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Ranged AD Glass Cannon or Not?

Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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For what?

This build is universal for newbie players who wants to play with ranged phys champion.
You can use this build with almost all champions, but you must know that glass cannon build will not forgive you any mistakes.

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Runes and Masteries

Rune and Masteries build are simple - it gives you max of defence without loosing core damage and armor penetration, and allows you to be more stable at early game thanks to 12% vampiric + higher health + additional damage from Doran.

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I will never understood those physics who have not any vampiric items. Vampiric can save you in any time. It can absolutely disable the unique passive of Thornmail and makes you less squishy - just shoot at anything you can.
Executioner's Calling + 2 Phantom Dancers + Infinity = 18 lifesteal + 100% critical chance + 250% critical power + 80 damage + 110% attack speed + 30% movenment speed. Nice, isn't it?
For last 2 items i prefer 1 for armor penetration and 1 optional Bloodthirsted, Black Cleaver, Banshee's Veil, or if you want tons of speed - choose Mercury's Treads.
This build is perfect for backdooring. Towers goes down in a 5 seconds. So if you have a Heal spell or healer in team you can destroy the tower solo without creeps.

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Mid only.
GTFO all who though that mid is for mages. Mid can save your poor mage build, but you'll never win mid vs Cait or Varus.
With that build your early game are stronger that any other champ that you can meet on mid (even my favorite Heimer) and you must do just one thing - to push. Only gangs can stop you, thats why you need Flash as second spell.

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Take care!!!

You must aware of stuns and blinds. You can be killed in 1-2 casts but you are doing a tons of damage (thats why it's called "glass cannon")


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