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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maxtofunator

Rammus, the true tank

Maxtofunator Last updated on December 24, 2010
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Rammus is a very low Hp, but very good tank. He's one of the few tanks out there who doesn't need to get high amounts of HP to really do their job well, and he is very good at what he does. Also, I rarely use aegis of the legion after mid game, because it's effectiveness is kind of lost, so I normally get rid of it for an atma's impaler, because that is very useful. Higher AD based off your hp, and it has armor still, so it still gives you extra ad. Now I know what you're thinking, rammus is a tank, he doesn't need to have AD. Now while I completely agree with that on most tanks, I really do not agree with that for Rammus. Rammus is a very solid damage dealer as well. Between tremors, defensive curl ball, and your thornmail, you'll be able to pretty much solo any other champion out there. He also comes with a knockup, though it only lasts for maybe .5 seconds, and then he has his 3 second taunt. He will be auto attacking quite a bit still, so you might as well get that extra bit if you can.

As for playing rammus, I choose powerball first over the other two skills, because the tiny bit of damage you'd deal with curlball isn't worth it to me for first blood, and the taunt is just suicide early game unless you're with a strong nuke. Plus, powerball lets you come out of the brush and hit them if you decide to go for first blood after the minions have spawned. Always taunt their dps first, unless you're laning with a mage. Try to take out the biggest threat early game for your lane partner in fights, and if you need to back, always taunt whomever is hitting them for more. The mage might be out of mana, so maybe just ignore him and taunt the dps/tank that's tailing your ally. Plus, if they're close enough to your tower, you can pop fortify and maybe even get a kill off it. And remember, you're a tank. You're allowed to die, it IS your job after all to die for your team. Also, if someone calls you a feeder, tell them you're doing your job and saving your carry so they can stay alive and get the gold they need for mid and late game.
Mid game is nearly the same idea as early game, except there will be more people to fight against, as ganks and hard pushes are starting here. Flash in and taunt their strongest nuke with your curl ball up, or powerball right into the whole team. Pop your ulti and watch the damage fly up. You will also be able to tank towers very well with your high armor and ulti/ad will easily take them down.
Late game, you can start back dooring towers if theres another tank or a heavy dps on your team that can take a bit of abuse so you dont have to. You can also tear into their carry or their mages rather well by this point, without even trying. Maybe even 3v1 if you're fed enough.

This build also works quite well with jungling, only focus thornmail first and grab smite and flash, and start with curlball and focus powerball over taunt until level 7ish, because then you can start ganking like a pro, making sure you atleast have 1 point in taunt prior to level 6.
Now, I know a lot of people don't like running around with fortify, because they say, hey I'm a great player, I don't need to protect my towers with that move. But it works great with Rammus's taunt ability, plus it can help win games and really turn them around in your favor. And if it ends up being useless, it won't in another game. I prefer fortify a lot over heal, because heal may be extra hp that you gain back, but I only find it valuable for early game to help you win early fights. If you're team is getting killed at your own tower, it won't save you much. I have used it when I went in with a premade and my plan was to backdoor as much as i could, but it didn't come in handy unless a panth or TF would try to ambush me.
Now exhaust I find kind of useless for rammus, you're supposed to be taking damage because that just returns damage onto them, while it can be used to help save allies, I just don't see the point in bringing it. Now the only other spell I've seen on rammus that is even useful in my opinion is ignite. Now ignite is a great move for canceling out potions and regen and heals, but not really something you need to worry about. You can chase amazingly with powerball and its easy to towerdive with it. I guess you can grab ghost, but powerball is quick enough as it is so you really don't need the extra movement speed, it's kind of useless if you ask me. Go for it if you like, but I don't recommend it personally.
Like I said earlier, rammus is a low HP tank, so don't let people try to tell you otherwise in game, espically with a heavy armor build. Rammus with high armor means high AD which means you can carry teams. You will destroy towers and pretty much any enemy that comes up to you with your AOE ult, thornmail, and curlball.
Rammus is one of the best additions to any team, whether he is the only tank, or if there are other heavy champions because he can nuke, he can have high dps, or even take over the tank and let your Mord or Amumu build AP, or let Panth and Xin go carry. You can save anybody easily, and not die doing it, carry teams, and backdoor, and even jungle very very well. You won't always win if your team doesn't follow your initiations, but you can't win every round.