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Riven Build Guide by Xivilai41

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xivilai41

Ranked Riven Jungle & Solo Top, Tanky DPS

Xivilai41 Last updated on April 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, i would like to share with my Riven build:). Jungle Riven is mine opinion to play ranked games because my mates dont want to go to jungle because they are little bit scared of failing at ganks or other things that can go wrong in jungling.So jungling is on me.Seriously Riven is great for jungling, at first it is not easy, only begging is hard.

This is my first guide, and of course sorry for my noobish english:)

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Made some changes..

Thanks to Glizdka for giving some tips, big thanks to Skill Sequence.

- As i said few section lower, this ability is great to control team fights, especially when you max it first so you can control team fights from very begging, also do not forget on it helps you a lot when you need to escape when enemy team is chasing you, personally helped a lot of times.
Good ability but splash damage grating easy farming minions and monsters, and it´s good to stack up before u enter team fight :)

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Best runes for Riven are:

Offense Runes
- Attack Damage..Stat that is really important for Riven in many ways, all abilities are on Attack Damage that´s the first reason, Auto-Attack second skill to take your enemies down, at Early Game this runes gives you great advantage to eliminate your enemies fast.

Also expect that your opponents could have runes too, but in Armor, then Greater Mark of Attack Damage are useless.

I recommend to take four of these Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Mark of Desolation five of these. This mark rune build will grant you both Attack Damage and Armor Penetration, so you dont have to worry about that you wont have extra damage at early game and also about that someone has extra runes on armor.

To end your offensive runes take three of Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

Or also when you want to experiment a little bit its good to take nine of Greater Mark of Attack Damage and three of Greater Quintessence of Desolation.

Runes are all about you, how do you build them, if you mix Armor Pene with Attack Damage or if you take only Attack Damage or Armor Penetration. It´s all about you :)

Defensive Runes

As Defensive runes i recommend to take and nine of each one. This runes gives you extra protection again melee fighter(AD) and against ranged fighters(AP) too.Very useful talents to accomplish highest defense stats, gives you a great survivability with your ability. In late game you can be really good DPS Tank with these runes.

Still you can take Armor per level seals too if you want, it´s again all about you how you choose your way to build Riven Runes.

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There was a lot of saying about useful massteries on Riven, yes.. There is a lot of useful masteries on Riven it´s only on you how do you choose your play style...

Here are some offensive Masteries on Riven as Jungler.

To Defense Riven Jungler take these.

These masteries are mixed with all three mastery trees.

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Jungle at Early Game

I start jungle with Cloth Armor and with 5Health Potions.

1. First i take Red Buff, Riven can solo it but she will left with low hp, so it´s good when team mates helps you pull it.You will reach level 2 so take helps you a lot, taking easily golems down.

2. Kill Golems , Wraiths , Wolves and take now go take Blue Buff

3.When you take Blue Buff you can go gank mid or top, personally i start with mid, but when mate on top is pushed and needs help i go first top. It´s all about situation that your team is in. If mates needs help at bot go bot and help them.

4.When you gank mid, top or bot you should have 700golds+ by now.
So go to base and buy Madred's Razors then go back to jungle and farm, farm is most needed thing to do as jungler, but dont forget to gank, thats the second important thing as jungler. As second item buy Boots of Speed, then Wriggle's Lantern.[/color][/h2]
Please, tell your team mates to dont push, because when they push you cannot gank.

When you want to counter-jungle, be sure you will go to theirs blue or red with your mates, DONT GO THERE ALONE, you are risking first blood for enemy and ruining your jungle too.If you deciced to go counter blue, take the most of kills and give Blue Buff to your mate on mid, it helps him a lot:).If you want to counter the red to you should take it as Riven or give it to your AD carry or solo top if he is AD.

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Mid Game/Late Game Items

Jungling at mid game is not that important as in early but you still should farm as much as you can.

Main items in mid game will be Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, Maw of Malmortius and Frozen Mallet. I think these items is best for tanky build because you will get armor and damage + lifesteal from Wriggle's Lantern, Magic Ressist from Mercury's Treads or even more armor from Ninja Tabi (personally i prefer Mercury's Treads), then you will get Magic Resist from Maw of Malmortius and HP from Frozen Mallet for extra damage buy Atma's Impaler and to get even more Magic Ressist and Armor you can take Guardian Angel. Of course you can combine different items too, these are items that i recommend and are best for me, feel free to buy anything. But i dont recommend to buy full Attack Damage Riven it´s totally suck on her :) believe me.

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What you should do in Mid Game and Late Game

You should gank as much as it is possible and if there is team fight u cant miss it.

Riven is one of the best champions to win team fight, her Ki Burst can be very usefull to immobilize enemy champions, try to focus the most dangerous champions in enemy team to pick them down as fast as you can. Personally i play only with my mates, we are always on skype or teamspeak and we always pick one to full focus. It would be great if you do that too.

So when you see a team fight to right in it and it should be your say when is the right time to nuke the hell out of them :)). The most important with Riven is to not be scared, if you are scared there no way to win. Of course play defensive when someone from your team thats not in your premade fed someone.

Riven is to be played as offensive champion, for example Riven and Katarina, Fiora or Sona is one of greatest combos in game, unfortunately you cant play this combos in ranked games.

Riven is champion to jungle or even better to solo.(Solo guide is coming soon).

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Thanks For Your Time and for checking my Riven Build :)

Please stay tuned for Riven Solo Top Guide :)

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Guide created: 26.4.2012
Guide updated: 26.4.2012-added Runes+Edited Masteries and imporeved Jungle guide