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Rat - Tat - Tat - Tat ( A Twitch Guide)

Last updated on September 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys,it's late and I'm bored so I just wanted to make a Twitch Guide because he is my favorite ADC. I'm CaptainSqueezy (dope name right?) from the PH server. I main Twitch and you guys could go checkout my stats by pressing the link right next to this thingy ->

Twitch is an ADC with crazy *** early game single target burst and can win almost every trade in the laning phase. He's sort of an assassin because of his Ambush skill (Q)and he could just melt the chosen target with his high DPS. He also has one of the best teammfight potential in the game because of his ultimate if positioned properly.

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Pros / Cons

- Early game burst damage
- Wins almost every trade because of his passive
- Amazing teammfight potential
- Has an assassin like playstyle because of his Q
- High range with Ult ( so you could stay at the back and just go pew pew)

- Squishy as hell
- A team with a lot of gapclosers can probably shut him down
- Have to have perfect positioning every teammfight
- Vulnerable to Vision Wards

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You build Bortk because the health shred applies on your ult and the active s very useful for dueling. Youmuu's is awesome because buying early armor pen on an ADC is really powerful when it comes to everything. The attack speed you get from Youmuu's is great because it makes you assassinate enemies way faster and when you use it while you have your ult in a teammfight, they will drop like flies. An Infinity Edge and Last Whisper makes it so you deal so much damage. A Guardian Angel or a Banshee's Veil for survivability since you have no escape, so a bit of defensive stats are useful.

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Early Game
Twitch's early game is really aggresive unless you're up againsta Caitlyn or something. When trading,just AA when they're going in for a last hit and use Contaminate(E). You can also stealth somewhere where they don't see you and run up to the enemy ADC while your support engages on them. You can get a bunch of AA's on them because of the attack speed you get after Ambush(Q)and then use Contaminate(E). You'd deal a high amount of burst which could net you a kill or push them out of lane allowing you to free farm or freeze the lane.

Mid Game
You probably have your Bortk and Youmuu's now and you're approaching the teamfight stage. You want to position yourself properly so that you could hit multiple enemies and apply your passive then you could use your E for high burst. REMEMBER, USE YOUR VENOM CASK(W) AFTER YOUR ULT DURATION BECAUSE YOU COULD DEAL A LOT MORE DAMAGE WITH YOUR AUTO ATTACKS AND VENOM CASK HAS THE SAME RANGE AS YOUR ULT SO USE IT ONLY AFTER THE YOUR ULT WEARS OFF.

Late Game
So late game approaches, you probably want to change your Yellow trinket into the Scrying Orb for vision over Baron and other objectives. Just stay in the back and ask someone to peel for you if anybody jumps on yo ***. Just AA the hell outta the enemies and pop your E once they have full stacks of your passive on their head. Try not to get caught out and die in the enemy jungle or something because you do have no escape.

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This is a video where CLG Doublelift gets an amazing Rat - Tat - Tat - Tat with the help of CLG dexter. As you can see, EG dove CLG Link and then CLG dexter gets a 3 man Cataclysm while CLG Doublelift fires away while EG Pobelter, Krepo, and Innox are perfectly aligned for a perfect Twitch Ult which nets him a triple kill.

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Ending of my guide

Twitch is really hard to master so don't bum yourself out when you feed the first couple of times. Practice and patience is a must in this game. Just practice and learn from your mistakes. I'm getting kind of tired now so I hope you guys find my guide interesting and quite useful. Write anything important I missed out in the comment section thingy and leave a comment on how this guide was. Nighty night.

Thank you for reading this Twitch Guide folks. Hope you have a wonderful day on the Rift.
- CaptainSqueezy from PH server