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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Ranked Jungle Talon - The Wandering Death

Last updated on December 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is not for beginners to playing Talon. It's not one of the safest builds for him considering the lack of lifesteal and tenacity type items, as well as other items that might offer you health. This guide is meant for users who wish to play Talon as a straight Assassin.

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I recently started fooling around with the idea of jungling Talon. I had seen it before but found a lack of guides and after the Season 3 Patch there was really only one place for me to begin, and so I began devising my own play style and build for Talon. This build has won me many games in Ranked matches and employs some very fearless tactics. It's not meant for people who want to play safe. This entire build and play style is for those Talon players who throw caution to the wind to try and be the most successful killing machine in the game. It's very easy to carry with this build despite it's lack of sustain.

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Pros / Cons

Talon is an extremely diverse character being able to encompass many different roles from being a carry to being an offtank bruiser. Playing him in the jungle has both it's pros and cons and I will outline them below.

- Very effective ganker with his E - Cuthroat
- Very high damage capability with his passive
- Very spontaneous damage dealer with use of his Ultimate
- Very effective DOT spell which gives your team vision
- Very fast character endgame

- Low sustain early game
- Requires some skill to play in the jungle
- Very dependent on blue buff to play aggressively early game
- Often focused if seen coming into lane from jungle

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Comprehensive guides would offer you an explanation of my Runes and Masteries however I will just summarize the entire guide into this small section along with other questions that may be posed. To keep the guide short.


I choose to run a 21-9-0 Mastery for Jungle Talon making sure to take both Cooldown Reduction and Physical Damage upgrades in the Offensive Mastery. It may not seem like a lot of cooldown reduction but it makes a world of difference early on in the jungle. Taking 9 points in the Defensive Mastery tree may seem odd to some. I take improved smite and also extra armor and health. Some people may opt to run a 21-0-9 Mastery grabbing the extended buff duration in the Utility Tree. That's a matter of personal preference.


My rune choices are very generic for a champion like Talon. I take Armor Penetration and Damage as well as extra armor for early game and scaling Magic Resist due to the lack of items in the build that give you resistances. This build is for doing the maximum amount of damage possible in a burst. The runes really only help you early game in the jungle that is why I chose to set them up the way that I have.

Summoner Spells

Smite is obvious when it comes to jungle. After the Season 3 Patch it is almost necessary on any champion that you will take into the jungle.

Flash is for very quick and spontaneous initiations early game, to clear the small amount of extra distance to get in range of your E ability, or for fast getaways in a tight situation.

Ghost is a 3rd option but late game I find that I have enough movement speed that I don't need the added speed from Ghost.

Jungle Route

I find that the most effective way to Jungle with Talon is to start at wolves having your team deal damage to them while you fight. Taking your W skill early will make your jungling go much faster being your main source of damage and also initiating his passive.

After killing wolves head to blue and use a health potion if needed. Have your team provide damage on it is almost essential as Talon is very fragile early game. Smite the Ancient Golem and take care of the 2 smaller monsters. Use another health potion if required.

After picking up blue buff make your way to the Wraith Camp. Remember that your initiation on all the jungle camps will be your W ability. Take care of Wraiths and use a Health potions if necessary.

This is where you have a choice. You can proceed to Red Buff if you choose but chances are that your smite is still on cooldown. If you go to Red Buff fight it as normal and smite it if possible. I tend to go to the smaller golem camp and kill them, however the draw back is that I normally run out of health potions at this point and do not have enough health to get Red Buff afterward.

If you went to Golems and don't have the health to get red don't feel demoralized as you should have enough gold at this point to recall and build Madred's Razors. Go back to the shop buy them and make your way to Elder Lizard. Begin attacking the lizard and smite it when it is low. After obtaining Red Buff make quick work of the smaller lizard monsters.

At this point you should be level 3 and you should have all the abilities you need to perform and early game gank. Talon is an extremely powerful anti-mid jungler so this should be the first lane that you look to gank. Check the other lanes and gank accordingly, your blue buff will likely be gone at this point so be careful not to play to aggressively.

Continue to gank the lanes and grab your buffs whenever they are available. Whenever safe you can call your team and attempt to get the early game dragon kill as it's extremely important to get the early game gold bonus and global experience that Dragon offers.

Mid Game

If your jungling went well then you will hopefully have Boots of Mobility, Black Cleaver, and a Sheen for your Trinity Force. I'd like to make note of the crucial benefits that both items offer to Talon. After the Season 3 Patch The Black Cleaver became a very essential item to any build of Talon's considering that he is an AD Caster. It will allow you to free farm in lane much more quickly and also to make the difference in your initial damage upon ganking. Sheen is a real game changer for Talon as you enter into his burst. The passive effect can change relatively low damage into a nice little single shot burst, and due to his low cooldowns it offers him extreme amounts of damage when used properly.

Late Game

At this point you should have Boots of Mobility Enchanted for Alacrity, Black Cleaver, Trinity Force, and Statikk Shiv. You should also be moving very quickly. Early and Mid game you were a reasonable threat to most lanes as most Jungle Champions are. Transitioning into late game you become an extremely large threat to almost any champion on the enemy team. Your movement speed allows you to be a champion with incredible ability to single out enemies who are free farming in lane. Your relatively high burst and AoE damage becomes instantly recognizable to the enemy team, and this is when the game will most likely become it's hardest. Because your build doesn't have Lifesteal or Tenacity your extremely exposed to Crowd Control. It's imperative that your burst do enough damage to define a 1 on 1 fight from the start. Jumping into a teamfight on the other hand you should be looking for the squishiest opponents. Their carry or ap, your burst at this point will make very short work of them. As you continue into finishing your build off you'll see that your overall damage output is nothing short of ridiculous when executed properly.

Talon's Jungle Initiation and General Burst

At level 6 when every one of your abilities is available is when Talon becomes a real threat in the game. Camp in the bush until you see an opportunity. Trigger you Q and immediately E to your opponent. The initial silence will buy you enough time to hit your Rake and slow the enemy. Transition into your Ultimate and stick closely to your intended target in front of them. The closer you stay to them the more of the blades from your ultimate will connect with them and deal damage. As you come out of your ultimate your Q and W should be on a relatively low cooldown. Use them as required to pick up the kill

Alternatively if you are chasing an enemy you can trigger your Q and transition into your ultimate. E to your opponent as quickly as possible trigger all of the blades from Shadow ***ualt to converge on them and hitting them with Noxian Dimplomacy. The burst damage from this is very similar to the other burst although you lose the initial damage of the blade disbursement on Shadow Assault.


As you can tell from the lack of pictures I'm not very good at writing guides, and by spelling and grammar you can probably tell that I didn't spend a ton of time preparing this guide. It's not meant to be a comprehensive Talon guide and requires that you have at least a basic knowledge of how to use the champion. The Build in itself is to be an immediate threat in teamfights being able to eliminate opponents extremely quickly and to be able to move very quickly from target to target.


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