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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordSpectre

Rammus Tank

LordSpectre Last updated on December 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I just wanted to throw this up there as a place to save my next build attempt. I had been running Rammus with a build that used more than one Sunfire Cape, but due to the recent nerf I'm going to try something else out.

The above build will need to be adjusted during the game depending on who you are up against. For example, oftentimes I will take Mercury's instead of Ninja tabi if I'm up against more magic damage champs, especially if they have lots of CC. Likewise I might change the order of my build to grab the MR items before the other items. If it is a really heavy magic casting team I migth forego thornmail for Banshee's or Force of Nature and get it right after sunfire cape. If I'm facing Twitch and sometimes teemo, I move thornmail up in my priority list (although with the recent change to Twitch I don't know if thornmail will still insta kill him when he uses his ult). Also, at the beginning you might not need to take so many health pots. I just do that so that I can stay in the lane longer without a regen item. If I don't end up using them I end up selling them if I need the slots.

For masteries I wanted this to be a tank so I took mostly defense. The 9 in offense just helps you do some more damage with your ult. etc.

For Runes I chose magic pen. to dish some damage, dodge because it's only available on yellow, and with blue I went for CDR instead of MR. Seems to me that getting your abilities back a little quicker is more likely to save you them the small amount of MR you get from Runes. Besides, this build will be itemizing for MR.

The summoner abilities I chose are because as a tank I think your job is to try and soak up/stop damage from others. Rammus has a single target taunt, and then I use exhaust to shut someone else off. This way you can prevent 2 champs from hitting your carry. Flash could be swapped with Ghost, but I find with Rammus flash is useful for: jumping over minions when in powerball, taunting and then flashing (to bring them out of turret range, into turret range, or into your team), or if you're getting ganked, flash then powerball to run away. Some people like teleport or Fortify. Those will work, but I prefer to have abilities that can be used for offense and defense (and usually that would be exhaust and ghost/flash). With powerball, we don't have too much downtime without teleport. I'm a big fan of Ghost as well, I just think due to the creative uses of Flash with Rammus it wins out over Ghost.

Smite is also an option if you want to jungle. This build works fine for jungling just take defensive ball curl first and then powerball at level 2. Start at the Golem and pop your first Pot right as you start getting hit. Remember to Smite as soon as you can kill him with it. Next up are the wolves, then go take out the wraiths, followed by the small Golem camp then Lizard. You could then start to gank, or just help with laning and clear the camps whenever they respawn. Sometimes if it looks like they don't have a jungler, I'll go and steal their golem and lizard after I get ours so that they can't use them. I don't bother getting Dragon without help, but if the bottom lane champ can help, go for it. It's a good idea to keep wards on the Dragon and Baron to make sure you know if the other team is going to go for it. If they do, wait for the right time and powerball into them with your ult on, and use Smite to steal him. The powerball short stun should turn off their DPS for a second making it easier for your smite to get the kill. Then flash over the wall an run off into the jungle, or back to a tower.

If you don't jungle, then just lane with your lane partner. You can solo lane usually if needed, just make sure and tower hug. If you are laning with a carry, make sure and let them get last hits. If the other team over extends, go into the bush, kick up powerball and roll around behind them. You and your lane mate should be able to kill them before they get back to their tower. After your powerball hits, taunt them and use defensive ball curl. After taunt is over, use exhaust. Usually when I do this, I also end up using flash as well, either to catch up to the target who used flash/ghost, or sometimes to get away if their lane partner does enough damage to me (I'm usually the target since I rolled around and attacked from the back.

If your lane adversaries are successfully aggressive, just tower hus and use your taunt to pull them into the tower when possible. As soon as taunt wears off, powerball them for 1 more turret hit. You can really put some good combo's together using the turret when playing with Singed, Janna, Tris (with Ult), Blitz, or just about anyone that has a stun. Just drag them into the turret and pin them there/knock them back when they try to leave. This really only works well with melee units. Sometimes is works with ranged if you use flash to get far enough away that they have to chase to hit you.

Just some thoughts, and again mostly this is just notes on what I plan to try since the latest patch. I haven't tested this out yet and would appreciate comments.