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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Rammus, the real tanker

Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, im Jasbinschek and this is my first build...
my main language is not english, so i hope u guys understand my bad english...

since the beggining of playing LoL i play as tanker, i started playing that way cuz of my teamates... (no one EVER want to be the tanker...) so here i am...

ill go straight to my point, this build is designed to the ones who wants to be a FULL TANKER, or the ones who wants to learn/use rammus...

we have a problem when using a tanker, we depend on some teamates to do damage, sometimes u can only hold ur enemies, so u NEED that ur teamates can do a high amount of damage in a short time, and sometimes u need to coordenate ur teamates, and thats not easy...

ill say here about my rune page, masteries pages, skill order, item orders and how to use rammus early game, mid game and late game.

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Rune Page

If u guys see my rune page, ull check that i didnt focus in armor, and thats because my early game strategy, ill talk bout that later...
so, the most important thing in this build is the dodge chance, ull have like 23% dodge mid/late game...
i also put some magic resistance and some mana regen (rammus is quite mana hungry)
i would say "dont take the dodge out of ur rune page" any other change is personal, but DONT TAKE THE DODGE OUT, thats ur surviviability when u and ur team "fails".

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the 25 points in defence is quite necessary, so u have more 5 points to put in whatever u want... i put i those:
1- cripple (i use exhaust)
3- archmage's sawy (i dont really know why, but i put in those)
1-deadliness for some crit chance (insigficant)

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this is quite important...

first- a cheap and good item (doran's shield) (it depends on u, but i always build this one)
second- boots of course.. and that will be ninja tabi (for some armor+dodge chance)
OMG rammus, WTF?!?! where is ur mercury thread?
Since ur the tanker u can hold all the dmg plus the CC, IF ur team goes along with u, u can hold pretty easily...
start build some HP (like a giants belt and a ruby crystal)

finish ur warmog (now ur supposed to have quite a nice HP)

here we reach an critical point, u have around 45 magic resist...
ur teamates are probably calling u noob, but that doesnt matters...
thats why i put some magic resist in my rune page, but dont worry so much, ull get it right now!

buy first the [*] Negatron Cloak[*] and finish up ur [*] Force of Nature[*]
thats probably ur 4th item...
so here is the point when things starts to get fun, ull probably have around 100 MR and ARMOR, plus ur W skill...

any AD/DPS could kill u in a solo, but not any AP/Nuker (actually almost any could do that)..
so here we start build a [*] Thronmail[*]

Thronmail -
this is ur last Core item, after u buy both Cloth armor and Chain Vest, it will probably be late game already...

so here u start to build some nice things, build whatever ur team needs...
here are some options:
(ull sell ur doran's shield, remember that)
Sunfire Cap + Banshee's veil
Atma's Impaler + Warmog
Raduin's Omen + Guardian's Angel
Atma's Impaler + Infinity edge

of course u can change ur Core, it depends on ur enemy's team (it makes no sense to build a Force of Nature first when ur fighting against 5 AD/DPS)

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Thats quite personal, but i used those as default...

i alredy starts with taunt so i could taunt some enemy for my teammates...
then ill get some return damage to combo the taunt, and taunt again (to make the taunting time higher)

ill only get power ball to make sure ill be able to run away, in case something happens (like a gank or a fail attack)
i always leave taunt and def ball at least 1 lvl higher then powerball...

always get ur ult...

after u get ur ult u can alredy combo (taunt + def ball + tremors)
of course, thats more efective when u are in the middle of a 5v5 fight, but sometimes u need to use in a 3v3, or something like... but no problem, the cooldown is not that high anyway.

if u can, plz follow exactly my skills sequence.

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Summoner spells

i wont talk quite much about that, thats personal (really)
i always get flash + exhaust, it doesnt matters what champ im using

flash for escaping with low HP.
exhaust for chasing/running away...