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RapidRaptor2 Talon Build

Last updated on May 21, 2015
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Talon Build

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While in lane, unless you are lvl 5 or higher, you should probly not try to trade unless the enemy is below half health and you already have gotten your slow off on someone. What you should do, is apply your q on him and then run away immediately, because minion aggro along with your enemy trying to get you low will kill you faster than the Dickens.

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Mid Game

In the early-mid game, after you have brutalizer and boots, one of your jobs as talon is to gank bot lane and get your bot lane ahead. The other is to kill your lane opponent. When you do this, make sure your bot lane has not warded, if they immediately back off, then keep going only if you have a support that has a click-and-stun ability like taric or basically leona =P Also, make sure your adc and support are on board, because if they aren't and you go in, you'll be facing a 1v2 and be a lot more behind in your lane, and if you are ahead, then their bot lane would get shut down gold and probably get more ahead than your bot lane.

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Unless you have like a vlad or a hecarim, i recommend not teamfighting. Sure, talon has a lot of aoe and can burst people, however, if you have last whisper, Ravenous Hydra, and Youmuu's, you can teamfight decently. Until you get those items, just keep going around and ganking lanes. If they all group up and go mid, just stay mid and defend and tell your team to keep pushing. If they decide to go in on you, just use your ult and run out. Or make fancy playz ;)

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Late Game

Late game talon is not the best. This is because as the game progresses, their adc gets more damage, meaning if they do their job, they can kill you super fast, if they're a Caitlyn, they might be able to right-click you to death before you can jump on them or they can flash/heal and go in their team for peel. Their tanks also get a lot more tankier, so this makes them even more annoying to kill later. However, if you keep the map warded, try to find their adc going to go farm by themselves and instantly kill them, as when you're late into the game, a 50-70 second respawn timer is way more valuable to your team than a 33 second ult cooldown, due to the 4v4 they can fight, because their adc is missing from the fight. If their team doesn't decide to fight, then you get free towers. Easy money.