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Rammus Build Guide by PrizmSnipe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PrizmSnipe

☂ Rammus is 18/2 | Untank him

PrizmSnipe Last updated on October 13, 2018
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Rammus Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Aftershock
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Overgrowth

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+15-135 Health (at levels 1-18) and +9% attack speed

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Jungle Role
Ranked #18 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Threats to Rammus with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twitch roll roll roll around :p
Wukong No dmg
Hecarim WWWW

DGK Who is DenGyldneKage? DenGyldneKage is a ALL LANE PLAYER: Hello, I am the creator of all these guides, i'm danish therefor my english could be read wrong in some cases, but I believe you understand 99% of my sentences. I make guides because I think it's cool to bring some awesome guides out there with a pretty good build! This introduction text will appear on all of my guides, because I believe it's alright to let people who decide to read your guides instead of just looking at what to build as first items etc, get's to know who's making the guides and who's also got impact on my guides.

DGK Who is Kurtdenstore21? Kurtdenstore21 is a TOPLANER: He is a danish player, who got to Challenger playing only Tryndamere which would make him a so called "OTP/One Trick Pony", and also one of my best friends IRL. Not only being one of my best friends IRL, he's also a phenomenal Tryndamere player, and I believe him to be in TOP 3 as Trynd in the world. That would also make my guides build a bit more stable in terms of it being good. Kurt is always trying to find new builds that works even better, so stay tuned for secret builds! He test his builds in Master ELO.

DGK Who is Godbro? Godbro is a MIDLANER: He is a danish player, The guy who's the reason that "Nidalee too tanky" meme came to life through xPeke by juking(Dodge) the abilities of his Xerath."Too Tanky" he's also a guy who got 4 Challenger Jackets because he had 4 accounts in TOP 10 EUW at the same time, that also means he knows something about the game, and some of my guides are based off his build that works with him. I don't believe you could go wrong with using his build, his builds are just different to most, which could make it harder for some to use.

DGK Who is styllEE? styllEE is a JUNGLER: He is a danish player, who's considered a "OTP/One Trick Pony" Ivern, since most Challengers call him the best Ivern player in the world. But he can still get 25/1 in Dia2 as Kha'Zix. As of Season 8 he currently got 2 Challenger accounts where one of them is at 800+ LP ATM. He know's his jungle really well, and being able to play Ivern on that scale is also a really great feat in terms of using your brain in Leauge of Legends, he got impact on my Ivern guide, so you can't go wrong there either. | Ivern is a champ where you need 110% brain.


If you do like my guide and it helped you, feel free to give it a upvote, that also helps me and my guide in the ladder system! I will do my best to make great builds on Mobafire, which is a site people tend to see as a joke.


If you think something should be added to the guide, then feel free to come up with suggestions, but I do not respons to commands like "Add [???] otherwise your build is weird" or similar. But I do take note of suggestions!


I realized making guides, people tend to want to attack your guide if you don't use a build they don't like. Simply proceed to move on if you don't like my build. Nothing is wrong if it's obviously not a troll guide. Like it or leave it!


+ Early Game
+ Snowball Potential
+ A lot of Armor
+ Abilities like Taunt
+ Tank x Tank
+ AA Killer
+ Speed
+ Escape

Rammus got a pretty good Early game, and he have great snowball potential if the rights choices are made, or the right ganks are done! Don't underrestimate that. He is one of the "selected ones" with Taunt. Taunt is a deadly ability that only a few got, and luckily the chasing rolling ball with speeds like few champs got it! He destroys a lot of AA champs and is a super tank with (W) activated. He can escape with his Q and chase down!

- Easy to counterjungle
- Lategame is rather off
- If behind, then hard to catch up
- Counter Pick
- Team Reliant 90% of the time
- Can be difficult to master.
- Not working against hard AP poke

Rammus is without a strong champion, and be terrifying, but only if played correct. He is not only Q-Clicking and there we go! It take quite some skills to fully master Rammus in the godlike way. Usually Rammus is only picked to counterpick the enemy, since other jungle champs probably outscale him in terms of jungle carry. If you're behind it could be hard to get back.


Why don't we put Predator on Rammus? It's like the most broken thing we could put on him.. Just Roll with it and there we go, easy gank. Well in fact it's a really broken Keystone, and it could lead to potential snowballs, but if you do fail to gank with it, you're far better off with Resolve as main runepage. Aftershock is not to be underrestimated, however it is it's perks it brings you that we want. We could pick Predator and get gank potential, but with this we get super tanky, not just "tank potential" but what Rammus is supposed to be, is what we become. A tank, and with Q, we already roll fast enough..

Flash: Flash is essential on Rammus, it will bring escapes, zonning and a lot more. What it bring the most is the godly; Flash+Taunt combo. That always bring the focused champion to it's knees. Flash is pretty much a must on Rammus, and if you do decide to Ghost, then i'm not sure what I should comment. In some situations it works!

Ghost: Ghost.. A ghost in horror movies is fast asf, and sometimes slow as well. If you do get CC'd down with Ghost on, what then? It's quite risky to pick Ghost, as Flash got way more potential in doing some work! However it could work, I just think it's a situational pick! So the day you want Ghost, make sure who you're up against.

Ignite: A dangerous Rammus.. well Rammus isn't the type of champ to counterjungle, as most jungles probably would be the ones who counterjungle Rammus, as Rammus is similar to Amumu.. truly vulnerable to counterganks, but if with Ignite it wouldn't be impossible to be a threat to that counterjungle, or that secured kill on a gank, but I never take it
It's interesting with all the different runes out there now, there are so many to pick between, but so far I think Resolve/Precision is the way to go, where we focus on getting that important sustain home. Which we also do, but it's also fun to experiment with Predator. Deff not bad if you can snowball, but in higher ELO you wanna go for Resolve as main runepage.[/color]

Bone Plating
  • Font of Life: With this, Rammus is even harder to kill, and thus less likely to become hated on.. Well who knows, we know that it goes hand in hand with your Taunt so it's not that bad. It's pretty good TBH, don't underrestimate it, picking it over Bone Plate means something.

  • Conditioning: Why would we not want Second Wind when it's so broken? Well we scale way better with this, as we get so much extra MR/ARMOR which is what we need. It will only make us tanky as hell. Also we're in the jungle. We're less likely to need it that much.

  • Revitalize: This is a pretty good thing, but we prefer to go with Overgrowth to get that extra HP, that makes us look even more terrifying. And we don't really have any heal abilities, so it wouldn't do anything anyways.

  • Triumph: It's ridicilous how amazing it is to have this rune. How many times it could save you and how you get as much gold as you do killing a dragon, that's pretty good, nothing to underrestimate. It's a powerful survival rune, and must not be traded out with anything else that lies in it's category.
This is pretty sad, since it changes our way of going this build or that build, but it's okay, we still got scaling on Armor/Magic Resist, so it's not really a proble, but it did affect my kind of Rammus a bit, so I'm putting it up!
  • Spiked Shell: With our build we get quite a lot of ARMOR which we scale with having this passive, so we deal quite some DMG even though we're full tank, and that's what most people hate. A good passive.
  • Powerball (Q): Rammus accelerates at the speed of light, nah. But this is a really important item in order to get great ganks, escapes or chases. It can carry lanes. A terrifying ability, that most people can't outrun unless flash etc. We wanna burn some flashes out there!
  • Defensive Ball Curl (W): Rammus, The Juggernaut. Well this is the one ability that most people fear, even more than Taunt. He becomes overwhelming tanky with Defensive Ball Curl on, and deals way more dmg with passive. A must in fights, but make sure you don't cancel it during wrong combos like W->Q.
  • Frenzying Taunt (E): This is what makes ganks work. Q+E combination, is a combination from hell. They can't run, CC & gets weakened. A perfect mastermind will get those enemies tilted! And that's our job..
  • Tremors (R): AOE CC, not hard but still works. It deals nice DMG to turrets, and objectives is always key to win no matter what. But in this case, it's not the best ultimate out there, but it's still quite strong. Nothing to underrestimate.
defensive curl ball > > >
We want to max out Defensive Ball Curl because it is our most important dmg and sustain source in one. Then Frenzying Taunt as it allows you to stay fearful and stick to the enemy. We level up Powerball last, even though it might be want you want to max first, because of it's coolness, but we get enough movementspeed from level 1-2 and the other abilites is just far more superior.


Mercury's Treads > CC & MR
You're most likely not to buy this item, but if you do then it's not the worst pick you could do, since it do deliver Tenacity, and MR. It is without doubt strong footwear, but Ninja Tabis.. let's read about them below.

Ninja Tabi > ARMOR
Ninja Tabi is godsent for Rammus, it goes hand in hand with him and his build, even if they had 2 APs on their team, it would still be great to avoid most DMG from Toplane, Jungle & ADC. It's a strong item that we want and need.

Trundle is just a nasty champ overall. He destroys Rammus in many ways, with abilities and strength and what not. It's not something we would pick Rammus into, don't forget I think Rammus is more of a counterpick champ.

Soraka is a nasty champion, when it comes to healing and Rammus. She can easily outheal Rammus' damage, which makes her pretty dumb against Rammus, and why we don't want to face her when playing him.

Vi is a pretty nasty champion, with her passive, she can rust your Armor and just go insane as well as you become vulnerable to the world. Please be careful if up against Vi, she is just playing around, and neither should you!

"Mid to mid-high strength, at low level superhuman(1-3 tons). Grows stronger that tougher he gets
Can Create Termors or even earthquakes based on his mental state, hinting at the potential for geokinesis.
Superhuman Travel speed when curled up in a ball.
Superhuman durability, that can be further enhanced be taking a defensive stance.
Damage reflection when defending
Some level so low level, low range telepathy and even emphatic power as he can enrage a person despite being silent.
Knowledge: Little to none: As a Armadillo that has recently gained sentience. his knowledge of the world is the same as a newborn infant but he is learning form his travels.
Intellect: unknown, little is know about rammus and he speaks little it's hard to guess how smart he is but he is one the same level as most people." - DragonShea

He used to be a powerhouse, but can we bring him back? Mind you, we can't win all games.. It takes practice and at least 50 games to become just a decent super Rammus.