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Rammus Build Guide by Bloodyroses

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloodyroses

Rammus Smash!

Bloodyroses Last updated on July 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my build guide for Rammus he is my favorite tank as well as my main tank. This is also my first build guide on this site. XD

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Well, I actully don't have a rune set I normally use directly for rammus. (being as I use a rune book for mage's and not tanks) I'll post a rune set later. (I would guess, MP5, Armor, and MR)
Rune set is a guess to what I think would work, I will test it when I can

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Okay, masteries I go for a 0/21/9 on my rammus build for the extra defense and survivability early game and because he's rather squishy and prone to ganks till level 6 or so.

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Alright, Items! I start with boots of speed a pair of health potions and then I set out, so you play and play and play maybe get a kill or two with your partner then you come back and grab ninja tabi. Now! HERE IS WHERE YOU MAKE A BIG CHOICE If they have a powerful AP ranged carry such as... Lux Karth Malz and etc. That are owning you, you grab negatron cloak and start building force of nature, and if there is powerful AD carries such as xin Zhao Twisted Fate Ashe or Trynd you grab a chain mail and start building thornmail. After this you build the other. Then you start building Sunfire cape for the added Armor and health as well as the AoE fire damage that is helpful along with your ulti. Now onto health, by now you should be end game and really tanking, but by now your probably focused (which is good and bad) So you grab warmog's to help your health issue. Next I normally pick a Altma's impaler for the extra damage output, but if your being focused constantly grab guardian angel which is a nice useable item because it gives armor, MR, and revives you.

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Skill Sequence

Okay! Skill sequence's I start with Powerball because it's a quick escape or good starter for combat. Then I grab taunt and def. ball curl. After this I build Taunt up to five as fast as possible for quick defense of the carry. After this I build Defensive ball curl up because that and Tremor's will keep you alive in team fights and ganks. Then finally I build Powerball up.
Now skill sequence is
Ganking -> Powerball Taunt Defensive ball curl Tremor By now they should be getting pwn't and either trying to kill you or running away. I chase unless you think you'll get ganked by the enemy team.

Team Fights -> Taunt the carry Tremors Defensive ball curl

Escaping gank -> Ghost Powerball (if they block the powerball) Defensive ball curl and Tremors To make them think twice about following you because, Def. Ball Curl mixed with Sunfire, Thornmail and Tremors Damage should put a nice hamper on the gankers and maybe will allow your team to do a counter gank on the enemy team.

Tower Diving -> Def. Ball curl Tremors Yes Your ulti hit's towers REMEMBER THAT it's useful for tower diving because you can take the tower easier if you wanna risk your ulti and not being able to use it for a little while

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I useally Pick Heal and Ghost

Now before you call me a noob with heal and such Heal is very useful for rammus early game because of early game squishyness. Also for team fights heal can keep you up long enough to possibly kill enemy carry or finish the team fight and save your life.

Ghost is also useful for escape, chasing, etc.

now another summoner spell that would be useful for rammus would be flash to help taunt that carry you need or to put you in the middle of the team fight so your tremors hit's everyone

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Tips and tricks

Okay for rammus, don't go thinking your amazing and can tank everything at level one you can't I've had many a carry yell at me for early game tanking because they die because I can't taunt the enemy for the max 3 seconds at level 1 etc. To be honest most rammus's I've seen don't do their best till about level 6 when they become a powerhouse.

Another tip is BE PATIENT! I've seen many rammus's who rush out like an idiot and get ganked by be as rammus or my entire team. Remember YOUR A TANK you support your team by keeping the enemy from killing your carries.

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Okay so in summery Rammus is one of my favorite champions and I hope I have assisted anyone who plays rammus in a decent build. Uhh constructive criticism would be nice, if my build sucks tell me why it sucks what I can do to fix it.