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Ready, Set... KILL!!!

Last updated on December 6, 2011
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After 6 months experience with yi non stop.
I figured out these OP builds.
Yi's Lifesteal and attack speed plus his damage might be able to score an ace if rivals were not fed and i do that alot.

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Any AD - Assassin with massive Attack Speed and Damage Needs Armor Penetration, and Attack Speed Runes.
Since it isn't easy to get armor penetration. You need to fill your rune page with as much as armor penetration runes you can drop in it. Got the top priority.

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Spend your points on offence and play offensive.
I chose to spend the last 6 on Armor since i don't need AP.

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I start with Attack Speed then spin out of control to an OP Attack Damage and Lifesteal.
You can Try My Build and i promise you that you wont regret it.
PS: Make sure you Charge your Bloodthirstier

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Skill Sequence

You start with Wuju Style since it gives you Passive AD.
You'll need the passive AD for the first kill.
I'll teach you how to get first kill as you go down.

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Ranked Play

Yi won't be easy in Ranked games since Teams are cautious about their builds and deaths.
Feeding Leads to Thornmails, and Massive HP. Which will make it impossible for you to win the game.
I got some good news for you. Thornmails aren't effective when finishing the build with charged Bloodthirstiers. But you still need to be cautious while attacking tanks with high Armor.

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Pros / Cons


    Becomes Extremely Fast With Ulti, Ghost, Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer.
    High Attack Speed With Ulti, Phantom Dance, Berserker's Greaves.
    OP Attack Damage With Infinity Edge, 3x Bloodthirstiers.
    Critical Chances Deal OVER 1000 Damage.
    Life Steal Fills your health bar in 3 Simple Hits.

    Stunners Kill "keep that in mind"
    Soloing Might be dangerous if you were not fed enough.
    Thornmails could be dangerous when fighting a whole team, so leave the tank till they're all dead.
    Don't Drink and Play :P i do that alot and never really won a game.

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How to Get the first kill

Plan A

    Get your boots and 3 health pots and move top as fast as you can with friend.
Hide in the bushes.
Wait till He, They, Get in.
Exhaust, Ghost, Wuju style.
Don't let them take control
Use your potions as soon as the fight starts cause it might save you.

Plan B
If you were playing Vs. A Jungler
Wait in the river's middle bush and wait till 1:54 since blue Spawns at 1:56.
Don't Go alone, might be someone leashing, or Protecting.

Plan C
If plan A didn't go well
Keep your eyes on Mid
Take any opportunity to gank middle.

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Usually after i become OP i go jungling.
That usually happens between level 11, and 16.
But I don't if i didn't have lifesteal.
So I go in - Farm - Find Solo Champions - Kill - Find More Champs with Drained HP.
And I Even Use jungles To Heal Myself with my lifesteal and it's Creeps.