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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Abbernathy

Rammus is the MAN...mus!

Abbernathy Last updated on October 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Rammus, the Man...mus!

Rammus is a misunderstood champion. He is often written of as being a weak tank. I find just the contrary. I have had quite a few amazing games as Rammus, in where I carry the team to a glorious victory.

Let's start first by identifying Rammus's abilities, and what they are good for.

First, there is Rammus's Passive, Spiked Shell. This ability converts 25% of Rammus's armor value Attack Damage. Making Rammus quite effective at physical damage from stacking Armor. (Thus Armor Seals over flat Health Seals.)

Then, there is his most notorious ability, his Q: Powerball. Powerball allows Rammus to tuck himself into his shell, and roll towards a destination, constantly gaining speed for 8 seconds, until the ability finishes. If Rammus comes in contact with an enemy (minion, neutral monster, or champion) he will knock them back a few paces, causing physical damage, and slowing them for a few seconds. NOTE: This ability can NOT be activated if Defensive Ball Curl is active, but you CAN deactivate Defensive Ball Curl by recasting it while it is already active.

Tips: Upon recalling back to your Summoner Platform to Heal, Regen Mana, Buy from the shop, or a quick route back to another lane, activating Powerball will help you get to the lane faster, it lasts just long enough to get just outside the base if cast from Middle of the Platform. (The Fountain regen will replenish the mana cost by the time you leave the platform.) Also, this ability is great for chasing down low health escapists, or fleeing from a losing battle. If you've chosen the summoner spell Flash, then there is quite a nifty trick you can pull off while using powerball to chase or escape. While Powerballing towards a target, you are able to flash past a minion wave and hit a champion behind them, or likewise while escaping, activate powerball and flash past the enemy minions so you don't get taken out of Powerball too early.

Next, is his W: Defensive Ball Curl. DBC allows Rammus to gain Armor and Magic Resistance for the duration. As an added bonus, any auto-attack damage Rammus takes while DBC is active causes the attacker to take a flat amount, PLUS 10% of Rammus's Armor Value in MAGIC damage to themselves. NOTE: You can NOT use this ability while Powerball is active. You CAN deactivate Powerball by recasting it while it is already active, or hitting an enemy with Powerball.

Tips: Used in conjunction with Rammus's Taunt, you can force an enemy to damage themselves in addition to any you are outputting yourself, adding to the demise of your enemy. Also, once you've obtained your Sunfire Cape, you are capable of clearing a minion wave without the aid of your own minions to soak up damage. The cape does constant AoE damage to all the minions around you, while, upon attacking you while DBC is up, they take even more damage, killing them faster, and helping you farm money and clear the lane. When you activate DBC, remember it increases your Armor Value, which then further increases your Attack Damage because of Rammus's Passive, Spiked Shell; use this to take less damage while trying to last hit minions in the laning phase.

Now onto Rammus's E: Puncturing Taunt. This ability forces the target enemy to auto-attack Rammus for a few seconds, while reducing their Armor Value in the process. This is great for forcing an enemy carry to attack Rammus with their Auto-Attack, which keeps them from using their abilities on your team.

Tips: A great use of this ability would be to Powerball into a champion, Activate Rammus's ultimate, Taunt them, and activate Defensive Ball Curl. Now, they are forced to stand in your Deathcloud of Pain. By the time that combo is finishes, you can Exhaust on the target and chase them while Tremors finishes up. When Tremors is finished, Taunt should be off of cooldown, so you can force them to stand there for another few seconds, while you and your team do more damage, if necessary. If they are still not dead, your powerball is ready by now, and you can use it to slow them down for yet another few seconds. Your target should be dead by now. Also, if an enemy is a little too close to your tower, taunt them. They will attack you, and thus the tower attack them right back. They'll most likely try to run, so either cast Exhaust, or Powerball them to keep them in range a bit longer. If they decide to stay, activate Defensive Ball Curl.

Finally, we come to Rammus's Ultimate, R: Tremors. Tremors pulses the ground around Rammus for 8 seconds dealing MAGIC damage to anyone standing in it. This ability CAN damage towers. The damage radius is just a few steps past the visual animation, so keep that in mind while you to chase down runners. Powerball CAN be used while this ability as active, but NOT if Defensive Ball Curl is active. Also, this ability can be used in conjunction with Defensive Ball Curl and Puncturing Taunt to force an enemy to stand in Tremors and attack you, thus taking Tremor Damage, and Reflective Damage from DBC.

Remember, this ability DOES do damage enemy towers, and with is 1min cooldown, don't be afraid to use it to do just that. If you suspect you will need Tremors within that minute, you can save it, and just auto attack it with Defensive Ball.

More to Come...