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Renekton Build Guide by sagjer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sagjer

Renekton. Early mid and late tips.

sagjer Last updated on November 12, 2011
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Hello summoners,

My name is Sagjer and I am a player in the EUW server. Since Renekton came out I've been playing and loving him. This is a guide to improve your overall playstyle with him or merely offer some ideas around him. I hope you will find it helpful enough. :)

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As you can see in the builder, I'm going with red ArPen, yellow hp/lvl and blue CDRs.
The reasons are, you WANT to cut fiercly and fastly througout early game when tanks still dont have their gears up and assasins and carries still have their HPs low.
25ArPen is huge early game and if you order your skills right, your W will cut a serious amount of flesh off of your enemy champions.
The yellow ones, are to help your 15+ levels, since renekton has a tad low health pool compared to other more 'tankish' fighters.
As for the CDR...well, no questions there, i guess. You WANT to cap that *****. With boots and youmuu's you will reach a total of 38-39% CDR. Faster heals, faster stuns, faster ultis. You need more? Especially when they cost nothing.

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The classic 21 points in AD offense, a 6-point investment in your resistances, and 3 points just to get you out on the battlefield faster (nonetheless, we shouldnt die at all,right? :P).

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Now the important stuff...
Always, ALWAYS start with Doran's Blade. It's an awesome item to start with mr.croq since the 3% lifesteal combined with Q can keep you pretty much forever in the lane, if you aint much reckless and suicidal. The 10AD are welcome, especially after lvl2 when you get your W and the 100HP...always useful, dont you think?

Ionian boots of lucidity. Pretty much the only boots renekton should care about. Never, NEVER look at anything else if you wanna keep him tankyDPS and not, pure carry (totally viable, but not what were discussing here) or pure tank.

Youmuu's Ghostblade. A ****load of CDR and ArPen. I think thats all about I need to say.

And thus, ends the core build for ze crocodillo.
Now that you've capped CDR, lets move on to the alternatives.

Against balanced teams and balanced games (meaning your team hasnt overfed someone special).

Build a Frozen Mallet. It gives this one slow youre missing as a champion and some survivability through its 700HP. I'm suggesting to start with a giant's belt as the 1st component.

A Black Cleaver is a semi-core item for Renekton. With his W, applying on-hit effects, 45 armor just dissapeared from your target. MORE ARPEN!!! And a pretty beautiful and gorgeous amount of AD there to boost you up.

After these, we should boost your defenses a bit. Grab a Warmog's and an Atma's Impaler. A fully stacked Warmog's with the rest of your build totals to an approximate of 70-80AD. Not bad. huh?

As a last item, I would suggest a Guardian's Angel/Force of Nature/Thornmail depending what team youre up against. If theyre too squishy, grab a Bloodthirster, stack it up and end this game already.

Unfortunately, this build while it makes you a ruthless butcher early-mid, it kinda crambles down late-game. You will be able to kill carries (not trynda), especially AP ones, but other fighters and especially tanks will give you a hard time 1v1. So, lets move on to an alternative, situational build for this late-game state you dont want to find yourself into.

Boots and Youmuu's remain a must. Yet, this time, we are going way more offensive than before. You wanna see your lizard critting for 1-1.2k dmg? Do it with 2 Bloodthirsters, an Infinity's Edge and a Black Cleaver. Armor is off the table. Rammus WILL die. So will most fighters because most of them out there dont build up armor and even if they did they dont have the lifesteal or your damage. Solo Baron? Done. Solo turrets? Done. Now, if you really get into trouble against tanks stacking armor, sell the Youmuu's and get a Last Whisper. A con to this build is that you are more squisky against fast AD carries such as Trynda (why do i even mention him....?), Ashe and potentially a good Caitlyn.

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Skill Sequence

Q:keeps in the lane longer
W:grabs your kills
E:your route to stay alive/your route towards a certain kill
R:this little pinch of survivability he needs

Get 4 ranks of W quickly, without neglecting the other skills. W gets your kills, your assists, saves your *** and deals a ****load of damage. Use it love it embrace it. Other than that, the skilling order is your choice.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite-Flash. Always. Youre not some ******ed squishy wussie APer to use exhaust. You are not afraid to get hit. Why? BECAUSE YOU WILL HIT HARDER! So just pick this Ignite to finish off your opponents and halve this lifesteal off of this AD Sion. Flash...well...when Slice n' Dice aint enough, flash onto him, stun him, grab your 300g.
Simple as that.

Oh. And flash behind walls. Wherever, your E doesnt take you, so as to save your reptilian ***.

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Pros / Cons

A butcher early-mid game.
An anti-carry
A CCer for those Nunu's and Katarina's
No cost for his totally awesome skills
At least 3 ways to play him (fighter, carry, tank)
Hes a crocodile. An angry one. I mean...seriously. He's angry. Pissed off.

Shut down late-game
Trynda's will still kill you.
No magic, true or percentage damage
Not so much survivability as other fighters (*cough*shyvana*cough)

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In my mortal opinion, Renekton is the only one out there who 120% worths the 6.3kIP.
Hes an awesome and fun champion, totally viable in 3s, 5s and ranked matches.]
Try him out once, and you will see that whilst he can only be played through AD, hes more fun than any hybrid or mage out there. Why? Because he wants only blood and Destruction. Now if thats not a noble cause. ^.^

I hope you enjoyed this guide.