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League of Legends Build Guide Author BigMacsandCocain

Rammus the Jungle Master

BigMacsandCocain Last updated on December 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok some people have been asking for a guide on Rammus so just so particular people will quit bugging me *coughbladecough* here ya go. Ideally if it can be helped i will jungle with rammus 99% of the time.


I start with a cloth armor and 5 health potions which is more than enough to do a full rotation and a half through your own jungle along with a possible gank in mid ( will get to this later). At this time after i have run out of health and or creeps to farm and noone seems to need my assistance i will recall back to base and immidetly buy Philosophers stone for 2 reasons. Reason #1 instead of burning mana powerballing through my jungle i will simply walk and the extra hp regen will require less hp pots at a earlier level. Reason #2 The extra 10 Mp5 allows me to farm and gank efficiently without having to hog the golem buff all day. So with philosophers stone i no longer need buffs to gank and the 5 gold per 10 seconds is always nice. After i buy my stone i continue farming through the jungle until an opportunity arises for me to gank a lane. Me particularly i like to keep close to top lane and mid lane. I want mid lane to always fear a rammus gank so i gank often or sometimes i just powerball by so they know im near. Making your presence known from time to time will keep your enemys less confident and less likely to dive your team mates. Ok so after farming the jungle more and hopefully some succesfull ganks youll have enough to buy your heart of gold and maybe starter boots if your doing well. Heart of gold is my next item of choice because it also gives 5 gold per 10 seconds so now im gaining 10 gold every 10 seconds for doing nothing. Comes in very handy for those long respawn times. It also gives you a little bit of health and armor also necessary for rammus and can later be built into a randuins omen. Your boots will depend greatly on the champions your enemy team chose. If they have at least 2 AP heros or at least 2 crowd control abilities then Mercury Treads will be your priority. Yes it is more expensive but 25% reduced crowd control greatly boosts your chances of saving someones life which is what rammus is meant to do. From here it will get kind of confusing and im sorry but playing a tank in any mmo has never been easy. You have to pay attention to how much damage your taking whos doing and how to counter it. Lets say a Lux is ripping through your health well then it would seem to me that its time to build that banshees veil. My reasoning for getting a banshees over any other Magic resist item is thus. That freaking bubble can make an enemy initiation go very badly in a heart beat. If they cant CC you they cant stop you. Simple as that. Plus the extra health and mana is always nice. Pretty much a must have to me its just when to get it is always the problem. This is as far as i can go for item description because it greatly depends on the other teams make up but this is usually how i start the first 20 minutes with rammus.

I take a non traditional rout. I always start on the wraiths by mid lane but beware many mid laners will cheat and steal your experience so they can out level there opponent and hurt your jungling pattern in the process. I smite the purple wraith then defense curl to finish off the other 3. You wont ned to burn a hp pot just yet as it will just be a waste. Now go kill the wolf camp here you will burn one hp pot. Start on golem when your smite cooldown is at 15 seconds. It will take two defense curl rotations befoer you can kill him anyway. After this you go to the golem camp and kill off the two golems waiting on your smite cooldown. Again wait till you have 15 seconds left on smite and make sure you have anywhere between 300-400 hp before engaging the lizard. Now you have blue and red buff. Now you can either put trust into your team mate and gank mid with low hp or you can recall and waste precious buff time. The earlier you gank the better because then your carry gains a serious advantage.When your ready to engage dragon dont do it alone. You will be 40 by the time Rammus kills that thing. It is better to gank bot and at least have bot enemys recall so you have free passage to dragon. Just a FYI Rammus is done jungling by lvl 8. The only reason you should be jungling after that is for a blue buff dragon or baron. Share the jungle with your team now so they may catch up to you.

I hope everyone enjoys this guide yes it is rather long but i put alot of time into configuring my rotation and as i said your rotation always varies on the playstyle and type of champions your enemy team has. Enjoy and please vote and leave feedback for this guide.