guy!)