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League of Legends Build Guide Author LarchTreeLeppy

Rammus the Master Tanker

LarchTreeLeppy Last updated on January 13, 2011
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Not much to say here, pretty standard stuff (or at least I think so). I've been kind of ticked looking at some of the builds put out for Rammus that have him with high amounts of dodge, Thornmail and upping Powerball early level. So here is the rundown of what I think should be happening when playing Rammus standard (if there are more castors switch it up to a more magic resist build but overall this one should have you going in the right direction).

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-Extremely good against any dps champion
-Fast unexpected ganks
-Great map control
-Quick backdooring abilities when needed

-AP champs and teams can sometimes overwhelm (especially during mid game)
-High mana reliance can lead to early game mana problems
-tough to farm before level 6

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Reds:This should be magic pen, considering everything Rammus uses to deal damage other then his basic attack relies on magic, it would be best to not just let it all get blocked by someone with just a bit of magic resist. Don't take any in armor here because that is just a waste of a good set of runes.
Yellows:Pretty strait forward with this, go armor! You can choose to go strait up armor but I go with armor per level in order to give Rammus the late game tankiness he needs to excel at soaking up those dps champs damage output, but it's really just up to what you think.
Blues:I go with Greater Glyphs of Celerity on this one because having Rammus' cooldowns short is one of the biggest assets that he can have. When your running around late game popping your ulti every 25 seconds and taunting almost every 5 or 6 seconds champions left alone don't stand a chance. It also helps get around map quickly with powerball and can lead to great lane pushes and quick tower takedowns and minion wave kills.

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Standard 9/21/0 here, the most important part to note here however is that I don't take any points in dodge chance. This is crucial because of Rammus' shield, you don't want to taunt/shield someone just to end up having miss a bunch of attacks because you have to high of a dodge chance. It is extremely important to have 21 in Defense, remember Rammus is a tank so get to that Tenacity to soak up some serious damage for your team.

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Start out With a Cloth Armor, 2 health pots and 2 mana pots. That should make it so that you are able to stay in lane for a long period time and get enough gold before you have to go back. You could get a doran's shield but I don't recommend it for this build because you have enough health with the flat health quintessences and the extra armor from Cloth Armor will give you an early game base damage of 71 on top of having 40 armor at level 1 giving him more then enough survivability for the start of the game. deally you should stay in lane until you get 1,440 gold and can go back and buy both Ninja Tabi and Chalice of Harmony. If you are forced to go back early then get Ninja Tabi before Chalice of Harmony, the speed works better, but if your finding that your having serious mana issues then take Chalice first if you have the gold. Next start by getting Heart of Gold once you hit 975 gold and just stay in lane as long as you can in order to get Randuin's Oman. Follow that us with Frozen Heart, I say Frozen Heart because of the 99 armor, 500 mana and especially the 25% reduction to cooldowns. Next get Guardian Angel, not for the revive so much, but for the magic resist that you may need if the other team has some extra magic output on their team. Finish the build with Zhonya's Hourglass, this is a perfect item for Rammus, giving him 100 ap AND 50 armor just makes him even more powerful for those end game team fights that will be the deciding factor for the game.

So some people might be asking why I don't have a Sunfire Cape or Thornmail on this list, so let me explain why I don't have them here before I get yelled at about it. I don't pick up a Sunfire because while the 40 magic damage a second is great I just don't see exchanging that for a more defensive build as a good thing, especially playing heavy tank like I have here. Sure it gives 450 health and 45 armor but Zhonya's Hourglass gives more armor and 100 ap to Rammus making it a better option for Rammus. I also don't pick Thornmail because Defensive Ball Curl already gives a lagre percent of overall damage back as magic damage, is it as much I don't think so but I just find that getting the other four final items are more important then Thornmail (I mean I never really liked Thornmail in the first place on Rammus so maybe I'm just making excuses). Rainduin's 80 armor is a bit of a drop off but on top of that is has 300 health, 25 health regen per second, 8% cooldown reduction, 20% chance to slow the attacker by 35% for 3 seconds and of corse it's active ability are just worth a ton more then Thornmail is worth. Frozen Heart has 99 armor so losing 1 is like nothing, plus Frozen Heart's 500 mana, cooldown reduction and 20% slow to enemy attacks is a lot better then what you are getting with Thornmail. Guardian's Angel gives 38 magic resist and 68 armor which is a total of 106 into defensive stats, plus the revive is always a nice touch especially on Rammus because then you know you can come back and keep tanking with your shield or roll away before you can be caught. And finally you can't give up Zhonya's Hourglass because of the 100 ap making both Tremor and Powerball even more powerful plus the 50 armor and the ability to become invincible for 2 seconds in battle and lets be honost your gonna need that mid battle occasionally to absorb some of those hard hitting abilities late game.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence may not be totally right but it still stands the same at the end. Start will Powerball and then go Taunt and Ball Curl, then max Taunt to 5 first, followed by Defensive Ball Curl and end with Powerball taking Tremor at 6,11,16 as per always with any champs ulti. Do not, I repeat DO NOT max Powerball first, it does not make you faster! It just ups it's damage and overall slow of a champ. It won't make ganks any faster! You are much better off getting Taunt to last 3 seconds as fast as possible in order to keep enemy champions hitting you as long as possible so your teammates can actually kill them. Taunt can also be used to pull people into towers AND out of towers. Most people don't think about this but with three seconds you can take a melee champ out of his own tower range and right when it wears off roll him to slow him down, from there he is cannon fodder for your team. Remember kids Taunt is Rammus' best ability so make sure you up it first! Get Defensive Ball Curl up next because with Taunt and Tremors your just helping kill him even faster (or kill him in the first place), plus 150 armor and magic resist helps in any team fight to soak up tons and tons of hits for your team. Powerball last as I have already said once you get the first one that's all you need until end game. Tremors is an ulti I shouldn't have to explain it at all, your all smart people so don't be stupid with it.

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Summoner Spells

I take Ghost and Ignite as my summoner spells and for good reason, they work great on Rammus. Ghost stacks with Powerball making for greater chasing, initiating and running away. I have Ignite to counter any heals that might be poped, for some more damage output and to take down low health champs that might try to run away. I don't recommend flash because Ghost works a lot better with how long it lasts. I also don't take Teleport because Rammus can get across the map pretty quickly as it is so he doesn't need to waste a summoner spell on that. Remember this is just personal preference and it's just what I'm comfortable with so take whatever you think is better for you. Also don't get heal, or clarity Rammus does not need them in this build both would just be pointless but hey that's just what I think of those 2 on him, your choice not mine.

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Rammus is a TANK so build him as a tank, builds can be changed to deal with high magic damage teams but this is a pretty solid build that has me doing extremely well almost 100% of the time. Just switch lanes if you get stuck with magic champs against you at the beginning and you'll do fine. Ok.