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Rammus Build Guide by Corvux

Jungle πŸ‘½ Rammus JG [11.23]

Jungle πŸ‘½ Rammus JG [11.23]

Updated on November 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Corvux Build Guide By Corvux 31 5 58,792 Views 20 Comments
31 5 58,792 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Corvux Rammus Build Guide By Corvux Updated on November 26, 2021
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Runes: MAP Pressure + Hunt

1 2

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role Ranked #32 in
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Champion Build Guide

πŸ‘½ Rammus JG [11.23]

By Corvux
Welcome to the jungle! I am Corvux from LAN and Rammus it's my main champion, is exellent for ganks, his is one of the few "chosen ones" that can taunt other champions. Besides, he is a nice tank that have a lot of CC. So I thought; let's make use of his full potential and create nice stuff because if you want to survive in the jungle you have to adapt yourself.
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Top 5 Rammus Pros:


1. Armor synergy.
2. Powerful CC effects.
3. Excellent against turrets.
4. Fast jungle clearing since early game.
5. Perfect to engage.
Summoner Spells
Mandatory if you are the jungler.
- Use Emberknife for Challenging Smite against AD and other TANKS.
- Go Hailblade for Chilling Smite against AP and Squishy champs.

This is the most useful spell. For better positioning in teamfights, good ganks by dodging something, for escaping and nice tricks.
Ability Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> > > OK, let's start with the basics, the first 3 levels, we need Defensive Ball Curl to clean jungle fast. Then Powerball to make good early ganks and some extra dmg. And at last but not least Frenzying Taunt to ensure kills, get more attack speed and if you didn't know it, make some extra dmg to monsters.
Here we want we max out Powerball to get the full potential first by reducing his cooldown to 6. Also we will do more dmg and target will be slowed up to 80% for one sec, beautiful!
Then we max Defensive Ball Curl to increase Rammus immortality, now basic attacks extend the duration up to 4 additional seconds. Isn't that beautiful? perfect to clear camps fast without help. and the attack speed increased with Frenzying Taunt will stay until this end. while we got the enemy controlled using just basic attacks for more time. And finally max Frenzying Taunt.
Of course, don't forget to raise Soaring Slam everytime you can!
Rammus Perfection!
Jungle Path
1. Start with Defensive Ball Curl and go to the Crimson Raptor Camp, if somebody help you, then start with Red Buff but don't use your Smite, safe it for your Gromp the second one will be on time if you need to fight for the Rift Scuttler .

2. At lvl 2 raise Powerball and then run to the other camp Red Buff or Crimson Raptor , then the one that is left, should be Krugs and use you first Smite. You will get your lvl 3 at this point and should be minute 2.45 by late and you are full of heal.

3. Now look for potential close line ganks. Remember: It's not about the kill, it's about to create an opportunity for your laners to get a good chance of farming better. If the enemy use Flash and/or have to go back it's perfect!

4. Now it's almost minute 3.15. Head to the Rift Scuttler and use your second Smite on it. You should be almost or full of heal now again.

5. If you feel confidence and if you are "on a good position" gank the other line. otherwise just head the other Rift Scuttler to get some vision.

6. Try to reach lvl 4 by getting Blue Buff then Gromp so you can be full of heal again and then head to the Greater Murk Wolf camp and/or look for potential ganks.

NOTE: Now you should have your pockets full of gold and no less than lvl 4 go back immediately to buy your first back items!
ITEMS - A Good Start!
When we talk about items I try to keep it simple, so I look for the most versatile items that have more synergy with this Rammus build, abilities and rune path that I create for him aswell, instead of give a lot of options that makes you crazy.
- Why start with Emberknife instead of Hailblade?
Simple, less damage to you more damage to them.
Synergy COMBO: Frenzying Taunt + Defensive Ball Curl + Challenging Smite = Rush of true dmg payback.
- Why Health Potion instead of Refillable Potion?
With the Ravenous Hunter + Defensive Ball Curl combo you have all the sustain you need to clear the jungle and you save $100 for the Control Ward.
- Why start with a Control Ward?
1. You will setup this on the mid brush. This way the MID liner will have more vision and you can keep an eye on him/her to make a counter gank if is need it. You welcome MID!
2. Or you can leave it on Drake to make a quick and secure start after your first back.
ITEMS - Core Build
A solid build stomp for a perfect results!
The benefits that you get from Turbo Chemtank are perfect to get better engage opportunities, hunt, and also have a lot of synergy with Rammus - Soaring Slam by chanelling an increased distance to jump with the UNIQUE Active ability. You can be anywhere on the MAP in no time...
- OK...
This item increase your Armor, you will get a similar effect of Defensive Ball Curl now as a passive and 40% of grievous wounds to champions.
Also we have a perfect synergy with your Demolish RUNE to make extra dmg to turrets due to the fact that we will increase Rammus health.
- Let's talk about Boots.
Ravenous Hunter RUNE + Defensive Ball Curl will help you to mitigate the dmg and get a lot of sustaine.
Go for the extra mile with Mercury's Treads instead of Plated Steelcaps and get more tenacity and MR on TEAM Fights to be balanced.

FACT: Every team always have at least one member with AP (magic damage) or CC or both. Always...
Oh, hi Mercury's Treads!
ITEMS - Talking About Balance
Here you choose the path or the order you prefer to keep it cool:
This is great to reduce attack and critical dmg that you receive, and you can slow enemy movement. it's perfect against AD.
Synergy COMBO: Jump into the TEAM Fight and Engage with Powerball + Soaring Slam once you are in make impossible for all to scape with Randuin's Omen Active ability.
Get extra tank and more Movement Speed.
Synergy COMBO: You will get extra heath that will increase your Demolish dmg too.
Perfect for hunt and keep MAP pressure against AD!
An excellent item when you want to go the extra mile to get an insane tankiness against both AD and AP dmg.
Synergy COMBO: Use this item passive and active abilities + Defensive Ball Curl to make Rammus an unstoppable Juggernaut! Also thanks to Rammus passive Spiked Shell, your dmg will get increase too for a couple of seconds on TEAM Fights... Make it count!
The key of immortality...
ITEMS - Adapt!
- You have to be open minded and "think outside the box" in some games.
Here I have a few good options for you to ADAPT yourself fast:
I love this item...
People think that if they go with full AP champions they are safe against Rammus... Here I got the perfect item to show them how wrong they are:
Instead of build Dead Man's Plate You will buid this...
You will get that extra MR that you need against AP (Magic dmg) and also some extra too:
Synergy COMBO:
- You get more health so that is more dmg with your Demolish to turrets.
- More and more movement speed to channeling Soaring Slam.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to kept pressure on the map and battle AP enemies!
It's Simple if your opponent have 3 or more AD members use this boots instead of Mercury's Treads.
This is perfect against champions like: Hecarim, Xin Zhao, Warwick, Master Yi and Urgot. They will die in no time... You can go for a soda and when you come back to play, You already won. and if you smite them with your Challenging Smite, you don't need more than 4 seconds, even if they have 2 lvls more than you.

TIP: Learn to keep an eye on the items that the other team have aswell to identify what they are about to build so you can counter with something else on time.
Identify the RED CODE threats for you and the team first.


AFTERSHOCK: For 2.5 sec. will create a powerfull combo thanks to Rammus passive Spiked Shell and Defensive Ball Curl ability, creating excellent oportunities to be immortal in team fights and tank as much as you can with some extra CC.
DEMOLISH: This rune is very good to push lines fast and get some extra money specially in early game while you melt the towers.
CONDITIONING: The synegy that have this rune with Rammus passive Spiked Shell and Defensive Ball Curl will make him an unstoppable juggernaut in no time.
UNFLINCHING: Let's keep it simple, Rammus needs to go in and out quick, OK? So you need to have as much tenacity and slow resistance as we can.


CHEAP SHOT: Rammus is one of the few chosen ones to have an ability that taunt, Frenzying Taunt, if you combine this RUNE with abilitiies like Powerball and the new playstyle of his ulti Soaring Slam it's a great engage with a lot of extra damage and staking slow.
RAVENOUS HUNTER: This rune creates fabulous synergy combos with my good friend Rammus. If you use Defensive Ball Curl you get a lot of sustain, specially cleaning jungle camps in early game, like the Crimson Raptor camp for example or when you engage in a middle of a team fight with Soaring Slam -my favourite option Rammus OK.
Clearing Camps TIPS:

1. At lvl 1 always start with Defensive Ball Curl first.

2. If no one help you with the Red Buff start with Crimson Raptor camp.

3. To clear fast all camps:

We extend the duration of the Defensive Ball Curl with our AA and we increase our Attack Speed with Frenzying Taunt for as long as we have Defensive Ball Curl active.

4. You can also start the TIP #3 with Powerball, that will help you to do extra dmg and recover some more health thanks to your jungle item passive.

Combo TIPS:


1. Engage with Powerball Always.

2. To gank before lvl 6 or without Soaring Slam:
β†’ β†’ β†’ AA β†’ AA


1. To avoid the time to react when your opponent is escaping or to jump minions and go straight to you opponent:


TRICK: If you point behind your opponent instead of on top of it, you can knockback and get more time to avoid him/her to escape or take it out of turret.

2. Use this to increase dmg with you Soaring Slam and knock-up your opponents:


TRICK: This is perfect to Steal Drakes and Heralds. When the opponent jungler is in the air due to the knock-up smite the Drake or the herald. it will look like this:

β†’ +
Ok ladies & guys! Hope you had enjoy this Rammus build as much as I enjoy by playing it.
I will be updating this guide anytime if I find something useful, any helpful feedback is greatly appreciated!
This was Corvux. Follow the rabbit...
PD: Did this guide help you? If so please give them a +1 vote and/or leave a comment.

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