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Rek'sai the best toplaner

Last updated on April 30, 2015
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Get her q first it will let you get minions killed fast and 1v1 people at level 1.
Next get your w so you can go underground and heal after murdering a wave of minions.
And then get your e so you can tunnel away from ganks and start fights with the enemy toplaner. Be sure to always have more hp then the enemy toplaner so this by poking them when they get minions or go underground and shoot them. If they escape go underground and knock them up or if they are super low 1 bar shoot them and they will hopefully die.

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Runes and masteries

I do 22 8 0 or 22 7 1. I don't really care what my masteries are they just need dmg As and CDR with some defense. For runes I just ad marks or as marks so you can finish q faster and increase dps by finishing q faster, Magic resist glyphs and defense seals or scaling hp for end game tankyness. Quinta can be As quint and 2 ad quints for dmg and +20% as in total.

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Get long sword 3 hp pots
If your rich before you recall buy Tiatamt I'd your not buy Vampric scepter thing and boots or some more pots. Focus ravonous hydra first for more insane wave clear and then get CDR boots so you will have 20% CD-R with masteries. Then buy spirit vistage or Randuins omen depending on who your fighting top app or ad, if you don't need a defense item yet but blood thirsted so you cannot die and more sustain. After that you can get a defenense item or a Bork, but then you realy need a defense item. With the spare item slots you can get a zephyr for the final bit of CDR if you also got a spirit vistage. With one item slot left you can buy tank items, or GA.

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Smite for jungle
Flash not needed as tunnels are like a big flash
Tp I bring it so I never miss cd when my ults down to to back to top
Ignite I bring this to help win duels and secure kills
All the other spells suck for rek
Also buy chilling smite if your jungling

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How to play

I have already said to play aggressive and poke a lot pantheon can beat reksai In duel unless you poke him then fight him. Never do bad trades you can take dmg while you poke and use your passive with the fury you got from poking to heal so unless they are poking you a lot your gonna win and you have potions anyways. Keep river warded if your gonna use tunnels agressivly and at the start hide in the bush near enemy turret so when they walk in you spam q on them and they have to heal. Make sure to use active on ravouonous hydra while fighting it can secure kills in close range and help get cs.
When getting ganged by people with poor cc ablites you can probably 2v1 If they are both low or your fed


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