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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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In my point of view rammus is one of the best jungler in league of legends. He has a lot of tanky potential and a lot of burst dammage ( yes rammus can do a lot of dammage on ad champs ). This guide will help U to play this wonderfull champ in jungle but also in top lane if Ur against zed, kha or another ad assasin (Fiora) but its quiet harder ^^.

Really strong in the actual meta to counter tha full ad team.

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For rammus try quinte moove speed:
It will be usefull to go faster in Ur jungle and to go faster during ganks.

For the rest try full flat armor :
With rammus armor = ad.
It will give U so much tank powa and a lot of ad dammage for Ur jungle.

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For masteries try 0/30/0 ... I know its freaky but it realy works..

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Summonary Spells

And here beggin the best ^^ Take smite of curse and a TP... because flash is for GAYS.
With tp and homeguard U will do :
- the BEST GANKS EVER ON EVERY LANE ( better bot lane )
- the best steal nash and drake ever
- the best engage of team fight

This spells will litteraly increase Ur power of gank and team fight.

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1)For the start beggin with 5 potion of health and cloth armor.. this start its specific for rammus cause its increase Ur armor = Ur dammage its in my way better than the classical jungle stuff:
It will make U tank better and make more dammage on champ during ganks

2)if Ur fed rush boots 5 with homeguard if Ur not finish warden's mail and try to finish boots with homeguard later:
Here U can do powerfull gank on bot lane with TP if the lane is push.

3)finish randuin's omen and beggin tornmail if Ur fed if UR not beggin sunfire cape:
Here the goal is to take massive armor and some HP to tank and do more dammages.

4)finish thornmail/sunfire and build the other thornmail/sunfire

5) build frozen heart or warmog if its an ad team againt U or spirit visage if there is an ap fed

6) finaly build a warmog/frozen heart

Now Ur ready to tank 5 peoples and do a penta... NO FAKE !

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Skill Sequence

Start with W in jungle ... this start will make U beggin with MORE THAN 117 armor at lvl 1 and MORE THAN 70 ad just IMBA.
Then take Q (the ball) to clean faster and to run faster between 2 jungle camps.

After that forget every spells because here comme the E (the taunt). U have to max it anyway. It will give U 0.5 sec of CC on each rank must have. ( dont forgot the armor debuff ).

take ult at lvl 6 11 and 16.

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Team fights

Ur goal is to rush the ad who is fed ( mid,top,adcarry ) with Ur taunt and Ur ball and kill him easylly :) Ur taunt is Ur best weapon dont waste it because without it Ur naked.

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U have to keep in mind that rammus is realy strong against ad team, ad carry, ad mid, ad top:

- This gameplay is based on TP homeguard. cath the ad carry from nowhere will make him rage with Ur 3 seconds ( 2 years :p ) taunt ( If U play it ask a fiddle jungle or sup for 6 second of attempting to reconect on a gank )

-If the carry doesn't take cleans he will never be safe.

-U can trade ad carry in mid and late game easely exept this ones ( vayne, corki , twitch beacose of true damage ) but U can pick it against (MF, DRAVEN, JINX, and every full ad with NO ESCAPE )

-the more fed the enemy ad carry is the stronger Ur cause with Ur W and thornmail a part of his dammage is a part of Ur dammage!

- never surrend cause of ad carry fed