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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Reckoning with Kayle, Korean Style!

Last updated on May 17, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi my name is Nick, my summoner name is ELOPEnick. I have played since season early season 2 but I have a large amount of game knowledge and follow the Competitive scene very attentively. I based this guide upon high elo Kayle players in the korean server. I understand at first this guide looks very different from most, but provides alot of utillity and damage once played.

*Note* This is my first guide on Mobafire and I'm open to any criticisms anyone may have about the following build.

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Hybrid Penetration is good for assuring lane dominance pre-6 but Magic Penetration marks are a good choice as well. Over-all damage output is increased mid to late game with magic pen marks but Hybrid Pen is also good for early to mid game control.

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Double-Edged Sword , Fury and Dangerous game Masteries can also be taken by switching around some others; this is probably the most flexible part of the guide. Depending on personal and match up these can be changed almost every game.

Spell & Blade weaving are almost essential for Kayle in terms of raw damage output, this is because Kayle's Righteous Fury(E) applies both a stack of Spell & Blade weaving on hit.

Having 3 points in Devastating Strike further increases Magic & Armor Pen. Also synergizes well with the Hybrid Pen Marks in the Rune section.

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Boots- Berserker's Greaves and Sorcerers Boots are both good in optimizing damage output. Sorc boots are more optimal if the other mid laner decides to go Athenes first or if the enemy team is itemizing heavy magic resist.

Runaan's Hurricane - Very under-rated item; starting to be used very frequently in high elo korean games due to the on hit affect also being applied to secondary targets with Runaan's and it also applies Kayles passive MR Shred.
*Note* Runaan's Hurricane does not apply splash damage with Kayle's Righteous Fury(E).

Wits End - Very situational item, I personally do not get it but it provides more armor shred and on hit damage which synergizes well with Kayle.

Lich Bane- A lot of Koreans are starting to stay away from Lich Bane as it provides very little in team fights compared to Runaan's Hurricane as a second Major item but still assures lane dominance and is an overall great item on Kayle.

Do not get Lich Bane if finished Runaan's Huricane, those items do not synergize well for the amount of gold they both cost to purchase.

Zhonyas vs Guardian Angel: Depending on the situation, you may feel pressured into buying a Zhonyas or a Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is really strong late game as it gives an auto statis once the user's hp reaches 0. Zhonyas is more better along the mid or mid-late game as the enemy team's raw damage output is not enough to completely oneshot someone and some of the burst can be dodged with Zhonyas if Kayles ultimate(R) was used. Furthermore, it gives more armor than Guardians Angel but no Magic Resistance even though the Ability Power is nice. The more you play Kayle the more you can understand how to itemize for the right time and team composition. Final thoughts, if you are a head and want to stay ahead, zhonyas is a great pick up (Especially vs ad Mids). If the game goes late, Guardians Angel is a must and assures safety for a while in skirmishes.

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Standard ability set for Kayle, vary rarely will max Divine Blessing(W) over Reckoning(Q) even in a loosing lane as it assures winning trades.

After the recent nerfs to Kayle, her Q is now at a 0.6 Ap ratio. That means for every 10 Ability Power built on Her, she has 6 added to the damage of that spell. Furthermore, the only valid choice for a first spell to max is her Righteous Fury(E).

Righteous Fury(E): Righteous Fury is an excellent spell as it has a 0.4 AP Ration but still provide excellent damage and Splash damage to nearby enemies. *Note also can apply a stack of Spell&Blade weaving mastery*

Intervention(R): The bread and butter of Kayle's Kit. This ability can keep someone alive for an extra 2-3 seconds and can essentially change the team fight & sometimes entire game around if used at the correct moment. It renders the champion used on invincible for a short period of time and also looks quite cool.

Reckoning(Q): Very good blast of damage as it has a 0.6 AP ratio down from 1.0 in the recent nerfs, but still provides a stack of Holy Fervor and the slow scales quite well as it is Kayle's Only form of Crowd Control.

Divine Blessing(W): A very good scaling heal that also gives a massive movement speed boost in the later part of the game when Kayle as a massive amount of Ability Power. The Heal has an AP ratio of 0.45 with the movement speed buff lasting for 3 seconds with a 0.7 AP ratio.

*Note* I went in order of relevant spells for Kayle, not the standard QWER order.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Heal are my main choice for getting through the laning phase but Kayle's kit provides a very extensive choice on what summoner spells to choose from.

Flash: Your standard get-out-of-jail free card. Easy way to escape sticky situations with relative ease.

Heal: The new heal is quite interesting with amazing scaling into late game that also provides a momentary quick burst of speed but is shorter than ghost, but for a couple of seconds; practically a second Divine Blessing.

Ghost: A fine alternative to flash and also synergizes well with the movement speed buff on Kayle's W. A perfect choice for chasing of running away from enemies and is overall not a bad summoner.

Ignite: My personal Second choice from heal, ignite is amazing for helping to pressure your lane of even secure kills and also scales quite well especially with its healing debuff.

Exhaust: A way to instantly win lane against assassin style champs like zed. It shuts down 50% of their damage while reducing attack&movement speed by 30%. Also helps to get out of sticky situations if needed.

Teleport: Being used more and more recently (mostly in europe). Provides an easy way to roam for other lanes or get a quick base with out a downside of possibly loosing minions if the lane is pushed. Also is great for ganking when paired with Kayle's Divine Blessing(W) movement speed buff or even the homeguard enchantment on boots.

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Essentially Kayle is one of the highest DPS champions in the late game but as a result is very squishy. Her Righteous Fury(E) allows for a lot of Area Of Effect damage which just gets stronger the later the game goes. Kayle is easy to play but hard to master. This build was designed from the Korean meta and high elo experience; and is again possibly different from what a person might normally expect.

I have embedded a video of CJ Entus frost Coco using Kayle against Najin Black Sword in the final Match of the NLB Final(Korea).


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