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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Real Irelia

Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First things first.

You will notice that this build does not include Trinity Force and that is for a good reason. The fact is that Trinity Force is for a hyper-carry-based Irelia, not a tanky one. What Frozen Mallet does for Irelia and her team has a much greater impact than what Trinity Force does for a lower cost. However, you should not think that getting Frozen Mallet will mean you won't be able to carry. If you really play Irelia, you would know that you can literally build anything on her and it will work.

tl;dr - Trinity Force is bad on Irelia.

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As tanky DPS, you must build accordingly depending on what kind of damage you will primarily be taking. Luckily, it's pretty simple for Irelia.

- Beginning of laning phase (openers)
1. Doran's Shield
2. Boots + 3 pots
3. Cloth Armor + 5 pots
4. Null magic mantle + 2 pots

- What you may need to win laning phase
VS magic: Wit's End + Ruby Crystal and/or Giant's Belt.
VS physical: Phage and Chain Vest (Ninja Tabi is good, too)

At top lane, you will mainly be up against physical attackers, so your early-mid game core will usually look like Phage + Chain Vest. You usually don't need to rush your level 2 boots as there are other important items to save for.

By mid-game, you should have Frozen Mallet. This is the premier item that you need to get. The guaranteed slow on Bladesurge + 700 HP will make you a monster that no one will want to mess with.

To review, by the end of mid-game, your build should have...

Level 2 boots
Frozen Mallet

Wit's end isn't really needed unless you specifically needed MR and DPS.

Atma's into Last Whisper will mark the end of the main build. Anything after that will usually be a resistance for the enemy team's main source damage. To be safe, Guardian Angel is always a good choice. Other options include...

Frozen Heart
Randuin's Omen
Sunfire Cape
Force of Nature
Shurelya's Reveerie
Yommuu's Ghostblade

On the topic of Gold per 10s, they are ok if you know your lane is a passive farm fest or if you know you will straight up win without any other items. In short, they are purely greed items. DO NOT get them if you are having even slight trouble with your lane. If you know that buying one will delay a crucial item you will need to win the lane, don't get it. Remember, you win your lane, you win the game.

Note: I almost never end up getting gold per 10s as I run teleport. This means that I can force myself into losing teamfights and turn it around, and gold per 10s will not win you a teamfight.

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Attack Speed does a lot of things for Irelia.

1. Auto attacking with points in W returns HP.
- It increases your sustain in lane by being able to heal at a faster rate via. more auto attacks.

2. More damage output from W active.
- 75 true damage hitting at a fast rate is not something any enemy wants. As W only lasts a flat duration, having more attack speed means optimal damage from Hiten Style active.

3. More chances to get Phage procs.
- Land even one Phage proc and your enemy is in trouble; usually sending them back to their tower.

4. More chances to crit.
- Atma's is core and we all know critical strikes are not to be taken lightly.

BONUS 5. You need attack speed runes for jungle Irelia.

If you know you will be up against an AP champion, it is possible to run another rune setup consisting of...

Attack Speed reds - 15%
Armor yellows - 13
MR per level blues - 24
Move Speed quints - 4.5%

This makes laning vs APs a little easier as much more poking is involved. Extra move speed gives you better zone/space control, more MR is awesome, and you still get a nice attack speed boost.

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You can run anything you want on her. All of the trees are good. Just get what suits your playstyle.

I personally like 21 in utility as having teleport and flash up faster means more map mobility/presence. Also, more EXP means it is less likely for you to fall behind. The mana regen is awesome, too. The extra 9 points can go toward either offense of defense. In offense, you want to get the AD, attack speed, and Armor penetration. In Defense, the +6 armor/MR along with +3 HP regen is usually optimal. I'd also like to point out to not underestimate the reduced damage from minions. It is not specifically for junglers, but for brawlers who fight better near creep!

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Skill Sequence

Max W first. No brainer there. The big question is what to max second.

Maxing Q second will increase your damage output and battle mobility. Max this second when you are up against mobile fighters who can disengage easily such as Nidalee, Fizz, Vayne, etc. Let your Phage procs do the rest.

Maxing E second is usually optimal against other bruisers where you and your opponent are sitting on top of each other with auto-attacks. A longer stun is going to ruin their day compared to another Bladesurge.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport is just crazy good for top lanes. You're basically isolated up there and teleport remedy's this.

Flash is Flash. If you don't know what this does then you probably shouldn't be using it.

Ignite and Exhaust are certainly viable. I guess it comes down to what you're most comfortable with.