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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taiketsu

Renekton Tanky/DPS

Taiketsu Last updated on February 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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This is my 2. Guide and this time its for the new Champion Renekton - The Butcher of Sands.
After playing him several times i tried many item builds and also checked some other guys out who played him and how.
After my opinion this is on of the best ways to play him currently until he get buffed.
Sorry for my bad english in advance =P

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Personal Stats

Here some stats as Renekton on Ranked and normal and always positive stats with it so just need to say try it out or try urself a good item build out ;D

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Pros / Cons

Uses no mana
Good farmer
Can stun
Can reduce armor
Right used Slice/Dice works like Flash
Right played nice off tank with dmg

Very Squishy early
Need to get used to the Fury System
Long Cooldowns
Easy target if CC gets him

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Armor Penetration: Your a Physical Dps champ and with slice/dice u can reduce enemys armor into nothingEvasion: Gives you more chances to survive and with Nimbleness you will get speed buffs from time to timeFlat Magic Resist: Gives you a little more survivability in early game against caster
Armor Penetration: Nothing to say or?

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Helps you to chase enemys down or weaken them and eat them in that time.
Ghost: Great spells to escape or chasing the enemys.
Ignite: Want more dmg skills? Ignite helps.
Flash: Want more jumping skills? then take flash.
Cleanse: Facing a heavy CC team? Get Cleanse

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Skill Sequence

Now to your Skills. Take W lvl 1 if you go on a double lane what i recommend mostly because i can First blood with it. At lvl 2-3 you will see if you go for Q or E spell. If you get harasst a lot and have problems with getting Creeps go for Q to heal and get some last hits with it.
If you have no troubles with much harasser or you lane is just good as it is good for E on lvl 2-3 and Q lvl 4 first bc the armor reducing is very well.
Get when ever you can your ultimate because without you lose a lot of fury in teamfights wich your ulti will provide with.
Max your E spell first because of the armor reduction i mean on lvl 5 25% redu. wtf you want more?
After E i prefer max Q for more aoe dmg, heal and ofc the farming. W is last skill i max because compared to the rest of your skills its not that "useful" and the stun is on all lvl the same so E last skill to max out.

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1.Start with a Dorans Shield for some hp, hp reg and armor wich you will need
2.Ionia boots is excatly what Renekton need currently CDR!
3.Brutalizer gives you more armor pen. to shred your enemys
4.Giants Belt provides you some hp wich u will need
5.Finish your Ghostblade to get the extra CDR, Armor Pen, Dmg and the nice Speed/Aspd buff wich you will often activate in teamfights.
6.finish your sunfire cap to get more survivability and extra dmg in fights
7.After your Sunfire you will go for Tri-Force to get the extra hp it provide and most important thing your extra dmg after spells wich Renekton will love <3 go for Guardin Angel to get some def
9. Now get either aThornmail if the enemys have awesome ad dps or aForce of Nature against heavy caster.

After the new Patch Renekton got rly awesome and i changed Tri-Force with Black Cleaver and through the new changes he deals a lot of damage with it now. I can only recommend it now! For those who want still Black Cleaver its still nice but Tri-Force is much better for sure.

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Optional Items

Here a small list of optional items you can get on Renekton:
Merkur Boots: When you really have big trouble with CC teams get them but i personally only get them when you have a support champ in your team wich went on soul shroud to make up the lose of cdr.
Banshees Veil: Another option to FoN is like all know Banshee and personally i got it also not that often bc if prefer the more mres and speed buff from FoN.

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As Renekton you can go on all lanes because u can jump on enemys with your E skill so choice wich lane u want.
In early game you will be VERY squishy so try to last hit as much as possibly, if you got double lane get a nice lane partner as example baby sitter champs to support you.
When you got your Q and E high enough Renekton can farm very fast and easy to get his items very fast so dont let jungle monsters or big creep waves stay.

As already mentioned you can jump on enemys so you can harass them easy. Use E -> W -> Q -> E and enemys will eat some nice dmg. If you use your 50 fury for the W or 2. E enemys will be in pain bc those skills will be your main dmg skills in late game.

Team Fights:
Let the tank engage and jump as fast as possible on the carrys or squishys and let them eat your nice dmg. Dont forget to use Q to heal a little up and more important to gain FURY!

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Final Words

This is my 1. Guide where used Item icons so sorry if they are to big :s
Ill still test some other ways to play Renekton but this will be for the mainwhile the best way to play him.
Hope he get soon some buffes so you can eat the enemys well.
Destruction approaches!

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