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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Rammus: lord of the jungle, master tank. *WIP*

Last updated on May 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introducing Rammus

First I would like to say I am not high Elo yet, I have not played ranked, and this guide is merely from the few games I have played, however in the past week I have only lost 2 out of 10 games. Now on with the Guide.

Rammus, the tanky Armidillo, like a cross between Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog. He is extremely fast from the fountain, using this build achieving a 980 movement speed. He has a fast jungle clear speed, capable of moving through the jungle fast enough to return to wraiths before they respawn in the first clear.

His puncturing taunt allows for early ganks, combined with Defensive ball curl ganking at half heath or even lower is easy. Once mid game is reached he can rush under a turret with only 400 HP pull an enemy out, get the kill and move on like nothing happened.

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The Jungle Path

Use Defensive Ball Curl in every camp.

At the start of the game make your way to the bush on your side of the river and keep watch for a potential invasion. Upon one minute return to wolves Kill them and head to Blue Buff, use smite as soon as you get there. Hopefully you will have a good enough leash that you will only have had to use max two potions. Start moving towards wraiths, as soon as you enter mid lain use power ball, it will last long enough to hit the wraiths. Use one pot during Wraiths, then Head to Red Buff using Power Ball, Because you used smite at the beginning of Blue Buff it should only have about a 10 second cool down left when you start red buff letting you use it to finish off the big Lizard use your last potions here. If you see an easy gank at this time, take it, if not continue to Golems. Once again, if you see a potential gank, take it, hopefully there will be one in Bottom lane that you can give to your ADC, if not go back to Wraiths, Gank/ Harrass mid, even if you cant get the kill harassing mid will allow your mid to farm easier. Head back to Wolves, Smite the large wolf and go Top. Hopefully you can Gank top now, even at half or lower health. Take care, if they have a high damage champ top, or one with a stun, do not be the one to engage, let your top laner engage if he has the HP. If not, this is your first back. If he have gotten the ganks you should have, you will have enough for Ninja Tabi and Spirit Stone.

The Second Route starts with Golems, then Gank bottom, go kill Wraiths, Gank Mid, Wolves, Gank Top. From here it is simple rinse and repeat process, buy wards as needed and go where the ganks are.