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Ranked Carry Killer

Last updated on February 13, 2013
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Ranked Carry Killer

Jax Build

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Who wants a piece of the champ!

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This guide focuses on the carry killing/solo top roll that Jax excels at. There is a variety of rolls most champs (i.e. jungle/ap mid etc) can fulfill but Jax in my opinion does the solo top roll better than most every other champion in the game. If you're like me you like to smout your enemies ruin upon the mountain side! But whats the point if you lose 1v1? There are lots of champs that are effective "as a team" which is nice but less fun in my opinion. Jax excels at both team and especially 1v1 fights. They call him the "Champ" for a reason! Being top 1v1 potential or ganking potential is high. Having a champ that is better the most every other champ in the game 1v1 is why he has been my main for years. What follows is what I've seen to be effective across all fields of play, thanks!

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Pros / Cons

- One of, if not the Best 1v1 champ in the game
- Great ADC counter
- Good hybrid damage options
- Brings pressure, cc, and burst damage to team fights

- Needs farm to excel

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Ignite and Ghost imo are the most effective choices for summoner spells.

Teleport instead of Ignite can be an interesting option for Jax. The ability to join teamfights at any time, while maintaining pressure top is defenetly viable. It boils down to style and preference

Exhaust can be taken in replacement of Ignite if no one on your team has it, but I have found is less useful over all and is something someone else on your team should take. Here's why:

1) The duration of Exhaust expires very quickly and seems to be countered easily by Flash

2) In 1v1 situations (or even 2v1) Jax doesn't need Exhaust to dispatch the enemy adc (which Exhaust is primarily used for). He has enough with a correct build + abilities to take nearly everyone out.

3) The greatist threat to Jax is life%regain champions like , and Ignite offers a hard counter to these champs and puts Jax (in my opinion)in 1st place 1v1 over every other champ in the game. Yeah...

Ghost over Flash for the simple reason of Leap Strike's ability to move in and out of the fight which I go into in greater detail later on.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Here we focus on getting his Empower up asap followed by Leap Strike The purpose being farming last hits in lane and auto attack harassing enemy champ in lane. That might seem low skill but getting a much needed bump in auto attack damage for CS is very handy and makes farm easy. If you are a newer player early game farm is key you must master. Additionally using Empower doesn't invest any of his other needed abilities should the farm/harass turn into an actually fight. Lastly Empower is very mana efficient and can be used at leisure without penalty.

Leap Strike ::: A much over looked and underestimated ability. It can be used to escape when targeted on a friendly creep, champion or ward; and of course can be used to initiate. Keeping a ward handy and placing it over a wall, then Leap Strike to the ward will insure escape. I often save Leap Strike for either escaping, or after then enemy uses Flash this way you can completely counter most champions only escape ability. There are a few champions that have a "dash" ability and many who do not. One sign of a good Jax player is one who knows if the fight will be long enough for Leap Strike's cooldown to come back up and/or whether to use it to initiate or not. Food for thought.

Counter Strike ::: The adc killer. If they are unwise enough to target you punish their noobness and use counter strike and let the full duration expire. The more they attack, the more you dodge and the more damage you do! Very cool. With Counter Strike the main thing to remember is whether to let the timer expire or spam-tap for stun on-command. The decision should be pretty straight forward. Final note, if you are in lane, and attack an enemy champion, all creeps will focus you. This is usually a bad thing because you take damage, but if timed right you can used the creeps auto attacks to stack Counter Strike passive proc.

Grandmaster's Might ::: You are the champion grand master! Use this ability if you are certain you can stay on your target for the kill, but also utilize it for defense if you are focused enemy team or champion. Great dueling ability with a short cooldown.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality
The runes here focus to maximize Attack Damage off the multiplier from Sheen transitioning later into Trinity Force

It has been my experience that Trinity Force is superior to Lich Bane over all so we have runes to support that. One of these two items generate the greatest amount of damage from either your AD or AP build and should be the core of your build.

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Here is a pretty standard 21/9/0 build, not much to say that differs from standard builds other then Spellsword Which seems implicit towards Jax and his auto attacking nature.

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Open with >>>> x3

Followed by either if you need sustain in lane, or if you think the slow from plus gank from your jungle can get you a kill top.

Finish your boots with or depending on enemy team setup.

I then usually like to rush straight to Having this as early as possible is very scary on Jax. Especially with the quick cool-down of Empower procing Sheen

Followed by either or if you need to be a bit more beefy.

After getting the choice dived's into two possible avenues.

Either the or the

This choice is purely based on what your team needs. Is the enemy a heavy hp team? or are they more squish? Do you need more magic damage? Your choice should reflect the threat, as with any champion build. Both of these items slow, both give nice life-steal.


After Warmogs the choice again becomes what does your team need from you? Wither continuing towards defense if you are not doing well or are being focused with or if you need more damage either get or

Many people think that is inferior to but I feel that it's very conditional. The CDR and HP and extra attack of can be vastly superior if you are focusing squish targets in team fights. So pick what suits the situation again.

The finishing touches to this build are purely what damage items you need, tailoring your choice to suit the situation. for even more sustain, for more hybrid damage, for magic resist and finally for maximum damage.

Example build order: >>>> x3 >>> >>> * * >>> >>> >>> >>> * * >>> >>> * * >>> >>> * *

** = Interchangeable item based on enemy team composition and threat level.

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In closing I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read my guide, please feel free to post advice or differing opinions on builds or strategy's, take care!