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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

RamRam - The Taunting Terrorizer

Diesel Last updated on June 16, 2010
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Hello Again.

I haven't done a Tank build, so I figured my next build would include one of my favorite tanks, Mr. RamRam. Rammus is known for having a very hefty Taunt to include himself with being a great Turret pusher. This build is more towards initiating against character to allow your team to focus one champ to gain the upper-edge in future team fights; while also being able to help backdoor turrets when the opportunity strikes. Let's get to business.

Start off by buying aand a
Rammus with a lot of HP is what we're shooting for, so having Doran's Shield will help take a couple extra shots during early game laning. The HP-Pot is solely for keeping yourself alive if you get dived by two chaser champs or if the minions start to dwindle you down to diving HP. Try to get as many minion last-hits as you can for the sole fact the second item to get is one of the most expensive in the game, but also the biggest item you need.

If you're good with RamRam's taunt, you can use it along with your turret to 1v3 an opponent very quickly. First Blood if you can get it is HUGE for Rammus since if you're being locked up by your opponents, your next item will take awhile.

Once you get around 1,100G; grab a[Giant's Belt]

The extra +430HP should get your around 1,200-1,500HP or higher, depending on what level you receive this item. You could grab one of the other two items needed for Warmog's, but I feel the faster you get Giant's Belt: the better. Doran's Shield already gives a bit of HPRegen, so you should get the extra HP first, especially since you're taunting people to hit you repeatedly.

Proceed to buy theandto make your[Warmog's Armor]

Having Warmog's should put you above the 2,000HP mark, and should give you the highest HP of any character on the board, minus some specific tanks who are running the same build. Minion kills are now a must since you need to fill out your stacks for Warmog's: not only for the extra HP, but also for the extra HPRegen you'll receive. Note that Warmog's also gets a good boost on both +HP and +HPRegen when you get kills and assists, so if you have the opportunity to get a taunt off to initiate a Gank, do so by all means. The faster you MAX your Warmog's the better.

One problem with Rammus is that he can be really slow, and hard to finish off kills if the opponent has around >60%HP. His movement speed is somewhere in the 305-area, which is painfully slow mid-game.

To counter this, take the next 1,000G to grab[Boots of Swiftness]

Movement 3 Boots should get Rammus to almost 400M, which should give enough speed to get the Taunt off on most characters. If not, use Powerball to catch up to enemies.

Now that Rammus has great HP, good HPRegen, and some decent movement: it's time to up his attacks. Since all of RamRam's abilities are magic based, having a decent item with Ability Power will help out here.

Start out by grabbing another
We're gonna get the most expensive part of the item out of the way. This will again, give you another +430HP, and should be getting near 3,000HP.

Grab aand ato combine and make[Rylai's Crystal Scepter]

+550HP and +80AP will go far with Rammus. Powerball should have almost another +100DMG now since it gets 1:1 AP Ratio, and your Tremors should do around an extra +20-30DMG for each of the 8 Tremor shots. The AP will also reflect more damage back to your opponent when they hit you in your Defensive Ball Curl.

At this point, adding some more Armor to Rammus and helping the team is in order. Since Rammus' passive allows him to do 25% more damage based on Armor when he's in his Defensive Ball Curl: getting more Armor to help turret push is a solid way to end your main items.

Combine the three items needed to make[Aegis of the Legion]

By now, you should have 5 items: and the sixth item is more of a situational spot.

If your opponents are Casters: Grab[Void Staff]
Void Staff dispels 40% of Magic Resist off your opponents, allowing you to do much more damage against squishier opponents, killing them off quickly to continue pushing.

If your opponents are Attackers: Grab[Thornmail]
Thornmail sends back 30% of auto-attacks as magic damage. Champions like Teemo, Master Yi, and Ashe will have problems trying to kill you when they are hurting themselves in the process.
- Having +101Mana will help you get an extra taunt off early game, or use another Powerball to escape a gank or initiate one yourself. Since this build is primarily HP, none of your items will give any ManaRegen, so take what you can now and make sure to get one of your teammate to pack Clarity.
- Magic Penetration will help you do more damage with your abilities, combine this with the Void Staff, and your opponents will be feeling your abilities full force!
- More Armor means better Turret Pushing. Have the extra +13Armor will make your Defensive Ball Curl hurt more, and allow you to soak more Turret Hits.
- Powerball is good for a lot of reasons: It's a great way to get around the map fast, it slows enemies, sets them up for a taunt, and does some pretty good damage with the Rylai's. With enough AP, you can one-shot most jungle minions with the Powerball alone, allowing quick jungle routes in between lanes.
- Defensive Ball Curl will be your right-hand man when you initiate with your Taunt. DBC reflects damage back to the opponent who's attacking you, which is exactly what they do when you taunt them, so using these two together should really dwindle your opponent down to help your teammates clean up.
- Puncturing Taunt is your Non-Ult move with Rammus, as you MAX this first. MAX-ing your Taunt can hold opponents for multiple seconds, giving your teammates more than enough time to focus the opponent and take them out, thus putting the enemy team one character down. Opponents can Cleanse out of this, but by the time they do so, your team should already be onto them.
- Tremors is your Turret-Killing button. Since Tremors can hit both enemies and Structures, be careful when using. If you're alone at a turret, this will allow you to do double damage to the turret. Hit your Defensive Ball Curl for more damage and wreck turrets in no time.
- Cleanse is your best friend when the enemy team likes to Exhaust you and slow/stun you and all that. It will remove all disables, and shorten the time frame on anything else, so if they're stacking CC [Which is dumb], hit this button to rid all those problems, then Powerball away.
- Exhaust is more of a fail-safe button than anything. If you haven't defeated your opponent after using your Abilities, you can hit them with the Exhaust for 3 more seconds of slow on them. Also, they can't hit you while Exhausted, so either use this to run away, or to make sure your target doesn't get away.

  • Rammus early game will not have a lot of power to stay and bang with champions, especially if you're the one initiating. Take the early game to try and coax enemy champions to your turret, Taunt them, and grab an easy kill. When you have some HP under your belt, you can be more aggressive.
  • Powerballing early in a bush to gather up speed can help you get to your enemy faster and ensure a hit, but be careful not to wait too long or else the Powerball may end and you'll have to play catch up to try and Taunt them.
  • As said earlier in this Guide; when acquiring Rylai's, a MAX'd Powerball can one-shot jungle minions. So take the time switching lanes to grab the extra XP and Gold.
  • Make sure to use Tremors in Team Fights. While everyone else in spamming abilities, you'll be chipping away at everyone's HP, thus making it easier on your team to kill them; and possibly getting yourself some kills as well.

Hope this build turns out well for you! Comment frequently, I'd love to see what you've got to type.

Until next time,