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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Real Hybrid Twisted Fate (AD & AP)

Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Please note that this is a fun guide to play either Attack Damage with a hint of Ability Power or Ability Power with a hint of Attack Damage. I will call AD TF with a hint of AP, AD TF and AP TF with a hint of AD, AP Tf.

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For AD TF with a hint of AP, I use 5 Desolation Marks and 4 Insight Marks because most of TF's skills are magic damage related and the Desolation is for Auto-Attacks. Mp/5 per level for the extra mana regen needed to stay in lane/fights. Cooldown glyphs for the time reduction on TF's ult and pick a card. I use a Movement Speed quint for the movement early game because Twisted Fate is a slow champion and needs to catch up without his ulti or run away after you flash and the other AP quints for early game damage.

For AP TF with a hint of AD, I use 9 Insight Marks for the full Magic penetration. Mp/5 per level seals for the mana regen from Wild Card spamming and using Pick A Card for Gold/Red. Cooldown glyphs again for the time reduction Destiny and Pick A Card. 1 Movement Speed quint again and 2 AP quints for that early game damage.

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I go 9/0/21 on both builds taking improved flash, quickness, and both cooldown reduction masteries. Offensive masteries for the obvious magic penetration and .6 AP per level.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I like to go with Ignite/Flash because Ignite Kills and Flash is OP.

Ignite: It tends to make you mad when you ignite a 100 health enemy at level 1 and not recieing the kill but later on, it tends to do a lot more damage and helps you after your early nuke (AP) or assist in damaging the enemy while auto-attacking.

Flash: Yes, the overpowered flash. Flash can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the situation.
Offensively: As you use your Destiny, enemies may become aware of your presence and try to avoid wherever you're teleporting to. Sometimes they may get away but with flash, it gives you enough range to stun the enemy (Unless you're ganking with blue card, then you're doing it wrong) and deal whatever damage you have onto them before it wears off.
Defensively: When you are running away with flash, be sure to try and flash over walls away from enemies for the full effect. Otherwise, they will catch on quickly with ghost or movement items and tear you down.

For me, I tend to use flash more offensively for kills or assists and initiating team fights.

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Dorans Ring (AD+AP)
Doran's ring is a fabulous item on Twisted Fate because not only does it give ability power but it also gives mana regen and an extra 100 bonus health for survivability.

Bezerkers' Greaves (AD)
I tend to get these boots second for AD fate because it gives a large amount of Attack Speed in addition to the movement speed early game

Madred's Razor (AD)
I get a Madred's Razor as my third item because Twisted Fate is a mediocre farmer in my opinion and the chance to deal 500 damage to a minion would help him greatly early farming.

Malady (AD)
I get Malady as my fourth item because it gives 50% attack speed which is equivalent to a Recurve Bow and it gives 6 MR reduction per stack to the enemy capping at 4 stacks while dealing 20 magic damage per auto-attack.

Hextech Gunblade (AD)
I get this item fifth on AD TF because it gives the essentials needed for survivbility and damage such as 20% life steal, 25% spell vamp, a 300 damage active that slows, and AD + AP.

Trinity Force (AD)
I get this item sixth on Twisted Fate because it gives everything you need, movement, chance to slow, and a proc every skill.

Madred's Blood Razor (AD)
I get this item seventh on Twisted Fate because it gives both Attack Damage and Attack Speed while shredding a % of the enemy's health every hit.

Black Cleaver (AD)
This is the last item for Twisted Fate because it almost caps Twisted Fate's attack speed and reduces the enemy's armor per hit.

Ability Power

Sorcerer Shoes (AP)
These shoes are AMAZING on AP TF because it gives more Magic Penetration

Mejai's SoulStealer (AP)
I get this item second because if you are playing safe and kiting fairly while getting assists, you should be able to reach 20 stacks and melt faces later on.

Lich's Bane (AP)
I get this item third because your SoulStealer should be making progress and if not, stop ganking with blue card. If you are stacking well, your Lich Bane should be melting faces and dealing 200 extra damage upon auto-attack. Also it provides Magic Resist and Movement Speed.

Rabadon's Deathcap (AP)
Ah yes, the Legendary God-Tier deathcap. Once you purchase this item, your Ability Power should spike up into the 300-500 range depending on your Mejai Stacks. This item will also dramatically increase the damage output of all your skills and increase Lich Bane's damage.

Hextech Gunblade? (AP)
The Amazing book into revolver into gun. Beautiful indeed. This item will increase your ability power by a fair amount of 75 while providing spell vamp and another 300 damage slow to your output. It also finally gives you a chance to deal Attack Damage for once.

Malady? (AP)
You might be asking, Why a Attack Speed item for an Ability Power build? The answer is simple, it's to compliment your gunblade and increase the output of your spells by reducing the enemy's Magic Resist. You know the ability Stacked Deck that you never took a glimpse on for this AP build? Well, It's been doing a lot of damage lately and you want it to activate a whole lot more during fights because it might allow you to land that killing blow to a 100 health enemy when ignite is on cooldown.