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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeAt

Renekton - 1-2 Freddie's Coming For You

HeAt Last updated on January 20, 2011
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Renekton - The Butcher of the Sands

Renekton, Riot's newest hero, is claimed to be the brother of nasus. I thought, when playing on the Test Realm, that he outshined nasus, by a LARGE amount. He is probably the best Melee dps/tank champion in the game. I thought i would give you guys, what i have found, with some help from Elementz, to be the best build for Renekton thus far. This is a build, not a guide, but I will make it as helpful as I can in the time I have. If anyone would like to add, or change something, or wants another part added, I would be HAPPY to add another part.

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Pros / Cons

- Ridiculous ability to farm
- Great Mid-Late game
- Extremely Easy To Out-Level Opponent
- Extremely mobile, hard to kill
- Dishes out insane damage.. for a tank
- Works great in any type of team comp as the offtank

- If he doesnt farm, he gets shut down
- Easy to counter in the laning phase (if he can't farm)
- Easy to harass until he hits level 7 or so (no real heavy form of heal)
- Easy to nuke down until he has been beefed up
- Very vulnerable to crowd control (his damage comes from consistent attacking)

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For runes on this build, I have chosen to run:

Armor Penetration Marks: Most of his skills do physical damage
Health Per Level Seals: Makes him beefier later in the game, and gives him some type of health scaling when you chose to go DPS
Magic Resistance Glyphs: You can sometimes avoid building MR (if they are a damage focused team) but these glyphs help stop alot of magic damage that some DPS can put out (Tristana jump and ult, ashe ult, MF Make it rain, etc.)
Flat Health Quintessences: Give you the ability to start the game with 850 health, let you last in lane longer, which is key when trying to outfarm your opponent.

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For masteries, i have run a 9-21 mastery build, making sure i get the attack speed buff in both mastery trees (+8% total) and the HP buff in the defensive tree. I also go for the cleanse mastery because CC is really a huge problem for Renekton. Be sure to get the crit chance mastery (every little bit counts due to the new system) and both resistances in defense. You can play around with utility for the ghost mastery/exp curve (since you will be farming, ALOT), but I find that you have no use for utility tree, it starts becoming redundant if you don't use mana.

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I cannot stress this enough, if you have a jungler, make SURE you get solo lane. Don't take mid, just make sure you have a jungler ;).

The problem with renekton is trying NOT to push, it is difficult because your survivability is based off of an AoE skill, which deals significant damage to creeps. This could create unwanted pushing, try to control your Q to only when you NEED it, and last hit with your auto attack. His animation is fairly good so last hitting with him for me is extremely easy.

A good goal for renekton (ignoring phreak's comment because that is <80% last hitting), you want either 1400 gold by midway through level 7, or 100 CS at 11 minutes, not 12. If you can get it at 11 mins, that is 95% last hitting, which would be very good.

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: Great early game item, considering you will be in a solo lane. Provides a good amount of health, some health regeneration, AND some armor. The doran's shield is vital on any hero when trying to remain in any lane for long periods of time.
: Possibly the best boots for renekton, since his only limitations are cooldowns. I would also run mercury treads if they are CC heavy, but renekton's only downfall is his cooldowns. By reducing his cooldowns, you increase his usability as a hero.
: The sunfire cape is one of those "?!" moments. This item is the top rush on Renekton. The SF cape provides him with a large amount of HP, a good amount of armor, and the cape passive. By the time you have this, you should be at least level 6 (especially if you got a couple of kills early, or are farming well). The sunfire cape passive stacks with your AoE damage in ult, giving you 100+ DPS at level 6 when you get it while your ultimate is on. 100 DPS over 15 seconds is 1500 damage. That is a large amount to be doing over a team fight and may or may not be the difference in the team fight.
: Youmuu's ghostblade gives renekton many advantages. For starters, it adds to his armor penetration, damage, and critical chance, and actively adds a large amount of attack and movement speed, which helps you virtually dominate the teamfight.
: Now is choice time, you either get the Force of nature OR The Randuins Omen. The force of nature is good because it gives you health regeneration, and magic resist, as well as some movement speed. Use the FoN to counter any AP-Caster heroes which may be ruining your day, or to counter Amumu (tears)
: The randuins omen is the best counter to melee/ranged DPS heroes. The second those heroes get slowed from the passive, you get the opportunity to jump on them and stun them, and possibly slow them with the active. Also, you can pop the active in a team fight to slow people for your ultimate to get more damage off. Both strategies are great to use in a team fight. If your wardens mail DOES get a slow on the DPS, make sure you jump on her ASAP. Use your slice TO her, CC her with your W, then Dice back through the enemies, dealing the extra damage due to 50 fury (with your ult up). Instantly when you come out of your dice, use your Q to regain some health from the dive.
: The frozen mallet is another great item to add to your HP and damage. If you can keep people within your range, your damage output gets higher and higher as they keep getting stunned and slice and diced.
: This item tops of the cake. You already have 30+ armor penetration, and have a good amount of damage leading into it (+40 from items), now this will feed your rage even further. You will instantly acquire 6-700 damage critical strikes, and your skills will do more damage. Much more.

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Playing as Renekton

After your early game, you want to be second into the fight, instantly following the tank. Once you get vision of where the dps is, you want to slice to the closest tank, dice to the dps, and stun them. Once they are stunned and you have them focused, the fight is won. If you get CC'd, use your clease and keep hacking away at the DPS. Once your Slice comes back up, even if the dps isn't dead, use it on the dps, then use slice on the nearest target, then dice on the target closest to your point of exit to get out. Pop your ultimate while you are fighting in the team fight, and stun the squishiest hero whenever you can. Make sure not to ultimate too early, if you do, you will be wasting time on it, or possibly even stop the teamfight from occuring (they will get scared). When fighting a 1v1 with fury built, your order should be. E > W > Q > E > W > Q > E, Rinse, repeat. Slice, stun, heal, dice, stun/heal, Slice, etc.

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- Make sure to farm your GUTS out, farm when you see a wave, farm when you arent fighting, farm farm farm!
- Target the carry ASAP with your stun by slicing to the nearest enemy and dicing to the carry.
- Save your heal until you actually need it, don't just use it for damage
- Pop your ulti when you are standing in the middle of 3-4 people, and pop randuins for best result damage wise, use your Q the second you pop randuins to deal your maximum amount of damage.

Hope I HELPED, again xD
- HeAt

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20/01/11 (11:02AM) - Published
20/01/11 (10:40AM) - Changed Based on Elementz' Reccomendation (Youmuu's/Randuins)
18/01/11 (9:42PM) - Build Created