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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chetz

Renekton, Do I Have Someone In My Teeth?

Chetz Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my Renekton build. First of all, i want to say that this build NOT for jungling for those that just dont get it. Its about being a tanky DPS. Also, an important fact to remember, is while you may have a good amount of HP, you are NOT a tank, dont act like one.

This is my first guide, it is somewhat uncompleted and will be updated as time allows. Please leave suggestions/comments about things you would like to see, or see less.

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Pros / Cons


-Good Farmer
-Nice Damage Output
-Nice Initiater with ult


-CC Vulnerable

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A couple of items to consider.

Last Whisper
If the enemy team is stacking alot of armor, swap out youmuu's for this, otherwise i wouldnt bother.

Guardian Angel
Gives you some resistance, as well as a get out of death free card. If you are getting focused hard, consider this.

Banshee's Veil
If magic damage is a problem for you, grab this and fear no more.

Items NOT To Get

Phantom Dancer
Ive seen too many Rene's get this, it doesnt work with him, he is NOT an auto attacker, move speed's kinda nice but its overall bad for him, dont do it.

Spirit Visage
I just dont get this one, tryed it once myself, found it doesnt work, still sometimes see Rene's with it, leave it for Mundo.

Sunfire Cape
This one's not terrible for him, but it wont help his damage, just makes you a bit more tanky which you wont need. Leave it.

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Early Game, Laning, Harass

Well, as Renekton, you may have to be more agressive then your used to. Even when your lv 1, in your lane with your little dorans blade, u can start to harass the enemy's, as well as farm up. From lv 1-4 however, i would suggest focusing more on last hitting and farming up then harassing. From Lv 2 on, for farming all you really need to do is use E to dash through a group of minions, then dash again and then Q, and they will be very hurt or dead.

We're Lv 5 now and its time to get agressive. If their somewhat close to their tower but not too close so as you would be hit by the tower for this, E dash up to them (through minions or the Champs so you can dash again), Q, W, and then if you cant finish them just E back out and farm up. *For actually killing, look below*. From Lv 4 on, you should be going for kills rather then harass unless thier tower hugging.

As far as lanes go, never take mid, its not your thing.

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Team Fights And 1v1


Alright you managed to get yourself in a 1v1 fight. What to do, what to do. Well now, start by using E to dash behind your target. Then open up with a Q and dash again. With auto attacks as well u should have 50 fury at this point. Hit him with a nice W for a good stun and nice damage, and i would like to say as well at this point, in 1v1 always save your empowered attack for W. Repeat as needed and you should be fine. If you are somehow losing, at about 50% hp left pop your ult and stun him near you and you should be able to turn the tables back in your favor. In 1v1 fights only use your ult if your hp is about half or your gonna tower dive your target. The same principal for fighting applies as well for 2v2 fights, but you may want to pop your ult earlier to help your teammate more.

Team Fights

Well now we're in a 5v5. If your lucky enough to have a real tank, of course let them go in first. What your gonna wanna do is go right for the squishy dps (ashe, ryze, etc). If their group is grouped up tightly, pop your ult as soon as your in for some aoe damage. If your only gonna be near 1,2 people dont use it yet. Kind of the same deal as a 1v1 for this but with a couple of important things to note. Sometimes, if you see say a Master Yi goin nuts on your dps, you want to go stun him and take him down, as your stun makes you invaluble for helping your weaker brethren. Also, if at all possible, your going to want to stay in the middle of as many of the enemy champs with your ult on and using Q for as much aoe dmg as possible. While your in the middle of them at any rate you should be beating on thier dps as well single target. In short, go in with E, then Q as many as possible and ult for more damage, then E again through them and W a weak one with empowered you should now have and you should be able to have knocked out at least one by now. Continue beating in this fashion.

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Only thing to say here atm, is ive been trying out 9-0-21, for CD reduction. If it turns out it works better then the one posted at current i will update. The one posted is the one that works the best to date.

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Well, i hope that can help some folks get a start on a great and fun champ. As stated above this is somewhat unfinshed, and will be updated as time allows, so please leave comments, negative or positive, things i should add or take away, etc. Thank you for reading.