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renek of the many builds

Last updated on July 16, 2011
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brief description of these 3 builds

these masteries and rune page can work with the 3 builds im showing you.
-Tanky ad
-Armour Pen
-Full Tank


Tanky ad:
you start out with a dorans blade for the extra damage and health. after you get boots 1, get a phage. you then make merc treads or swiftness, your choice. you then get a zeal for the speed boost and make those 2 into trinity i know the sheen doesnt proc with the 2-3 hits with reneks W but it still adds a big *** boost to your damage. you then get a gaurdians angel. this helps you intiate and end team fights usally with triple kills if your team can hold off till you revive. after your gaurdians angel, you make a bloodthirster. since you will be farming the entire time your not in a teamfight, this will be very helpful until the fight. it if you can use your ult well, you will never die if your gaurdians angel is up. you then get a warmogs. farm up until you can sell droans blade for a atmas for the giant damage boost when you use your ult. very good build if your team is balanced, AP/AD/Tank/Hybrid/TankyAD this build will flourish with a good team.

Armour pen:
you start out with a long sword and rush brutilizer. you get zerk greaves then get a avarice if your not farming well. get a vamparic scepter next and get a razor to make a wriggles. this will help you be able to farm and backdoor if your team is not doing so well. you get last whisper next. if the other team is stacking even more armour to counter this build, get a black cleaver and then make your ghost blade to shred through even their tanks. very straight forward build and good in any situation, unless you dont have a tank.

Full Tank:
you start out with a dorans shield to start out the game. you get boots 1 then make a heart of gold since you'll be giving all your farm to your carry. once you hit 2 and your in a good posiontion (inside a bush), E in and stun the squishy/low health and that should give you first blood and assist for your heart of gold. after the heart of gold, depending on the team, make a sunfire cape and/or a banshees veil next. you then get a warmogs. yes i know you still have boots of speed. you make that into merc treads after you get your 1st giants belt for warmogs. this gaurntees you become the tankiest before the other tanks get tanky. this gives you the upper hand and can win you the 1st team fight if you do one withint 15minutes. if you got both banshees and sunfire from before, you can get a gaurdians angel to gaurntee your survival in every single teamfight. if the game is a 40-60minute game, if your in every teamfight, you should end up getting atleast 25-30 assists.

The reason why i say get tp is because since with either of these builds, your team should be winning unless you have a useless nuker. they should be backdooring you, once they get to turret and think they have it, nope, a tanky ***********er stops him. you can run exhaust if your going armour pen/tanky ad to ensure a kill. i prefer tp because no one else in my premade team runs it besides our nuker if he goes malz. this build makes you be a hero in pubs as well. this is an amazing build i recomend you try