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Rek'Sai Build Guide by Guest

AD Offtank Rek'Sai - Snowball to the Heavens

AD Offtank Rek'Sai - Snowball to the Heavens

Updated on December 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,042 Views 0 Comments
2,042 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rek'Sai Build Guide By Guest Updated on December 14, 2014
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Using your Q

When jungling, you want to animation cancel with your Q. You wanna do the Jayce. This increases DPS and helps you clear faster in general. You can also try to sidestep between autos, but I find this to be counter productive at higher levels as your sustain is already great and you're just wasting time by sacrificing your clear speed.

You should always use your burrowed Q first, tunnel under your enemy, and use your Q as you knock them up. This way, you'll be getting at least 2 Q hits, if not 3, which is a significant damage boost.

Using your burrowed Q is great for checking bushes - it's on a low cooldown, reveals enemies and isn't really useful when playing AD for anything else. When playing AP - SPAM IT!!! It's a freelo button, but since I do not encourage AP Rek'Sai (no matter how good it is), I won't say more.
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Using your W

Always use your W after clearing a camp - you will be full Fury, which means you'll regen a lot. When approaching a camp, make sure you Q first and then W or E-W. This will increase damage and will reset the monsters animation if done right. Always W after you do the second Q after a previous W as it will heal your for 20 Fury (it's a bit, but it counts, since in the end, you'll be healing more!) and knock the enemy up.

Never burrow while chasing unless you're pretty sure you can knock them up - it has a long cast time and can get you killed.

You shouldn't unburrow unless you're fighting, as Tremor Sense is a very useful thing when jungling and roaming. Always use your W when running because it will increase your MS (obviously).
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Using your E

Your E is one of the best things Rek'Sai has. The single target damage it provides is AWESOME! although with this build she doesn't do as much damage as she could with pure AD, remember that Pure AD means less stickiness and makes her rely on this skill, although she's an autoattacking champ. Anyways, use her E as an execute or at the end of the trades. It has a pretty low range and a low cooldown unburrowed, so use it as much as you can, and while enemies are knocked up, as otherwise you'll probably miss it. Don't use it immediately after knocking someone up as it will do a low amount of damage.

Her burrowed E is very good for jungling and counter jungling - I suggest making 4 tunnels in your own jungle, from Blue to the crossroads, from wolves to the mid, from wraiths to the red buff bush, and from the red buff bush to krugs. Additionally, you want to have one tunnel to dragon and one to baron, as well as one to the bot side river bush over the wall(if you're on the purple team) or one from the top side river bush over the wall (if you're on the blue side). The one additional tunnel is flexible and I usually save it for the lane I'm camping.
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Using your Ultimate

You should use your Ultimate as much as you can. It's not very good for ganking if the opp laner is not a complete idiot or winning. You can use it to get to the jungle faster, rush Dragon/Baron or splitpush/teamfight. Running is an option only when there's no enemy attacking you as it will interrupt your channel, and then you probably die.

The passive is amazing. 1.6 AS with just Devourers and Berserkers boots is the dream of every ADC. You will fill up your Fury bar really fast, and your dueling potential will be that of a Master Yi. It's very useful late game when you have 2.42 AS with Youmuu active.
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General gameplay

You will rely on your team if not insanely ahead. Do not go in first, the best you can do is go at the same time. Dig a lot of tunnels, use your Ultimate a lot, clear all your camps. Camp one lane, visit all of them if you have time only. Do not fight early on. Secure dragons; after all, that Ultimate is useful for that at least.

DO NOT BUILD TRINITY / HYDRA!!! This will make you super squishy and you will die to your targets. BoRK and Youmuu is the way to go because of the mobility and dueling potential they give you, as well as splitpushing potential.

When your Ult is up and you have a tunnel mid, go splitpush. Ult in a fight. This will create intense pressure. If an enemy destroys your tunnels, tell your team to back off, kill a wave, then back.

Sidestep a lot early when clearing. You should start Gromp/Krugs because it's awesome to have that small help, regen, and knockup! With my runes and masteries you should be able to stay in the jungle infinitely, unless you fight or fail a gank hard. Don't gank if you don't have red early, as they'll probably escape you.

Make sure you adapt. Build tanky if behind, damage if even/ahead. If your team is even or ahead, splitpush, if not, stay with them. Be burrowed when looking for picks so your team can wreck roaming enemies.

Don't E in the enemy jungle as you're dead if someone's there. You can E if you have vision, but remember that you can't go back for another 12 seconds, and your next E is in 20-12 seconds.
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Rek'Sai - Snowball to the Heavens

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